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Deleting old files as they have little use, and ineviably, ideas keep changing.

The Good Guys )
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Was going through my files today, and found something weird. Looks like future dialogue for HoGW. Since its such a tiny fiel, I'll just delete it.

On the Island )
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November 18, 2015
A week later, a new Dawn of End chapter. Originally, Souma's part was going to be one chapter, but I can't make it that short can I?

The next chapter is either about Hyoga or Integra. Maybe you guys can pick?

but...the next update is something important. I will get a new blog, but there's something you guys might need to know. Profile Poll closes on Monday.

November 11 (2015)
Dawn of End is updated. Revive, Soma!

November 5th (2015)
HoGW updated finally in late October, and now there's a new Calm-Sword II chapter. Check twitter for a sketch of a Dawn of End character.

I better complete P.Feathers even if it must be top priority.

Monthly STATUS (October 2015/Month 10)
Top VIEWS: Howl of Gray Wolf (1st), P.Feathers (2nd)
Top VISITORS: Howl of Gray Wolf (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)
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Monthly STATUS (September 2015)
Top VIEWS: Dawn of End (1st), Calm-Sword II (2nd)
Top VISITORS: Calm-Sword II (1st), Calm-Sword I (2nd)
Winner - CAMUS!

3rd place story receiving visitors is "Lucky Thirteen" as I received some views from Japanese fans of CYBER FORMULA. it is possible that I may make a new CF story in the future. But first, let's worry about mine.

September 13, 2015
Monthly status is updated, and here is what is going on with me: MGW @ Dreamwidth

- Finishing Penitent Feathers
- New chapter of HoGW (Basilisk chapters are almost here)

MONTHLY STATUS (August 2015)
Top VIEWS: Penitent Feathers (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)
Top VISITORS: Dawn of End (1st), Calm before Sword (2nd)
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May 27, 2015
Thank you for reading SS Omega: Dawn of End. This is the first time that any story of mine, in one month, has reached over 100 views shortly after its debut. It's almost two months.

At the moment, Howl of Gray Wolf has the most total views, but on the month it began and the month afterward, it never reached twenty five views. That's the case for most of my stories. Penitent Feathers doesn't get over fifty views until the month after its debut.

It's a surprise to see Dawn of End's progress.

I'm going to take a quick break from it so that I can finish P.Feathers. Again everyone, thank you.

May 22, 2015 (Friday)
Nearly a week later.

Another new chapter of OMEGA Meio Shinwa (canon: Saint Seiya). Again, the scene atop Athena's Temple is taking a bit longer than originally planned, so I am trying to get out of it. But I also need to finish P.Feathers. It might need two more chapters. To be honest, I am kind of lost on how to end it. Maybe I don't like what I had planned and want to modify, because I see that people are reading and liking it. So I'm trying to be careful.

Note: I don't use Honorifics, so no "Saori-san". Jabu will appear and say "Lady Saori" (ojousan), but Koga and Seiya say "Miss Saori".

Looks like I might hit 100 views for the first time.

IRL still makes me miserable.

What is next:
- Finish Penitent Feathers
- HoGW
- New chapter of UZUMAKI
- Calm before the Sword II (canon: Saint seiya),
- Law of the Sword II (canon: Fire Emblem/FE: Rekka no Ken)

Here are the "Monthly results" for March:
MOST VIEWS: Penitent Feathers (1st), Howl of Gray Wolf (2nd)
MOST VISITORS: Penitent Feathers (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

For once, since I've been here, I've nearly hit 100 views. But just nearly.
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RECENT UPDATE(S): Devember 10 - 12, 2014

So, this week I updated two stories!

Penitent Feathers (over 800 words) was finally updated with a new chapter! And I actually enjoyed typing it. I like El Cid! It's still not over though. I think there's two more chapters left or so I predict. It SHOULD be two, but like I said in previous updates, I'm trying to aim short due to being too occupied.

