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Just some trivia. I'm going to post info on the titles of Gold Saint affiliated with Mars, officially or not. You can also check YAHOO Q&A (Japan). Seiya is not listed.

Slight spoilers if you have never seen Omega. You'll know if you read DAWN OF END.

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Hello everyone!

This is a little blog entry about my current activity. I am sorry for not updating, as I have a lot to do for both fanfiction and original stories.

Just to let you know that I am not giving up on them. Never ever. I have so much that I want to do and finish. I want to see SolAka stretch into even outer space; there is an airforce short story, Saint Seiya series, a mafia series, my Monster Rancher remakes (TEN years already!), my NARUTO remake, another Fanfic trilogy, and a plethora of ninja stories.

It's just that I wish to devote more time onto something important. Both writing and art are parallel, and both steadying my hands and diagram study has to do with what I'm shooting for.

I may be barking up the wrong tree, as I done many times and end up getting embarrassed and insulted about only because I follow what I believed were good ideas, but I am trying to return to school to make up for my past negligence. But lack of funds, work, and the load of this piece of shit called babysitting has been making me upset. I tried to balance writing and "training", since I did manage to do one chapter of Calm before Sword sequel, but I'm focusing on one thing only on a day. Writing still requires forme to do a lot of research and planning, and when I do a chapter, it extends beyond expectations. For example, I try to go for 500 or 600 words, and then it ends up being over 800 or 1000 words (but that usually means I'm having fun). When it does, it takes more time; then there's the proofreading.

With work and watching over someone, I couldn't help but think about making money from home. It just popped into my head as I felt desperate.

If I could make money from home, especially from writing, I think that would be fantastic. But I can't. Because I am ignorant. You make money for blogging about knowledge. I can't blog about parenting, about architectural services, how to fix your house or your car, American history, translating into English, etc. Further desperate, I wanted to create a wider fanbase by uploading my stories elsewhere such as AsianFics and FictionPad. Therefore, I could find connections. Stupid or not, again, barking up the tree, I stikk went along with it.

There is nothing that I have for myself. So because I am not of high scholarship or magna cum laude, I have to work extra hard to get awarded or a better living. Background story is too long so I'm leaving it out.

I am so determined now because I made the choice for myself and looked back, wanting to stomp on mistakes and see if I was doing the right thing this time. I am an ambitious type when I want to, maybe that's why I produce so many writing plans. I really want to show you my [story] ideas.

Just like I want show myself and others that there's always a bright future.

Hang in there and please enjoy my stories. I still update my blog, twitter, and my profiles, telling you what I'm up to.

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It's like every time I get a story idea for Seishin, I end up researching heavily and finding the name of an obscure (?) samurai. If not, I keep wanting to find a means to adding a noble's name because the samurai make up a ton of the Japanese history. I cant' ignore them.

Somehow, looking up the Fuuma's leader Hojo Soun, led me to Suruga-Imagawa samurai Norimitsu Oshika.

HISTORY/SEISHIN Ramble: OSHIKA Norimitsu (小鹿 範満)
Not much is known about him or is relatives, or from what I gathered, but it seemed that everything ended when Norimitsu was killed (his brother or/and son committing suicide at the end of the revolt). Both he and his father were in a succession dispute; Noriyori (範頼) was his father, his childhood name being Chiyoakimaru (千代秋丸). During the Eikyo era, Noriyori opposed his younger brother Imagawa Noritada becoming leader of the Imagawa.

For Ujichika (Noritada's grandson) and Norimitsu, this starts all over again.

For Seishin, this starts all over again. This competition is probably the only or the most notable record of this family. Norimitsu becomes regent through Hojo Soun's recommendation.

After Uchichika becomes of adult age, Norimitsu does not give up regency.

At this moment, I don't 100% understand the details behind Noritada vs Noriyori.

For Seishin, Norimitsu plans to assassinate Hojo Soun with the help of Miura and Ashina family of Sagami.
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[ Heroic Blaze DATA! ( 壮烈火炎 データ) ]

Mecha "Seki" and "Tama-Seki"

Classification: YGK 17 and YGK17K – Fighter Aircraft

Total Length: 18.2m (Wingspan: 11m)

Max Speed: Mach 1.8 – 2.5

Qualities/Attacks: MP SPG and RS Field (Reverse-Solar), Hyper Pulse Powerplant

Colors: Orange and white

Developed by the Ho-Ou Military before the Shirei Alliance was created, the Seki line is a class of fighter planes with a MP SPG or a multi-purpose solar-powered generator, which is capable of supplementary properties. The RS Field helps in controlling gravity pressure for a limited amount of time.

The Seki are built for high-speed performance, equipped with laser cannons and missile pods; however, its descendant the Tama was built with an altered fuselage to support SolAka. The Tama is also powered by the Soul Gem and is the secret behind the Sekishinken (red soul sword). Also, Tama-Seki is capable of changing its swept wing to forward swept wing, which forms the hilt's guard of the Sekishinken.

The classification is from the term yougekiki (要撃機) , which means interceptor jet. For the Tama, the ending "K" stands for ken (剣), meaning sword. Seki means "red"; tama means soul (魂).

