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Let me starting by saying that I am not that happy with the comic direction of NARUTO.

As ninja are romanticized in various media, with NARUTO being no exception, NARUTO has become an international hit. Ninja drama has existed for years and I grew up enjoying the element of mysteriousness attached to the ninja. Also, I am a martial arts fans. Swords, bo sticks, throwing knives, anything where tools are used skillfully. Thus, the reason why I wanted to do Seishin Series, research all I can about ninja, and send it out into novel.

However, as NARUTO's Part 2 developed, it has become more of a shounen comic. a rule-defying comic. Action oriented, WHICH IS NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL, but it has become like Dragonball where power level is an important factor, female and side characters become virtually insignificant, and trust is determined by how much stronger you are. One boy can turn the tides of a large-scale battle; the background of the Uchiha encompasses the plot, conquering the significance of the Akatsuki organization and the potential of war. And oh, Itachi...I don't want to get into it.

War has a lack of shock value. It has not diminished completely as there are some very interesting PARTS, but I am not that impressed.

What NARUTO does succeed in is being an adventure and well-thought out as a world. The main character Naruto Uzumaki succeeds in being friendly and likable (least to me); we learn about the consequences of hatred; the cast is large and mostly memorable too. I'll stop here.

I'm not doing a review so I'm not elaborating my complaint that well.

I am ambivalent about fanfiction; I sometimes dislike how people disturb canon. I want to use fanfiction to prove that I read/watch/played something and then write proving my appreciation for what I read/watched/played. I don't do character bashing, I don't do main-original character stories (however, Penitent Feathers is my first, so I can convey the importance of the Sagittarius Saints. Might've been a bad idea to go with?), I don't do smut (I think it's incredibly pointless and just a guilty pleasure), etc.

Since I'm doing Seishin to set the tone of what ninja were, and since NARUTO comic might end this year, I thought of Uzumaki a re-telling. I have a fondness for "what makes people" and what a story and what characters can teach. It's not really a punch to Kishimoto; you wouldn't be an author without mistakes and I'm sure he has editors that can influence his direction of the comic.

I like affirming stories, I can like "positive energy" like with super robot franchise, but not that much with NARUTO. I'm almost annoyed by the popularity that it gets, especially in fanfiction, and how fanfic authors debase the series with their desperate self-inserting and their warped, unable to cope interpretations of canon reality (like with romantic pairings).
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Another ramble, more friendly. This is update on stories.

United We Soar
I feel like I'm really stuck, I made this story to focus on the mind of a new fighter pilot, especially when he is entering his first combat operations. I also wanted to create a fighter plane. But in regards to the details behind the war, and how the story will end, I am really stuck. The next chapter has to do with a phone call, and shouldn't take my long at all. Afterward is the start of a combat mission. I must've really messed up going along with this.

Stalwart Silver
I am told a few times that it is "well-written" and that I should publish it in other places. Extremely flattering. But, SS feels like a waste. I will complete it, but it feels like a shallow and pointless story. The idea was for an uncanny boy to understand "loving" a mortal. At the least, to learn how to show empathy outside of duty. It might be impossible for me in a short story.

Seishin Ninja Series
I can't think of anything. I have many characters and I just can't craft any plot ideas. I don't know what it is. I must be really stubborn in wanting to make this series good, and because of that I hesitate. I still think, "It's not Japan..." "It's not what I want to convey", "I feel like I must do research", "my research is limited".

If this continues, the Iga Tensho stories won't happen in years.

Always difficult, but I enjoy the story. I can't wait to show more. Also, there might be a 2nd season.
I recently rekindled my interest but I need alone time to focus better.
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Don't write while tired.

I'm blogging because ... I'm just mad and I'm not concerned about consequences over criticizing teen pregnancy.

I seriously don't care. Call me misogynist, I'm fine with it. No, I don't think pregnant teens are "whores", "sluts", add any female derogative word. Pregnancy is not interconnected with prostitution or sleeping a lot. It just means that you received semen in the uterus, okay?