UZUMAKI is also updated. The story has been updated the most recently. I wanted to take it somewhere; Sasuke appears early; Gakkō-Shiro means "school castle", while Gaki can mean brat and hungry ghosts from the Deva Realms or something like that. It can work both ways: Kids are trained harshly to become demonic weapons for war.

HoGW needs to come next, hopefully before the year ends.

No new stories. I might make a new Fan Trilogy for 2015??? Personally, I think I should add more Cyber Formula and Fire Emblem stories. Law of the Sword could use a sequel yeah?
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RECENT UPDATE(S): September 29, 2014

HoGW is up. Very short.

RECENT UPDATE(S): September 18, 2014 (Thursday)
Another month later.

I'm sorry, I can't. I am still babysitting; nothing is changing. So what's going to happen is that my chapters are going to end up considerably shorter than before. Might be 500 or 600 words or less. That is the best that I can do. That is all.

New Uzumaki chapter is up.

If I keep up with this new rule, then HoGW may be up soon too.

- Penitent Feathers: Right Sword
- Penitent Feathers: Salvation
- Howl of the Gray Wolf: Epikos
- Uzumaki

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RECENT UPDATE(S): August 8, 2014 (Friday)

One month later since last update. There is no difference. I don't know what to do. I'm surprised that I was able to blog a few times. I am exhausted from watching my niece. Occasionally, I get a chance to use the PC, but I am so often distracted. Like I said before, the chapters may end up considerably shorter. Either that OR I don 't update for months, waiting in hopes for...a change in this. I don't know. It's upsetting. If I make short chapters, they may not have any meaningful material.

I'll just leave with some small summary on what is going to happen next.

Penitent Feathers: The new Specter is provoked by the word "guilty". As Val is attacked again, a holy power swishes in and silences the frog. A Gold Saint with unfriendly eyes; Gunnar sees another chance to become a warrior.

HoGW: A flame separates Gray Wolf and his team, and a noble-looking monster sees interest in the young Tiger. We get a tiny glimpse into Mocchi's past. Later on, they fall into traps within Parepare.

I will resume Uzumaki as soon as possible, because apparently the comic will end in October of this year. Even if the comic doesn't end, I'll still resume Uzumaki. Quite frankly, I think that at this point, NARUTO and its delivery has been so hasty that it lost the majority of its value. And the bloodlines turn everything into plastic and about them. Lots of meaningless things happen. I think, jumping from chapter to chapter, I have trouble receiving any shock or suspense, and NARUTO just depends on us enjoying the ego-clashing combat. Dragonball Z. If I talk about more and what upsets me, there'll be too many spoilers. Sure, there were some parts of the last saga that I liked. I did like Part 2. I don't think I'll read another Kishimoto Masashi work. Sigh.

Here's info on my remake. Since I did the prologue, the start of Uzumaki is basically what we're all familiar with. Naruto is aspiring to become a ninja and become hired on village missions. He is a rascal; even the teachers are impatient with him. Mizuki catches Naruto skipping strategic thinking class, and with a cool head, asks why he does what he does. There is also Naruto frowning at all the girls around Sasuke.

- Penitent Feathers 6: Right Sword
- Penitent Feathers 7: Salvation
- Howl of the Gray Wolf 16: Epikos
- Howl of the Gray Wolf 17: Monster Hunter

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RECENT UPDATE(S): July 9, 2014 (Wednesday)

I like to thank everyone again. My Gundam fanfic "Betting's Off" gained the most views and visitors in June 2014. In second place, my Fire Emblem fic gained the most visitors. I hope that in the future, the two stories will gain plenty of views and stand in the same ranks as my Seiya fic and Monster Rancher fic.

This is just an activity update, and it stinks. We passed the half year and I'm stuck babysit long term (or so it seems). I won't get into the details behind it, but I am upset, and my niece is a considerable burden. With this and work, with short breaks during the week, I have little time for leisure.

