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Another ramble, more friendly. This is update on stories.

United We Soar
I feel like I'm really stuck, I made this story to focus on the mind of a new fighter pilot, especially when he is entering his first combat operations. I also wanted to create a fighter plane. But in regards to the details behind the war, and how the story will end, I am really stuck. The next chapter has to do with a phone call, and shouldn't take my long at all. Afterward is the start of a combat mission. I must've really messed up going along with this.

Stalwart Silver
I am told a few times that it is "well-written" and that I should publish it in other places. Extremely flattering. But, SS feels like a waste. I will complete it, but it feels like a shallow and pointless story. The idea was for an uncanny boy to understand "loving" a mortal. At the least, to learn how to show empathy outside of duty. It might be impossible for me in a short story.

Seishin Ninja Series
I can't think of anything. I have many characters and I just can't craft any plot ideas. I don't know what it is. I must be really stubborn in wanting to make this series good, and because of that I hesitate. I still think, "It's not Japan..." "It's not what I want to convey", "I feel like I must do research", "my research is limited".

If this continues, the Iga Tensho stories won't happen in years.

Always difficult, but I enjoy the story. I can't wait to show more. Also, there might be a 2nd season.
I recently rekindled my interest but I need alone time to focus better.
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Bear with me. It's another ramble, I didn't clearly check grammar of everything looks consistent...ironically. Italics are quotes.

Rules and Guidelines of
Tumblr: CU
EncycloDrama: CU
Huffingtonpost: The Book Burning That Wasn't: Thousands of Works of Fiction Destroyed and No One Pays Attention

- "Bullying and harassment under the guise of constructive criticism?"

- They are a group of supposed "Critics" that will delete stories in which they deem "inappropriate".

- They apparently ruin the definition of the word "Critic" since, according to authors, critics are supposed to point out some flaws in a story and suggest ways for improvement.

The actions of CU are seen as so terrible that they're compared to Westboro Baptist Church (which, quite frankly, is MEGA AWFUL! So bad that even the KKK don't like them) and described as the kind of people who "throws nuns into traffic". That terrible? Westboro?!

Too many people care about recognition.

There are some things I'm surprised to see, like how authors respond to negative reviews or being told that they're against the rules. Negative reviews don't have to come from CU or similar communities you know.

Then there's satisfaction if you point out a critic's hypocrisy? Like in misspelling and grammar errors for example? Seems pointless if the critic's a writer as well.

If this continues, there will be no room in mental improvement or empathy for neither both author or critic. If you get a negative response, how about not responding the same way?

So what's the problem with writers who gets their work flagged or receives comment about rule breaking. Self-entitlement? In the freedom of writing? Are rules too restrictive, too much, or unnecessary to wrap one's head around? People's offensive barriers are too thin.

"I can do this because I see others do it and their story remains"?

Is it "harassment" when you're told something you don't want to do, can't do this or that, many times (because you keep doing it), like a bunch of children?

ESPECIALLY because you've progressed so far in the story and received so much reviews (especially good reviews), that it's 'too late" to edit? When you get many "your fic is awesome" reviews virtually all the time, you can't really handle the opposite too well.

Does a person consider how to reply back? If the assailant offends you, calls you names like "idiot" or being passive-aggressive BEFORE YOU DO, then it's an attack. This is bully like behavior.

When actually provoked me to ramble on this is seeing someone complain about "their lives sucks and he/she writes to get out of depression" and "removing them/flaming makes them want to commit suiside" (and it was spelled "S-U-I-S-I-D-E"), or along those lines. That doesn't mean that you're above rules or blind to it. It means you're still a writer in spirit.

Why do successful people commit suicide?

Here's an example or impoliteness. I can't take this too seriously, but it's the same attitude: Reviews for The Perfect Jewel.

The problem with CU is that the more fanfics/stories that get deleted, the more successful they'll feel. Frankly, I think they nitpick at many things, are incredibly strict, and can flag a story for infringing just one minor rule such as typos or wrongful titles when it seems harmless (least to me). Some have different interpretations than others on how the rules are followed, such as good grammar and what is a "script" or "interactive" story. The above mentioned review has horrible grammar and spelling. You don't want to write like that, despite writing from your heart and being proud of it, or despite trying to write.

The painful part is that if you're still learning or just starting out in writing, or if English is not your first language (ESL), then will it get flagged or deleted for looking "non-fundamental"?


And the negative reactions just makes CU laugh and stereotype authors, hunt through the categories (Ie: Homestuck, misc, pokemon, naruto, etc) that are most inclined to receiving stories and reviews.

Authors, personally, I think it's your job to set an example for yourself and your story. There is always room for improvement.

I don't believe that CU's goal is to delete "bad stories"; many do fall into the category of rule breaking, or "writing freedom radicalism", but there are more communities out there who band together to flame in reviews and to harshly criticize (or flame) authors.

