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A ton of spoilers on little pieces of paper. Wrote them down before buying a comp. book. I may go with them or not:


Kabuhoshi and Gem power
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Integra, Athena, and Hermes
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Cosmic Ability
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Hades's Finest Servant:
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Eden and Fudo
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Just some trivia. I'm going to post info on the titles of Gold Saint affiliated with Mars, officially or not. You can also check YAHOO Q&A (Japan). Seiya is not listed.

Slight spoilers if you have never seen Omega. You'll know if you read DAWN OF END.

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Was going through my files today, and found something weird. Looks like future dialogue for HoGW. Since its such a tiny fiel, I'll just delete it.

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Fan Trilogy 2016 should come. I have two of the three canons figured out officially.


I guess I'll continue to use this blog to just throw down updates and notes. Right now, I am quite behind.

I also need to throw some paper slips away with my literacy notes on it.

Next Time
So the recent chapters of SolAka introduced, I introduced the Ikagura Squadron and a couple of new aerial units, and the next chapter is going to introduce a new character and MACHINE. Does anyone remember Tsuoyang? The new character is another guy with a weird name: Yuruchika Kabuhoshi
(株星 萬親). Despite the spelling, surname is from kame (turtle), genbu, and hoshi (star). So he is from the Genbu Tribe.

A story so difficult and exciting at the same time, and I want to take it somewhere.

Next chapter's new machine
Trail Kurogane is a tank that is probably better for ranged surveillance. My notes list "mini-missle" but I think it should be removed. Its primary weapon is the dual purpose cannon ("Beam" and "spiral"). It can also drop mines. I can't remember what "Spiral mode" of the cannon is, but it may return to my mind eventually. The new monster is a mole.

Heii II
The 2nd Heii can do anti-tank ground level combat; it is well versed in purpose with the exception of naval warfare. Its built with a bigger powerplant for maneuverability and extra ordance such as dual beam cannons and a switch-

What's next?
Like canon, there is Mizuki, Konohamaru, Sakura, and Ebisu upcoming. Sakura should be a little more considerate of Naruto when he becomes her teammate. Of course, she loves Sasuke, but starts to respect Naruto's guts. Sort of. She wants to keep his attitude in check as the "intellect". Hard to explain. Konohamaru will have a pretty big sense of justice, playing to "arrest" Naruto for defiling the monument. Ebisu states that "ninjutsu" should not be used against fellow man [konoha nin] and finds Naruto a bad influence.

Mizuki should have a bigger role.

An original ANBU with a boar mask. He has importance before Sai and Yamato. Considerably blunt character under cool person, which makes him a bit scary. He watches Naruto and Sasuke, which has interesting tense results. Naru has a behavior problem and Sasuke has a vengeance [also family] problem. Kazuki doesn't like one of the elders. His name could mean something like "Fire of a high, overbearing tree". (火嵩木)

For some reason
I have a strange note in red that says "Juubi likes to eat chakra and severed seal" but I can't recall what that meant.
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UZUMAKI teasers.

Might not be 100% official but this all in my head at the moment.


"So, you're a criminal?" The words stung; was stealing a scroll really that terrible, Naruto wondered. It was beyond a familiar scold from the academy.

"Haven't you done enough?" Iruka Umino, that friendly figure who would encourage Konoha's Loudest Fool as easily as he could yell at him in anger, gave off eyes that burned with killing intent.

Naruto and Ine: "Don't Worry"
"Did the Lord Hokage tell you?"

"Don't worry Nene. Whatever happened so many years ago, don't worry." Naruto came home with his genin headband, and a grin that showed that he was assured of his future. His aide smiled. She was always by his side; she hid her scars in a shadow, but was there to give him a chance.

The rising sun disperses a memory. Sasuke remembered that one time he woke up without a voice, and a hunter of two things: Of one's life and of everything cryptic.

A hero wears scarves. Konohamaru will not forgive Naruto for defiling the monument.
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Stuff on notable baddie monsters and the significance of the crest. Also, Hopper spoiler.