I wonder how this will work out when I am already having difficulty writing with confidence?

So, either I make the chapters considerably shorter (about 800 or less) or I just spend more time not uploading. Knowing me, I take months. Months of contemplation, drafting, and proofreading. If I make the chapters shorter, something has to happen in them. I am not sure on what to do.

Penitent Feathers needs to be finished. It should have been done. But how long has HoGW been sitting around?

I even thought of making Uzumaki bi-monthly? Or just once a month?


RECENT UPDATE(S): July 9, 2014

This is just an activity update, and it stinks. We passed the half year and I'm stuck babysit long term (or so it seems). I won't get into the details behind it, but I am upset, and my niece is a considerable burden. With this and work, with short breaks during the week, I have little time for leisure.

I wonder how this will work out when I am already having difficulty writing with confidence?

So, either I make the chapters considerably shorter (about 800 or less) or I just spend more time not uploading. Knowing me, I take months. Months of contemplation, drafting, and proofreading. If I make the chapters shorter, something has to happen in them. I am not sure on what to do.

I am still focused on Seishin series and SolAka the most.

I don't know what I will bring. Right now, anything is fine.

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RECENT FF UPDATE(S): Jan 13, 2014

Okay. Uzumaki's latest chapter edited. I think it's a little better.

January 12, 2014 (EST)

Ten days later, Uzumaki is updated.

Recently did a quick edit because the 3rd should be the master of Minato's master (-: I also feel that I should add more, especially at the ending. I might take another look at it and change it sometime. The summary of the story was changed too. With that, that's all for now. Uzumaki will not receive another update until the comic's ending, unless it drives on a little too long and I change my mind. I predict that the comic will end this year.

Besides, my writing spirit traditionally is with Monster Rancher. I still have quite a ways to go with the remake of Howl of Gray Wolf. Afterward, there's the remake of the sequel Tiger of Freedom. I have no idea when/where HoGW will end.

Considering Saint Seiya LOST CANVAS: Sisifo Gaiden comic, I should finish P.Feathers as quickly as possible.

With Uzumaki on hold, we still have the same to look forward to. Two chapters of HoGW and P.Feathers. The problem with the next HoGW chapter is that there is little on the draft.

I also have something to finish for FictionPress so that is taking up a bit of my time too.

Still undecided on the one-shots. My confidence is wavering a bit.

If I edit Uzumaki chapter, I'll let you know. For 2014, I should write more. I should show more confidence and activity.


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Previous updates are on my blog under the tag "FFupdates". Also, check me out on Twitter.

November 28 (Thursday):
All done with HoGW "shortie chapters". Originally that wasn't the plan. The next chapter was supposed to be called "One Hop Forward" but I split them in two chapters. The third one, "Hydromero" was a new idea from last month?

Looks like I've reached fifteen chapters for HoGW.

Next is P.Feathers. I need to get that up and running. Next chapter should be short too. I'll work on it in the evening. Break's on the way.


November 27, 2013 (Wednesday):
HoGW is updated again. If only I had this luck much much more. One more short chapter to go. I'll work on it when I get home in Wed evening.

Also, one day. Check my blog about NARUTO.


November 26, 2013 (Tuesday):
Hours after midnight. I've uploaded one chapter of HoGW. Two other chapters, one being split from the new chapter, will arrive soon.


November 24, 2013 (Sunday):
Well, I darned did it now!

Howl of Gray Wolf is going to end up with three new chapters because I split up "One Hop Forward", which became over 3000 words and tired me out. Fortunately, the two will be very short (500 words or less?) and it'll end the "Hopper Arc". So the next chapter will have a new title, then following that will be "One Hop Forward", then a new chapter called "Hydromero".

If everything works out really well, and if i'm really determined, I can upload them all this coming weekend. Before Thanksgiving?

