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RECENT UPDATE(S): Thursday, February 7, 2012

The draft of Heroic Blaze SolAka's new chapter is complete. Unfortunately, babysitting took up virtually my entire day (and attention), and I was unable to proofread the draft and see if it's close to ready for a final produce. Hopefully, later in the morning, I can return to it. It is over 4000 words.

RECENT UPDATE(S): Friday, January 4, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hello 2013!

To those who are reading and/or enjoying my stories, or are just visiting my profile, I hope that all of you are doing well. Last year was rough and sluggish for me, and I still apologize for my terrible pace in updating. I have been busy with mostly family care and employment, plus I've have been lacking confidence in my writing. Furthermore, after finishing drafts, revision takes quite a bit of time. I hope that in the near future, that will change and that I will push more passion into writing.

I have a lot of original fiction planned. For this new year, I really want my shinobi fiction series, "Seishin" to progress. From story concepts to characters, I'm trying to put a lot of time and care into Seishin so that it can express Asian culture both accurately and attractively. Perhaps I should make it my goal to upload at least 10 or 15 Seishin stories this year? As for Heoric Blaze SolAka, I will not abandon it. I am still working on the next chapter; it's difficult, and i end up revising a lot, but it is enjoyable. I am also concerned for future chapters as the plot progresses throughout the invasion. Please look out for it.

Stalwart and UWS are short and will still take time. For some reason, I can't figure out an ending and I fear that the plots will be utilized quite weak. I am good at setup/exposition, but afterward takes quite a bit of time. This is also the same case with SolAka.

Plese check my Wikia and/or blog for more information on my status or stories.

Take care!

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As of Nov 2011, here are my FP stories with the most hits:

In the month of November
The Follower from Mibuno (14)
Passive Rivals (9)
Heroic Blaze SolAka (7)

In the Year (2011)
Heroic Blaze SolAka (579)
The Follower from Mibuno (61)
United We Soar (48)
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Since Seishin is getting significantly redone, I am deleting some useless MS word files from my desktop containing character and mixed-up history information. Since the info is old, it does carry ideas. Who knows, I may even go ahead with the ideas. Therefore, something might be seen as spoilers.

Nothing will be covered; nothing needs to be highlighted.

Fuuma Ninja )
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It's's turn.

[ TOP 5 Categories with most stories (in Anime/Manga) ]
Rounded to the thousands.
Naruto (277K)
Inuyasha (99K)
Yu-Gi-Oh (56K)
Bleach (55K)
Gundam Wing/AC (40K) [Beating out Full Metal Alchemist]

[ TOP 5 Categories with most stories (in Games) ]
Kingdom Hearts (61K)
Pokémon (42K)
Final Fantasy VII (34K)
Sonic the Hedgehog (21K)
Legend of Zelda (17K)

[ TOP 5 Categories with most stories (in Books) ]
Harry Potter (525K)
Twilight (184K)
Lord of the Rings (45K)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (16K)
Maximum Ride (13K)

[ TOP 5 Categories with most stories (in Movies) ]
Star Wars (26K)
Pirates of the Caribbean (18.5+K)
High School Musical (18K)
X-Men: The Movie (12K)
Star Trek: 2009 (7K)
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Since I made a list of which genre on has the most stories, I thought I could make one for stories on

[ TOP 5 Genre with most stories (in Fiction) ]
Rounded to the thousands.

General (97K)
Romance (81K)
Fantasy (73K)
Young Adult (43K)
Humor (23K)

[ TOP 5 Genre with most stories (in Poetry) ]
General (233K)
Life (207K)
Love (172K)
Song (43K)
Friendship (32K)


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