Mar. 14th, 2009 11:51 pm
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So here is what I plan to work on, or here's what's coming next I hope.

Howl of Gray Wolf (HogW): Part II
- 1 chapter: Prologue. Story of Moo and monsters
- 1 chapter: Gray wolf appears early?

Seishin Chronicle
- 1 chapter. Main: Shoutarou
- 1 chapter: Explaining more on Ninja

MIlitary fic
- 1 chapter: Introduction. Very short. The only one I will so to start it off and I have to gather more information. I don't evne have a title yet.
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Jan 31, 09

New stuff in revision planning. Expect typo/grammer since this is typed fast and impromptu. These can be changed at any time.

Dragon Antagonists )
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* September 9th, 2008 (Name change to DD4, Giving the four dragons some character and also lasting battles against the protagonists, DD4 Order)

* January 27th, 2009 (.I)

Random thinking notes; watch for grammar and spelling.

Reflecting on HotGW & ideas for revision (.I) )
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It's been two Dog-Damn years! I am finishing Chapter 13 of "Tiger of Freedom", right now and I guarantee that I'll be uploaded tonight. However, it'll be shorter than what I originally had planned before, as will the rest of the chapters. Not only is it ridiculous for me to take a very very long time to finish a single chapter, I have to make new material for the upcoming chapters because of what happened to my jumpdrive. Now is a good time to innovate.

You'll notice reading through TOF that is a change in writing style because between some chapters there is a wide interval, of literally a year or slightly more. Making the chapters smaller will result in making the entire series longer; I first thought of having TOF end around 30 - 40 chapter range..

However, between each chapter, I will have time to think on what will happen next without going so ahead, while hopefully maintaining a lasting hook of each chapter. I think it is in my best interest to do so.

Furthermore, while working on Chapter 13, I came up with some small ideas for the "Howl of Gray Wolf" Revision! The only problem is that there isn't much to show because I've been too focused on chapter 13.

What are they? (also TOF) )
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Pretty frustrated lately. I'm having difficulty with job search and my confidence and desire to finish my fanfiction is very fickle. Ironically, I've been caught up in TEXT-based RPG. Isn't that something? But I don't think that requires more passion than a fanfic, atl east not where I am now.

FF.NET and FP.NET has something new here:
* Polls
* Reader Traffic (of author)
* DocX

Reader Traffic tells me how many people went to my profile page or clicked on my stories each month. And huh, a visitor from Vietnam? I received the most hits on August 8th; I hope they are not counting me visiting, but I don't think I returned to FF anytime this month up til now.

Fanfic wise, HOGW received the most hits; TOF is second place but the hits are much lower. Hmm, maybe that does compel me to work on it.

DocX is a file sender, and beta reader gives you the responsibility of reading other words and giving the author a critique. I'm not up to that.



You know what I need to do? I need to stop saying words like "maybe" and "think". It expresses insecurity and not resolve.

Anyways, let's start that right now. Let me speak with resolve and as someone who knows how to look forward. I will start by saying that I should re-write "Howl of Gray Wolf". Simotaneously, I will work on TOF's chapter 13 and ideas on the new rewrite. How does that sound?

Here are the current chapters and what a small sentence on what happens in them:

HOGW chapters )

Also, I could use an exclusive term to represent my stories and its common themes, such as "Tiger Generation" Tigeration? (both Grey Wolf and Tiger were main characters) or "Team Hero Monster" or "Mon Hero Friends", where the motif is working together. Yes, the names are VERY corny, but I was out of ideas and I just wanted to give out a quick example. Also, the stories are simple and it may contiune to be? Like the anime except more mature due to the violence and language.

There is very very little blood in the Monster Rancher anime and some of the violence seem comical or not that bad. It's kind of silly what the American version has decided to cut out; the biting, whipping, getting blown over by lasers, and the characters flinching when they are hurt does look painful...but I don't think that compares to say poor Tiger spasming from the Black Worm poison, Holly getting cut by the needle or..what else? Can't think of any. In addition, they did cut some scenes out for the commercials.


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