LU (Literate Union)

I got one fanfic or two deleted long ago without warning. No review, no message, no hints or tips.

When you're told some advice or maybe something to edit, please take it or wonder over why someone would tell you what they tell you.


I can understand that these rules are to provide comfort for the reader. Here are the current guidelines of FF and FP, which you are required to see BEFORE uploading a new story:

Note: My comments are in bold. There is some repeating.

Community Etiquette )

FF Content Guide BASICS )

Entries not allowed )

Actions not allowed )

General rules )

Then maybe the hatred should be directed towards these rules and itself?

So, for those who don't like following these rules, and especially make stories that are like script-based or songfics, do you think it's alright to place yourself at a low level and get extremely angry to reinforce writing freedom?
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Important Notices

My computer caught a Virus back in February 2011 and lots of files were damages, including information on current fictional stories. Data on Heroic Blaze SolAka was probably affected the most, including plot and mecha info (

Comments and Questions for MGW?: (Anonymous comments are allowed)


Mar. 28th, 2011 12:49 pm
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Some of the stuff that I was missing from my SolAka documents, like "monster of the week" and such, are in a txt. file. Okay, so I am a little lucky. It's not much but it's something that I can work with.
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Just an update on what I've been doing. I've been a bit busy throughout this week and at the end of last week, but I have been working on the following while fighting against Writer's Block:

  • Wikia (primarily SolAka, Seishin, and United We Soar Articles)

  • First chapter of United We Soar
  • (...should be HoGW)
  • Checking to see what documents I've lost

While I was working on UWS, I made a short story on Seishin. Yay!.

And, I think I lost more from the virus that I first thought. I DID find the birthdates of some of Kyoushirou and Shoutarou's ancestors though. I wish I still had the notes on my "monsters (or enemy) of the week" and on Simoon Runner (it was cool). I can't recall what else I lost, or is outdated, that was important. There's also my ninja documents on the characters, which needs an overhaul anyway since I've changed on how I'm going to do the stories.

As for UWS, I don't know when I'll finish it but I hope very very soon.

Let-me-tell-you! I did a lot of research just for that one chapter and I'm surprised on how much has turned out. I managed to do some of Aiden's history, as you can see on his wiki article, in one day. I also got some basics worked out on the signature airplane and even the plot itself! This happened in one week. I am happy.

I will work on the Seishin Timelike on Wikia.
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Like I said in my last entry, a folder located on my desktop titled "FANFIC", which contains documents regarding info about my fictional works and even the chapters themselves, has been damaged. But, I had a backup on Megaupload, but it's back from 2010. After looking through the backup, there are definitely some things missing and outdated like for example:

Here are examples on what's missing:

- Plot Information: This was in a doc. file called "Pokefight2". There is small info on antagonists' background, but the purpose of FireRed's goal is missing. Info on the reason behind the story plot's catastrophe is missing.

- Chapters! Luckily, it is still written in my notebook as a outline.

- Protagonist doc file, including small background note on Pikachu is missing.

- Two recent chapters are missing, but fortunately uploaded on

Seishin (Pure Heart)
- Info on Shou and Kyou's ancestry and year of birth. Their names should be on Wikia. Since Seishin is on hiatus, it is widely open to changes and I shouldn't worry too much. "Ninfile", an important txt. file with a ton of links leading to websites about ninja, is safe on and on a CD.

- Info on the SUJ mecha and Soul Beast Gem seems to be updated. THANK goodness. Those are a bit complex

- The Worlds Files (military, bases, seasons, religion, etc): Much info on Planet Shenbu is missing; Shirei seems to be more updated,

- Info on STN/STN-BT mech are not updated. Which is bad because Gajavar was widely extended. I'll have to go by memory and type it back up. Nothing else on Generals' mechs.

- Shirei Mechs: Lots missing, including Simoon Runner (I am very sad...), Marine Shotagi.

- Shenbu's mech. Plenty also missing, including "Triple Lightning Blade" and mech of Yang's brother. They were a very recent additions.

- Earth mechs: Only names.

- Chapter list and monster of week list is gone.


United We Soar info seems to be fine as it is rarely updated.

So, knowing how slow I am with chapters, I guess I better start using my WIKIA and BLOG to store information.

Also, further concern. Recently, a terrible disaster struck Japan. I'm sure everybody has heard of it. Aside from earthquake and tsunami relief, there is also the threat of a nuclear reactor meltdown and civilians being exposed to radioactive atoms.

I mention this because it reminds me of plans that I have for later chapters of SolAka, which I may need to consider changing.

Few SolAka Spoilers regarding recent Japan Disaster )


Mar. 5th, 2011 01:12 pm
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Just an update

I recently got my computer back from the shop. For a little over a week, my PCs been down because of viruses. Fortunately, before that happened, I uploaded a new chapter for Pokefighters. Little dissapointed in it, I feel that I still have writer's block.

Anyways, this now means I need to work on the next Howl of the Gray Wolf chapter.


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