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A ramble, expect grammar and spelling errors.

So I have a mafia story in mind, and I can't get the idea of sorcery out of my mind. I might as well stick with it.

As for a title, and idea for the crime war, a drug-like greed extends to obtaining magic.

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From my cancelled POKEMON FIGHTERS story. Nothing is screened/covered; data drop from my MS Word documents:

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"Imagine a World without free knowledge".

First, I'd like to say that I am sorry for not uploading anything last week or this week. I'm still surprised that is Wednesday. I was feeling under the weather. I had Rhinorrhea for some dumb reason too.

Anyways, this SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act; Internet Piracy) business has gotten serious, so I'm just taking time to reflect and ramble.

My icon is more of a thoughtful or "hmm?" face rather than angry.

Ask yourself, are you committing piracy?

Today, on my Wiki, in response to the protest, I wanted to type why I think Wikia can be useful. I was an amateur editor for Wikipedia and wanted to learn how to use the editing system. Because of that, BOOM, made my own database. It first started off as as experiment on PBworks, but it was difficult to work with so I used Wikia.

Today, I also want to honorably mention the LJ comm [ profile] stop_plagiarism, where the members commit themselves to fighting piracy. It is backed with facts and I appreciate the hard work. Surprises how people just indiscriminately copies from another.

Which makes me think: Would parodies on youtube fall into the piracy category?

I had more to say but I forgot. Again, it's a ramble, and looks like there is little to no point.
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Well, it's the end of the year. 2012 is just a couple days away, so I'm going to reflect on what I've been doing. Or rather, I'm just going to talk about what I'm thinking about doing. This is just some ramble.

Howl of Gray Wolf
Monster Rancher series/モンスターファーム - Rated: T; Adventure/Friendship
I am not sure how much I did this year. I uploaded the last chapter late August, and I'm not sure when I uploaded the one before that. In total, I'm up to nine chapters. Found myself struggling over how to progress after the first encounter with Jesvah. So far, the story is turning out how it was like before the remake.

On my WIKI, I changed the names of one of the dragons. In fact, I'm going to edit a lot of the HoGW articles in the future, plus add more. Watch out for that.

~ Still no plans for reviving PokeFighters, but updated the story's wiki article.

~ I had an idea for a very short story...but it left my mind in a flash. Was it Hakuouki? I can't remember at all. o_O You're probably thinking, "I thought you said you disdain Fanfiction". Mostly. I primarily focus on Monster Rancher (farm), but I'm strict about writing canon. Even though I occasionally read, say, yaoi, I can't write it. not that good with romance to begin with.

Enjoy the New Year.
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Well, it's the end of the year. 2012 is just a couple days away, so I'm going to reflect on what I've been doing. Or rather, I'm just going to talk about what I'm thinking about doing. This is just some ramble.

Fiction: Action - Rated: M (mainly for language, crude/adult humor including innuendo, political themes.)
It's like a documentary.
I think this story has received the most progress. It was uploaded in May and I'm surprised that I managed four chapters in a span of four months considering how distracted I get. It also tested my stamina in researching the military. Everything was a little easy until I actually reached the introduction of the superfighter. The suggestive humor, referencing of real life war events and politics (ie: Communism), and the profanity is mainly what led me to pick the M rating. If you read this story, would you agree with it? Would you agree with Aiden? You don't have to, but would you get upset with me for the entire portrayal?

There will also be violent content. While blowing people from the sky during a dogfight might not seem awful when imagined (compared to soldiers getting blown up/shot), the aftermath is reported. There's also mention of PTSD. Aiden's GF in the next chapter will talk about that.

Seishin Chronicle
Rating various.
It's still difficult, but I'm glad to have uploaded something. I have five stories up, a few being fun and one being a bit serious. What worries me is that Mibuno, three SHORT chapters, took me three months. Because I was confident that it would be a short story, I mainly stayed focus on it to get it done, but my confidence went down the drain. I kept modifying it like I wasn't satisfied with what I was writing, like with before Seishin went on hiatus. I'm still not sure.

Jumping Monkey is about Sasuke. Looking forward to it. Really wanted to write about Sasuke.

I removed Passive Rivals since I didn't like it.