About Medallion: There are five medallion: One belonging to each of the Dragon Four, and one belonging to the monster baddies that serve the four dragons. It depends on who they serve and each has a different color. Jesvah's medal has a red dragon, diabolos has white, techno has tan, ragnorok has black.

The Dragons have a "Moo Medallion" or a "Magnus Medallion", reflecting their strength and shows that they were selected.

The medallions control a monster and its power strengthens due to nigrum. Based on 108 Sins. A former champion, Jesvah's seals suits defilements such as pride/vanity, high-handedness, arrogance (egoism), ostentatiousness.

Terrorist dragon Ragnoroks fits violence, eagerness, discord, ambition, greed, addiction, hurt.

Evil demon dragon Diabolos fits rage/wrath, aggression, derision.

Techno, being a machine, is a difficult one. So far, I can only think of faithlessness and indifference. Can control machines and non-animal monsters well.

"The White Crest" chapter is about Jaggernaut and Sneak Hopper trying to use White Crests to take Basilisk and Gray Wolf.

About Baddie Monsters: There are "captain monsters" or "notable monsters" such as Robeneal, Zilla, and Liquel. They wear the "dragon medallions". So who do they work for?

Robeneal works for Ragnorok (black). He has a dry character, but ambitious. Also worried about himself.

Jaggernaut & Sneak Hopper work for Diabolos. The same has the first version of HoGW.

Prometheus belongs to Techno Dragon.

Liquel and Shippu belong to Jesvah. Siccari, however, belongs to Ragnoroks. Mew-Cakes might end up with Techno. Still thinking whether to make her bad or not. Shippu's just heart makes me conceited about justice.

Hopper: Hopper might've learned Fire Upper through training, or so I could say easily, [ but he may have dragon blood in him? Breeders can mix monsters to form another; in MR2, they had a % chance. This would mean that Hopper would have to be a mixed monster that died long ago and revived in the wild. ]

Human Spoilers:
[ What I had in mind so far:
- Hunter being controlled by Jesvah.

- Volzoi unleashes Iron Bird Air Force to help

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Sagittarius Aiolos from Saint Seiya: Episode G.

Armor = protection. The original derivation of the word is from "armo", Latin, meaning to "equip with weapons". Aren't strong women quite sexy?

RAMBLE TIME to unravel thoughts.

Spoilers abroad. Check the links, please?

For the Saint Seiya fanfiction that I plan to do, I want to make a female Gold Saint. This wasn't done in either SS series until Saint Seiya Omega with Gemini Paradox and Scorpio.

What I'm looking for in this FF is to represent the spirit of Saint Seiya, and I'm making it for those who enjoy Saint Seiya. Rather, they inspired me to make it, especially the fans in Europe (Spain) and Latin America.

In the story, the female will wear the standard Sagittarius cloth. No renovations, no changes, no "femininity". My reasons are from SS canon and historical facts; the only thing I'm going against is the "wearing of the mask" rule, which was done in Saint Seiya Omega.

What finalized my decision was really the cloths themselves. Before worn, they look like statues representing the constellation, mostly animals. In the above image is the Sagittarius cloth, composed of different pieces that I can fit on a Saint's body. The cloths remain conventional. Here is the pieces to the Sagii cloth. It may look male due to possibly representing Chiron the centuar.

Is the Taurus Cloth QUITE masculine looking?

This is a conventional breastplate, and are worn to protect even the navel. The Gold Cloths are full armors, protecting virtually every area. Apparently "female exclusive" armor, or a protruding/bulging (literally) breast plate, compromises a vital bone weakness in the chest. In addition to damage from the "attacking" material, there is also the kinetic force. Breasts can bind behind the armor.

Full armor of 16th century armor with bulged (or globe-like) breastplate

While Saints' cloths are known to heal and evolve, Gemini Paradox and Scorpio from OMEGA donned gold cloths that transformed to become "compatible" with their bodies (breast-wise). In LOST CANVAS, Yuzuriha wears the crane cloth (link has specifics). The crane cloth apparently has its own mask.