I am at a state where I can't get over it and I am insensitive because it has the potential of screwing people up. Even those who a part of the support. Or rather, I'm just in an unfortunate situation where I hate people. We develop our reproductive system at a young age, does that mean have kids? Or we can't think at all?

I absolutely dislike TP, especially when the parents are so self-centered and use children to feign that they have the backbone to face responsibility AND that they'll stay out of trouble or stop creating it. If it makes sense. I also don't like sexual pressure; I didn't see it as the GATE to being awesome, never did. I didn't give in to this feeling that I was required to have a boyfriend during high school, I didn't feel that I had to look cool because school was difficult enough as it was. Flirting was too temporary in school; it felt like a game, and it wasn't reliable in the first place.

TP hate is quite easy because there is this superficial distaste in "kids having kids". It's a blot on kids. Paternity shows and Teen Mom shows are a blot on "parents". They are blot on those who made a different decision aside from them -- like me, who didn't give in to pressure. Was I wrong?

BTW, this is not a rape case. This is not a trauma here, which I am sure I'd be more sympathetic.

One reason why I can't get much done is because I'm watching someone else's child.

Read more... )

With that out of the way, babysitting really breaks my focus. I'm constantly up and out of my seat. I have to hear the continuous sounds of baby music and baby chatter, and watch my niece so that she doesn't hurt herself.

SolAka is still in it's draft stage and I don't think I'm halfway done with the chapter. I feel like if I rush, I'll lose.

Thanks for reading my nasty ramble. I hope that you are being patient.

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RECENT UPDATE(S): August 24, 2013

Greetings everyone!

August is almost over. This is just a little update on what to expect. First, I'd like to say thank you to those who are reading my works. I've noticed a spike of views this month, and I am glad.

As for what's next, I have Howl of the Gray Wolf (Monster Rancher) and Penitent Feathers (Saint Seiya FF) drafts to work on. To be honest, after finishing the previous chapters two weeks ago, I became lazy. I did a little work on HoGW draft. Since I didn't thoroughly think over what's supposed to happen, I just want to be careful with some details. When in doubt, I can just sit down and write in my notebook.

Also, one day, or most likely one month, inspiration fics again! This time, I am not inspired by the passion of fans, but rather from my distaste of seeing what's accepted in my favorite fandoms.

Some of the writing content that I see, which are widely recognized, and encouraged for continuance (especially if seen as grammatically correct, or supposedly is), makes me upset. And no, I wasn't reading smut lately (even though that can bother me). You can call me self-important or condescending. Sometimes it's saddening when a reader wants to find a fan story that shares his/her immense interest, and it turns out that the story is garbled due to "free expression" and "fan love".

I may do three fanfics, and I'm still deciding over the fandoms. You will not know them until I upload them. Also, one chapter only for each story.

See you.

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Stuff on notable baddie monsters and the significance of the crest. Also, Hopper spoiler.

About Medallion: There are five medallion: One belonging to each of the Dragon Four, and one belonging to the monster baddies that serve the four dragons. It depends on who they serve and each has a different color. Jesvah's medal has a red dragon, diabolos has white, techno has tan, ragnorok has black.

The Dragons have a "Moo Medallion" or a "Magnus Medallion", reflecting their strength and shows that they were selected.

The medallions control a monster and its power strengthens due to nigrum. Based on 108 Sins. A former champion, Jesvah's seals suits defilements such as pride/vanity, high-handedness, arrogance (egoism), ostentatiousness.

Terrorist dragon Ragnoroks fits violence, eagerness, discord, ambition, greed, addiction, hurt.

Evil demon dragon Diabolos fits rage/wrath, aggression, derision.

Techno, being a machine, is a difficult one. So far, I can only think of faithlessness and indifference. Can control machines and non-animal monsters well.

"The White Crest" chapter is about Jaggernaut and Sneak Hopper trying to use White Crests to take Basilisk and Gray Wolf.

About Baddie Monsters: There are "captain monsters" or "notable monsters" such as Robeneal, Zilla, and Liquel. They wear the "dragon medallions". So who do they work for?

Robeneal works for Ragnorok (black). He has a dry character, but ambitious. Also worried about himself.