Autumn Grove is about a fictional Fuuma ninja. Had a little concern with it, as I don't want samurai to be always portrayed as incompetent. Also, would they run out of the city to check on a captured girl? My first idea was to make the girl the sister of a samurai. Also, if someone was captured, how many samurai would pursue? Name ideas I have for the samurai are Toranosuke (虎之助), Hiroaki and Terumaru.

The next story will be about HATTORI HANZO! It'll be humor.

Heroic Blaze SolAka
My last chapter was apparently uploaded back in June 2011. I really want to get back into this and I won't give up, but this is still a difficult story. Enjoyable, but difficult.

Stalwart Silver
Mythology - Rated: K+ (PG)
This short story is about a paladin boy. I put up a prologue to get my inspired to start. That's all I have for now. I have a little bit for the next chapter. Just need to expand it.

Stalwart Silver
One chapter story on Civil War. Still not sure on what to call it yet and how to write it.
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I'm editing the "SolAka" article on my Wiki, removing unnecessary details.

Here's a quote:

"SolAka is my first fiction containing mecha, and because I am a bit ignorant on science many challenges came my way. My plan was to make a simple story about heroes and enemies from an extraterrestrial/otherworldly civilization loosely based on Japan and China. That was because I kept thinking about machines being based on the mythical Four Beasts, intended for the main character(s). That was the inspiration, and as a result, more Asian influence was added.
I wanted to make the story easy to follow for youths and myself. How to make evolved science and technology (or "speculative science") conceivable, and how to portray a society advanced beyond ours for a fun read are a couple of concerns. Lots of research and pondering on how to extrapolate for the story would require a lot of my time.

In anything, the use of solar energy plays a role many times on the Shirei side. Because Mecha stories can have surreal elements such as the machines being alive and having an attachment to the pilots, the use of supernaturalism (fantasy) intervened. However, I don't want the machines to seem unfair or close to invisible. Common things you see in sci-fi such as barriers and dimension hopping I kind of like to avoid, but I am still thinking over what I want to use and when.

To portray action and a sense of union (friendship) is important to me too. Also, 'I don't always like the characters being so young (ie: 10-15 years old) and having the automatic skill to pilot something. That was a big case for main characters. Since it is a war, a majority of the characters are from the military and have gained experienced in fighting."
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oops, I forgot. Big update on MGW Wikia for Howl of Gray Wolf, mainly character pages.

Also, note to myself to start changing my blog layout and check my tags when I have the time.
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If I can get off babysitting, I'd like to work on the following:

~ Wikia: Hattori Family (Seishin related stuff. Family member related)

~ Wikia: Hanzo Hattori and/or Saizo Kirigakure

~ FOllower of Mibuno, next chapter

And my Wikia has received its first comments, apparently by a Hanzo fan. Since he is a well-known tokugawa commander, I'd like for him live up to his reputation the same way in my story. Just w/o going too far. He is a Jonin after all.

But, I still think I'm affected by low self-esteem.
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Just an update on what I've been doing. I've been a bit busy throughout this week and at the end of last week, but I have been working on the following while fighting against Writer's Block:

  • Wikia (primarily SolAka, Seishin, and United We Soar Articles)

  • First chapter of United We Soar
  • (...should be HoGW)
  • Checking to see what documents I've lost

While I was working on UWS, I made a short story on Seishin. Yay!.

And, I think I lost more from the virus that I first thought. I DID find the birthdates of some of Kyoushirou and Shoutarou's ancestors though. I wish I still had the notes on my "monsters (or enemy) of the week" and on Simoon Runner (it was cool). I can't recall what else I lost, or is outdated, that was important. There's also my ninja documents on the characters, which needs an overhaul anyway since I've changed on how I'm going to do the stories.

As for UWS, I don't know when I'll finish it but I hope very very soon.

Let-me-tell-you! I did a lot of research just for that one chapter and I'm surprised on how much has turned out. I managed to do some of Aiden's history, as you can see on his wiki article, in one day. I also got some basics worked out on the signature airplane and even the plot itself! This happened in one week. I am happy.

I will work on the Seishin Timelike on Wikia.