News on P.Feathers: Draft of next chapter "Impuldulu" is nearly done. Seems very simple, but I am stubborn with making it look good. I even worked a little on the chapter after that.

See you soon.

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Previous updates are on my blog under the tag "FFupdates". Also, check me out on Twitter.

RECENT UPDATE(S): September 15, 2013

Just an activity report.

I still have a ways to go in the next HoGW chapter, but I wrote down what is supposed to happen next. In other words, chapter summaries. It's all a matter of time.

Nothing on Penitent Feathers yet. To tell you the truth, "Despaired Wings" was supposed to be the next chapter, but since the Specter fight was cut w/o him showing off, I'm making a new chapter. The main plan was five chapters, and I ended up thinking of two more. The other new chapter may be about where Sisyphos was. Still thinking about it.

Hope to come back before the end of the month, and with something!



- Howl of the Gray Wolf 13: One Hop Forward

- Howl of the Gray Wolf 14: Epikos

- Howl of the Gray Wolf 15: Monster Hunter

- Penitent Feathers 3: Impundulu

- Penitent Feathers 4: Despaired Wings
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Stuff on notable baddie monsters and the significance of the crest. Also, Hopper spoiler.

About Medallion: There are five medallion: One belonging to each of the Dragon Four, and one belonging to the monster baddies that serve the four dragons. It depends on who they serve and each has a different color. Jesvah's medal has a red dragon, diabolos has white, techno has tan, ragnorok has black.

The Dragons have a "Moo Medallion" or a "Magnus Medallion", reflecting their strength and shows that they were selected.

The medallions control a monster and its power strengthens due to nigrum. Based on 108 Sins. A former champion, Jesvah's seals suits defilements such as pride/vanity, high-handedness, arrogance (egoism), ostentatiousness.

Terrorist dragon Ragnoroks fits violence, eagerness, discord, ambition, greed, addiction, hurt.

Evil demon dragon Diabolos fits rage/wrath, aggression, derision.

Techno, being a machine, is a difficult one. So far, I can only think of faithlessness and indifference. Can control machines and non-animal monsters well.

"The White Crest" chapter is about Jaggernaut and Sneak Hopper trying to use White Crests to take Basilisk and Gray Wolf.

About Baddie Monsters: There are "captain monsters" or "notable monsters" such as Robeneal, Zilla, and Liquel. They wear the "dragon medallions". So who do they work for?

Robeneal works for Ragnorok (black). He has a dry character, but ambitious. Also worried about himself.

Jaggernaut & Sneak Hopper work for Diabolos. The same has the first version of HoGW.

Prometheus belongs to Techno Dragon.

Liquel and Shippu belong to Jesvah. Siccari, however, belongs to Ragnoroks. Mew-Cakes might end up with Techno. Still thinking whether to make her bad or not. Shippu's just heart makes me conceited about justice.

Hopper: Hopper might've learned Fire Upper through training, or so I could say easily, [ but he may have dragon blood in him? Breeders can mix monsters to form another; in MR2, they had a % chance. This would mean that Hopper would have to be a mixed monster that died long ago and revived in the wild. ]

Human Spoilers:
[ What I had in mind so far:
- Hunter being controlled by Jesvah.

- Volzoi unleashes Iron Bird Air Force to help

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Friday, August 16, 2013:
Edits to P.Feathers are done.

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Working on the draft for Howl of the Gray Wolf's next chapter. The title will be called "One Hop Forward".

I'm going to do some editing in P.Feathers's new chapter. Keep an eye out.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013 (EST)
Petinent Feathers has been updated with nearly a 2000 word long chapter. While I am very concerned for my use in detail and active/passive voice, I thought it was an interesting chapter to work on. Next one should be much shorter though.

If anyone's wondering, an Impundulu is a vampire bird.

Couple days ago, Howl of Gray Wolf was also updated with a new chapter.

Blog will be updated sooner or later on previous updates.