There is probably more that I could've added, or maybe could've modified it. The Seki has frill like feathers and long neck much like a bird. Not entirely for the design, but also to increase lift (and preserve fuel by using thermals) and to create a retractable/ejecting escape pod. The neck also helps with a center of balance

The production of solar energy plays a large role in the Ho-Ou Tribe's machines. How does it work as a photovoltaic powerplant, especially turbocharged types for super robots I wondered. So the Ho-Ou machines put silicone vents in wide practice, but to power combat weapons, the question was to how to make

Of course, this is a huge issue at night, cept for Tama-Seki. They would go on "timed fuel" via preserved energy (thought there was a specific name for it but I can't remember at all. Notes are lost. Of all the times. No, not "backup" or "collectors" or some insulation). Solar panels seem very delicate and intense maintenance is necessary.

This all seems very large. To power a whole house it seems it takes a 65 x 39 array of cells in your backyard. To imagine it in a car or a fighter jet would require some compression, focusing on a small area. I feared that a large solar absorbing, watt-measured device would be dangerous to any vehicle, but thought that exhaust might reduce the issue.

For planet atmosphere, especially on cold days with heavy pressure, the Seki intakes and powers the air through the exhaust. Using it like neutral gas. It's Hyper Pulse Powerplant puts stress on this. I use a similar idea in United We Soar's Lancer. May not be that effective without some kind of repellent. For now, I use carbon-neutral idea.

As you can see from MP SPG, the solar energy is used for many things such as powering the computers and the battery. I keep making the word "engine" or "powerplant" analogous to radioactive/ion thrusters.

That's all so far.

Hybrid technology may make an appearance.

There is also the Soul Gem-powered machines such as the SUJ and Kurogane.
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HIORI (火折、クールでいながら、熱い心の持ち主ですね)
She is the one with the sense of justice.

She doesn't like losing her cool, and likes to show the gentleness of an "ojousama" (お嬢様) archetype. Because I made her to be a teacher, even if it in disguise, so the kindness would stay in the character.

However, when peace and loved ones are threatened, it shows -- that dashing type often seen in super robot main characters. Is there too much war trauma?
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Emperor YANG (暘帝)
"Yang" is a surname; since he is refereed to as "The Emperor" or "His Emperor" or "His Lord" or "This/My Lord [and] Emperor". I gave his hair a purple shade because it is a regal color. He is, using human age, around 40 years old. Haven't figured out his first name yet, but that won't be that important.
SO far, I thought of going with spoiler )

Usually, the main antagonist of classic super robot series, isn't handsome. It is usually a demon or demon-like, alien, a bearded or wrinkled man, something that looks old or reptilian, or it might be a machine. A corrupted computer even, while the "handsome character" on the bad guy side is usually a high-ranked subordinate.

Instead of the above-mentioned ideas, I go with a monarchist with ambition and charisma. The idea shows "overseer" instead of "evil". The "beauty" aspect shows that said charisma (to make others follow him and to see him like a God) and willingness to lead. Most main SR bad guys rule through fear or for the blind lackeys. Also, Yang is aware of rank and respects his men. Especially Indra.

Torahiko (後先考えない熱血漢の児彦)
In various Super Robot series, often from the 70s, the main character (or SOMEONE else in the same protagonist team) is this impulsive, fearless active main character who takes the lead and drives the important robot. When I mean "important", like in the case of combination robots, the main usually pilots the "body" or "head". This character type sometimes has a strong sense of justice: he wants to help others who are weak or are oppressed.

However, Torahiko is in need of development. He is a hard worker, but is selfish. He wants to be recognized as King, breaking all disputes. You could say he is more like that character from sports shows. So instead of the typical "good-willed" guy, he is "stubborn hard worker, I want to win" guy who discards a helping hand and does not openly express his caring feelings.

It is unlike Hiori, who has has a gentle femininity to her and is person-minded.
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From time to time, I'm going to just ramble and release what's going on in my head during drafting. There are some things I don't unveil on Wikia due to them being spoilers or just being thought up from a sudden whim.

So, today is Seishin and SolAka.

Ikaruga Squadron (イカルガ隊)
A team of Seki fighter pilots that consist of five members, from 1 to 5: Commander Ikaruga (鵤), Tagahane (差羽), Shibaya (差羽也), Jimanosuke (島之介) and Zetabi (ぜたビ), named after birds. One of them happens to be Homura’s brother. It was their bravery that helped the Taiyoko, SolAka, and Baoshiro enter Earth from the moon to get the drop on Yami and Indra.

Ikaruga means Japanese Grosbeak (斑鳩). I thought it was "pigeon", but that is "hatora", so where did the confusion come from after all these years? I honestly don't know now. He has white hair with black streaks, green eyes, so it give him the identity of the strong heart type. Maybe someone who is gloomy, but he is mind-oriented person. For last name, I initially thought of Kaina (灰奈). In today's society of Shirei, those outside of the tribal nobility decided to ignore their surnames because its a time of equality. Especially during war time. But surnames are for I.D purposes like for military.

He is the Squad leader or Flight leader, making him a 1st Lt. In the next chapter, he'll be facing the Heii and Heii II. So it's an interesting (or complex) case of standard interceptor vs stealth fighter. Also will be the same case in United We Soar, so I'm looking into radar utilization and absorbency as much as I can.

The other characters don't have much characterization for now since they have roles as pilots. But Ikaruga are close to his squad.

Tagahane cries easily; Zetabi isn't present ATM.


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