Dec. 29th, 2010 10:26 pm
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I had a nice Christmas and I'm feeling better than before. However, I have this lingering cough that I can't seem to get rid of. I cough less now, but my throat still stings.

The year of 2011 will be here this coming Saturday. I hope to resume writing before long and try not to go on these long hiatuses so often, rekindle a passion in storytelling. I have two major problems as an online writer: I often find myself having trouble figuring out where I want to take my stories, and I also find myself taking up difficult projects (AKA: thinking of difficult stories), despite the ideas being highly interesting to me. The example of the latter being Seishin, SolAka, and United We Soar.

My ninja series The Seishin Chronicle has been idle for a year now because how tough it is to do. Or maybe I should say that the serious challenge of my goal behind is what's tough about it. Learning enough about Feudal Japan, Japan in general, takes up a lot of time.

SolAka is my first science fiction/super robot story. After a dream I had, I wanted to try it out.

And for the longest time, I wanted to do a story on the U.S Air Force because of my long interest in this branch of military AND aircraft.


BTW! A funny idea crossed my mind: What if my stories were reviewed like they were shows released on DVD? Yesterday, I was just imagining it in my head, that's all. What would the strengths and flaws of "Howl of Gray Wolf" be if someone gave out a detailed review? What would be, 1 out of 5, the rating of the story? The characters?

That's all that I thinking. Just something random.

I can't review for my life though.

More links

Aug. 28th, 2010 09:56 pm
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SolAka has been finally updated.

Next, I return to Howl of Gray Wolf.

LINKS (Military-based) (just in case: ENS to LTJG = Ensign to Lt. Junior grade in U.S Navy)

I've been wondering on the functions of each rank and when promotions are necessary. It looks like enlisted can't promote to [commissioned] officer level, but non-commissioned (Warrant officers). There are apparently no WOs in rhe U.S Air Force.
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I did plenty for the past two days, but not enough to get back to typing the next HoGW chapter. I want speed! I want speed! I want to progress!

  • Updated wiki with more Families. I really want to figure out the feud between Koga/Koka and Tsukimori, especially how did Kyoshirou's parents died.

  • Both Gray Wolf and Tiger have wikia articles. Not much there yet. Gray Wolf has stats listed

  • Thought of the personality differences between Hiori and Torahiko (Toramaru).

  • Typed up and saved a timeline file for Seishin. I also thought over the format of Seishin stories. Since I plan to make the series very long, I should split them into "Volumes" when uploading/publishing them.

  • I'm going to get rid of HoGW's "Volumes". It is a considerbly shorter series compared to Seishin, which is a family saga.

  • Figured out format of Seishin stories

More later today maybe.
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My Goal for this week is Howl of Gray Wolf's next chapter. I am sorry for not working on it earlier and I'm not back to my bad procrastinating habits. So I need to grab my notebook and work on the outline for the next chapter called "Decision". Also, while my stories progress, I will want to add the chapters to my Wikia.

But, I am having trouble making tables for them like what is used for TV episodes and comic volumes/chapters. What do I need to do? I hope to figure it out soon.


Who is ready for videos? Videos about mostly flying? TEN videos?!

That'll get your blood burning, and I think gets me in a good mood. Also gets me in a good mood when developing United We Soar. It still bums me that I can't get that story rolling yet.

Sky-based Action )


Jan. 12th, 2010 10:59 am
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Today is January 10th, 2010.

My goal for this week is to finish the next HOGW chapter, and work a little on the next one.

If I manage to finish TWO then it is even better.

I thought I had modified the sidebar to show some links, including a link to the Wikia that I have been working on, but I guess not. I'll see what I can do later.

See you.


Dec. 29th, 2009 03:53 pm
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2010 is on its way.

Aside from having to finish my HoGW chapters, and resuming Seishin later in the next year, I plan on working on an official Wikia. I have a pbworks site, but I found working on WIKI-like articles easier considering I've edited a few. All I have to so is transfer all what I typed on my pbworks site to the Wikia. So far, that's been going on smoothly.

One pain I have is creating templates, and the rules to do that are complex to me at the moment. I'm still new at this, so we'll see what happens.

Also, on the left sidebar, I will be putting up links soon to my FF profile, Wikia, anything I deem useful, etc.


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