It doesn't seem to hinted that the fate of the stars follow a gender-specific selection. I haven't found any information. Like, is Pegasus always chosen inside a boy? Is Dragon? How about Ophiuchus (Shaina) and Eagle/Aquila (marin and Yuna)? Andromeda Saint is male.

Many characters from Shun to Aphrodite, are quite androgynous in looks. The Saint Seiya series is no stranger to feminine looking males. In LOST CANVAS, Pisces Albafica stands out with his beauty. There is also Nasu Veronica, who I quite confused for a woman in the comic. He was quite gorgeous. There is also the specter Behemoth VIOLATE. Leo Regulas confused her for a man because of her torso armor. Voiced by Honda Takako, I thought Violate was a boy; there's also her name. Here is her surplice.

As for Shun, his cloth (armor) is based on the Constellation Andromeda; in Greek myth, Andromeda was a beautiful woman who was chained to rocks as a sacrifice to a sea monster. Aside from being pink, the Andromeda cloth has a feminine aspect when worn on Shun

Female in military and police forces where the same body armor around their torso. In paintings and statues from Japan, women such as Hojo Masako and Tomoe Gozen (statue figure amd painting), wore the same overlapping cuirass. In records, there have been various accounts of female samurai. A somewhat modern example of a female samurai is Nakano Takeko.

Here's Tomoe Gozen from video game YOSHITSUNE YUUDEN

In Western folklore there is Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) AND the supposed first female Pope. Painting of Joan.

Also inspiration for my choice is SACRED SAGA SS FANART! Please enjoy! The cape behind Aiolos is a nice touch up.

Interesting Links
Misogyny and Sexism in Video Gaming

Anatomy of Armor


Would you like another example of woman wearing armor from video games?

Charlotte Colde from Samurai showdown (Spirits), another of my favorite series:

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because of back dealings and past, The Montagna Family of NY are paying a protection tax to the Camorra. it turns out they have recently become allies after Camorra have become anti-witch. Luke's ancestor have given up on Strega and have hidden the tool. The camorra want to look for it and ask Luke for clues in archives. However, the sicilians seek for it as well -- to use. The protection tax is due to Luke being prone to capture and danger, especially his son.

Emi wonders why his father won't go to the police. Luke would say, "they wouldn't understand."

The Sicilian gang called the New Turks (?) are beaten up by Emi. Later, he's captured after some jail time for assault. Emi is taken to Irena's mansion...and she thinks of ways to make him talk about strega. She says he has a "code" in his bloodline, and wants to keep him so that Luke will oblige.

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My mafia story gained its official title, and my interest grows in it the more I research (as you can tell from the wikia uddates). I am just writing down ideas and this may not be completely official.

The Commission played a large role to the Sicilian mobsters back in early-mid 20th century, and I think I'm going to bring it into the fiction, disregarding the IRL difficulties of assembling the commission back together. It may support the use of strega, or how it gets around or how it's regulated. Also, the Camorra has a commission-like body.

OK. Let's start:

The Sicilian CMS may be considerably private, so much that no one thinks it exists. Maybe a Spirito strega user can relay a schedule on where a private meeting takes place. It may be just only one meeting that took place in the 90s because spirito strega is very rare; plus, the point of the story is to have one spirito user turn against the mafia.

Each member of the commission is an infamous strega. Not sure how many they'll be.

Baldovino Riina
Nicknamed the "Explosive Beast" because of his violent nature. He known for many assassinations involving explosions. Many fear him; has been hunting down pentito and law officials for prosecuting his family members under RICO.

Irene Stellaro
Replacing her husband is 40-something Irene; she is one of the mains of the story. Her strega produces lightning (or dynamic electricity), but I can't decide whether to make it a fire or wind type, nor can I figure out on how it evolved. She is called the Demon queen. She searches for the Spirito strega.

Dante Giardinello
Earth strega. He is the youngest (at least 19?), but reliable. Considered the little earthquake. Said to have a bright future. He is known for "bringing down the house" (literally) on Black hand camorra groups.

Fausto Dragna
Water strega. From Borgetto.

Manuel Messina
A major heroine trafficker.