- Howl of the Gray Wolf 13

- Howl of the Gray Wolf 14: Epikos

- Penitent Feathers 3: Impundulu

- Penitent Feathers 4: Despaired Wings


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RECENT UPDATE(S): Wednesday, August 07, 2013 (EST)
Petinent Feathers is on its way soon.


Monday, August 05, 2013 (EST)

Howl of Gray Wolf has been updated. New chapter is called "Black Struggle". One more Hopper chapter after this, then we will have a Liquel and Mocchi chapter, then a Basilisk chapter.

Blog will be updated in the afternoon on previous updates.

I am still not done with the P.Feathers draft yet (orz). It might end up longer than originally planned, which was about five chapters. It might be seven. We'll see.



RECENT UPDATE(S): Sunday, August 04, 2013 (EST)

Hello everyone!

I think I'm convinced that it's my standard to take a long time. To finish a chapter in anything, it takes me at least a month; or maybe a month is too lucky. I can't believe that something that's 2000 or less can take me about two months. I know that my activity has slipped, but I still found myself just not liking what I'm typing. In other words, I find myself often losing my direction and constantly editing/revising my stories when I do them. Along with IRL, this takes forever.

I am not done with the P.Feathers draft yet (orz), but I am mostly done with HoGW's. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to do the final revision. It'll have to wait until I return, but I may be able to upload something before the weekend is over.

The new Gray Wolf chapter is over 2500 words. The title is "Black Struggle".



RECENT UPDATE(S): Thursday, July 25, 2013 (EST)

Hi everyone.

Just an update. I've just modified "Howl of the Gray Wolf"; the first chapter, "Liber Genesis", was removed and replaced by "His name is". Hopefully, that'll make engaging into the story easier for new readers. Liber Genesis is still on my blog and document manager. As much as I like it, it's pretty much a big info dump on how I constructed the story. As for the new chapter, still working on the draft.

Nothing on Pertinent Feathers yet. The draft is still in the works. There will be an original Specter.

My very old Legend of Dragoon poem "Cold Woman" was changed as well: The author notes were removed. Unnecessary. Here's what it said:

Yes, "Cold Woman", perfectly describes my favorite "Legend of Dragoon" character. I've played the game and I HOPE that a sequel's coming (Gamecube?); Rose, the tragic dragoon of darkness, is yes overrated and the strongest woman in the game (then...there's that damn Lenus -_-). I like her because she' Other than having great dragoon spells, fighting abilities and whatever, she's fun to watch in the game. She's that badass type. I'm sure there are plenty of Rose fics and poems out there, but I wanted to make a poem. I'm not ready for a LOD fic. This is from Shana's (Dragoon of light, Ally/"victim" of Rose lol) point of view on how she feels about Rose. Some of the quotes aren't THAT accurate but it's alright, right? Plus, poem contains spoilers.

And yet, LoD never received a sequel. Heh, I suppose that's alright.

See you again.



- Howl of the Gray Wolf 12: Black Struggle

- Howl of the Gray Wolf 13: Title TBD

- Penitent Feathers 2: Monsters




RECENT UPDATE(S): Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summaries of HoGW was modified. Penitent's summary will get a tiny change too after the new chapter.

Cold Woman is going to get its author notes either reduced or removed. Haven't decided yet. Also, I would like to thank for the review(s) and favorites on my Legend of Dragoon poem.

About MGW

Jun. 5th, 2013 01:01 am
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Just making a sticky post and C&Ping from Wikia:

Master Gray Wolf, or MGW for short, is the pseudonym of an amateur writer born and raised in Michigan, United States. Her first online fanfiction was based on Pokémon; later on, MGW would get introduced to the anime/game Monster Rancher and would develop a fan-series that is still in progress. MGW uploads works on both and, and also ArchiveofOurOwn.

MGW is named after a character from the anime/game "Monster Rancher". In Japanese, his name is Gingiraiga (ギンギライガー, 銀ライガー, Silver Raiga); "Raiga" is what Tiger is called Japanese. In the anime, he is the younger brother of Tiger / Raiga and is one of the Big BAD FOUR (English version) or 『ワルモン四天王』 (warumon shitennō, Evil Monster Four Devas/Heavenly Kings).

MGW has a tendency to write action/adventure or comedic stories for mostly young adults and young children. However, an exception to this rule is the fiction series Seishin Ninjutsu Chronicle, where some of the stories contain detailed violence and non-explicit sexual themes. The themes of teamwork, friendship, morals, and justice are frequent. Furthermore, because history, geography, sociology, and politics are a part of the author's interests, MGW likes to incorporate such elements into her stories and mirror real-life as close as possible.
MGW also prefers creating short chapters of around 1500-2000 words or less, but may make exceptions. This is for the convenience of herself and proofreading.

MGW is a long time fan of Monster Rancher. She enjoys both the game series and the cartoon, and the name "Master Gray Wolf" is derived from an animal character from the series. She sees her two stories Howl of Gray Wolf and Tiger of Freedom as her signatures works, and they are mostly based on the Monster Rancher games.

MGW likes the military and so far has created stories set in battle. United We Soar reflects her love of the Air Force and airplanes; Heroic Blaze SolAka is her first Science Fiction (super robot based) series. She also likes history and mythology, integrating both into Stalwart Silver and Seishin.

MGW has ambivalent views on fanfiction. Majority of her own fanfiction works are based on video games such as Monster Rancher (Farm) and Pokémon, and widely uses the monsters from the games with little to no connection from the TV and comic series. However, she has expressed disdain for fanfiction, especially those of NC-17 (Lemon)/MA rating, saying that it can ruin her image of the fandom. She primarily focuses on Howl of Gray Wolf and its succeeding stories, and has decided against creating fanfiction in 2009. However in late 2013, MGW has decided to create short Saint Seiya FFs, deeply inspired by the fans of Europe and Latin America.

MGW has developed two stories about Digimon, but they were removed from One was possibly removed due to "original content" not derived from the animated or comic series. The remake of Pokefighters was canceled in 2011.
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RECENT UPDATE(S): Saturday, May 4, 2013

A gift for early May. New Saint Seiya fic is up. Camus vs Titan. Yes, that is what happened. I finished proofreading it and finalized it. And with that, I'll focus on finishing Petinent Feathers and HoGW.

As for Howl of the Gray Wolf, still working on drafts for two new chapter in the "Hopper arc". The next one is mostly done and needs serious revising.

Previous updates are on my blog under the tag "FFupdates". Also, check me out on Twitter.



RECENT UPDATE(S): Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Anyways, despite IRL, I managed to upload two things. On March 16, I uploaded a new chapter of Howl of Gray Wolf; today, is my new Saint Seiya LOST CANVAS story about a Sagittarius saint. It'll be short, containing about three or four chapters after the prologue. I just recently added "Asmita"; he makes more of a significant appearance than Yato. And no it's not a romance story.

Previous updates are on my blog under the tag "FFupdates".



Feb. 11th, 2013 03:24 pm
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RECENT UPDATE(S): Saturday, January 26, 2012

New chapter draft of HoGW is almost done. While looking over the previous chapters for summaries, I noticed some bad mistakes such as typos. I should export and edit.


RECENT UPDATE(S): Friday, January 4, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hello 2013!

To those who are reading and/or enjoying my stories, or are just visiting my profile, I hope that all of you are doing well. Last year was rough and sluggish for me, and I still apologize for my terrible pace in updating. I have been busy with mostly family care and employment, plus I've have been lacking confidence in my writing. Furthermore, after finishing drafts, revision takes quite a bit of time. I hope that in the near future, that will change and that I will push more passion into writing.

For now, my main project is the progression of Howl of Gray Wolf (2009 Remake). More updates on it will come hopefully before next week.

Take care!



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