Lorenzo Salvatore
From Uditore district. Known for his thief groups. His earth strega evolved into magnetism, and he is called "The Grand Thief". He wears iron rings at mystic tools to support his magnetic ability.

Marino Arenella
From Arenella. Bald man with thick mustache. He is actually calmer than most, likes to read, and smoke cocaine. Throughout the years, he has mellowed about using violence and illegal activities. Air strega.

Giulio Falcone
Behind everyone's backs, Giulio has been initiating anti-mafia activities within his family, and secrely supporting journalist. However, he's kept the strega use a secret.

Ignazio Ciaculli

Nico Bagarella
A supporter of Riina, he forms an infamous hit squad.

That's all for now. Ten should be good.
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A ramble, expect grammar and spelling errors.

So I have a mafia story in mind, and I can't get the idea of sorcery out of my mind. I might as well stick with it.

As for a title, and idea for the crime war, a drug-like greed extends to obtaining magic.

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Unlike many others, I don't have the type of blog where I post down completed works. Instead, even though it's rare, I put down drafts that have the potential of becoming something. It may or may not; I jsut think of something and want to jot it down.

The Seishin Series in my mind is quite large, and I often develop small random ideas on what I want to put in writing.

Since this is just drafting, it won't look good at all. I'll come back and edit.

Also, this is a lot of abstract text?

The Early days )
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A entry about Seishin. Just spilling my thoughts. It has the potential to be another Iga story. It kept cross my mind as tiny parts/ideas; now I can't remember what I wanted the purpose to be. For a long time, I was worried over the character Shoutarou, especially with his upbring and on why he was a cowardly character.

Uncle and nephew )

WHAT causes fear?

About Moo

Mar. 24th, 2012 09:39 am
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Nothing is screened.

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Posted here mainly for info but you can look if you want.

From MS Word. This is the Timeline for the Monster Rancher fanfic series. Not much here but reveal a few things about character history and behind-the-plot stuff in Howl of Gray Wolf, which includes things from the old versions of the stories.

- Timeline starts at 801
- HoGW starts at 804 (Spring)
- TOF starts at 805

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From my cancelled POKEMON FIGHTERS story. Nothing is screened/covered; data drop from my MS Word documents:

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Alright! Today I'm going to be really focused. It's halfway through the week and I started off slow again, but this time I'll do better. I'm going to just work on my fiction today.

Because guess what?

Highlight for SolAka spoiler )

Better put on the right music.
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I had a busy week...

Here's some Seishin info:

Hattori Hanzo (服部 半蔵)
Serves as an "ambassador" for the central ninja clans to the Tokugawa. Having the voice of a commander, one can say that he has a calm judgement, sharp perception, and prompt acting power. He's wholly dedicated to Tokugawa. The 2nd Hanzo is nicknamed "Demon Hanzo" because of his unrivaled skill with a spear AND for how he engaged relentless military tactics. When Matsudaira Nobuyasu (松平 信康) was ordered to commit suicide, Hanzo, who was his assistant, could not going along with it, saying "I cannot direct a sword to my own Lord"

Momochi Tanba (百地 丹波)
Strict with oneself and others, especially with duty, conduct, and chastity. With Iga's well-being completely in mind, he finds supporting the daimyo powers risky, especially after the alliance forged between Oda and Tokugawa. He prefers Iga functioning as an independent private force, but he is rivaled by the Hattori family's influence.

Fujibayashi Nagato-no-kami (藤林長門守)
Head of Fujibayashi family. A quiet, handsome person known for his writing. A worldy-wise man, said to have very high introspective and he speaks in a fathery tone that makes others listen to what wisdom he has to offer. In Seishin, he is head of the Fujibayashi faction, that assists Hattori family and rivals Momochi's. Said to have joined Oda's side during the Tensho Iga no Ran, but we'll see...

It's said that Tanba and Nagato are the same person.
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Since Seishin is getting significantly redone, I am deleting some useless MS word files from my desktop containing character and mixed-up history information. Since the info is old, it does carry ideas. Who knows, I may even go ahead with the ideas. Therefore, something might be seen as spoilers.

Nothing will be covered; nothing needs to be highlighted.

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