Jaggernaut & Sneak Hopper work for Diabolos. The same has the first version of HoGW.

Prometheus belongs to Techno Dragon.

Liquel and Shippu belong to Jesvah. Siccari, however, belongs to Ragnoroks. Mew-Cakes might end up with Techno. Still thinking whether to make her bad or not. Shippu's just heart makes me conceited about justice.

Hopper: Hopper might've learned Fire Upper through training, or so I could say easily, [ but he may have dragon blood in him? Breeders can mix monsters to form another; in MR2, they had a % chance. This would mean that Hopper would have to be a mixed monster that died long ago and revived in the wild. ]

Human Spoilers:
[ What I had in mind so far:
- Hunter being controlled by Jesvah.

- Volzoi unleashes Iron Bird Air Force to help

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Bear with me. It's another ramble, I didn't clearly check grammar of everything looks consistent...ironically. Italics are quotes.

Rules and Guidelines of
Tumblr: CU
EncycloDrama: CU
Huffingtonpost: The Book Burning That Wasn't: Thousands of Works of Fiction Destroyed and No One Pays Attention

- "Bullying and harassment under the guise of constructive criticism?"

- They are a group of supposed "Critics" that will delete stories in which they deem "inappropriate".

- They apparently ruin the definition of the word "Critic" since, according to authors, critics are supposed to point out some flaws in a story and suggest ways for improvement.

The actions of CU are seen as so terrible that they're compared to Westboro Baptist Church (which, quite frankly, is MEGA AWFUL! So bad that even the KKK don't like them) and described as the kind of people who "throws nuns into traffic". That terrible? Westboro?!

Too many people care about recognition.

There are some things I'm surprised to see, like how authors respond to negative reviews or being told that they're against the rules. Negative reviews don't have to come from CU or similar communities you know.

Then there's satisfaction if you point out a critic's hypocrisy? Like in misspelling and grammar errors for example? Seems pointless if the critic's a writer as well.

If this continues, there will be no room in mental improvement or empathy for neither both author or critic. If you get a negative response, how about not responding the same way?

So what's the problem with writers who gets their work flagged or receives comment about rule breaking. Self-entitlement? In the freedom of writing? Are rules too restrictive, too much, or unnecessary to wrap one's head around? People's offensive barriers are too thin.

"I can do this because I see others do it and their story remains"?

Is it "harassment" when you're told something you don't want to do, can't do this or that, many times (because you keep doing it), like a bunch of children?

ESPECIALLY because you've progressed so far in the story and received so much reviews (especially good reviews), that it's 'too late" to edit? When you get many "your fic is awesome" reviews virtually all the time, you can't really handle the opposite too well.

Does a person consider how to reply back? If the assailant offends you, calls you names like "idiot" or being passive-aggressive BEFORE YOU DO, then it's an attack. This is bully like behavior.

When actually provoked me to ramble on this is seeing someone complain about "their lives sucks and he/she writes to get out of depression" and "removing them/flaming makes them want to commit suiside" (and it was spelled "S-U-I-S-I-D-E"), or along those lines. That doesn't mean that you're above rules or blind to it. It means you're still a writer in spirit.

Why do successful people commit suicide?

Here's an example or impoliteness. I can't take this too seriously, but it's the same attitude: Reviews for The Perfect Jewel.

The problem with CU is that the more fanfics/stories that get deleted, the more successful they'll feel. Frankly, I think they nitpick at many things, are incredibly strict, and can flag a story for infringing just one minor rule such as typos or wrongful titles when it seems harmless (least to me). Some have different interpretations than others on how the rules are followed, such as good grammar and what is a "script" or "interactive" story. The above mentioned review has horrible grammar and spelling. You don't want to write like that, despite writing from your heart and being proud of it, or despite trying to write.

The painful part is that if you're still learning or just starting out in writing, or if English is not your first language (ESL), then will it get flagged or deleted for looking "non-fundamental"?


And the negative reactions just makes CU laugh and stereotype authors, hunt through the categories (Ie: Homestuck, misc, pokemon, naruto, etc) that are most inclined to receiving stories and reviews.

Authors, personally, I think it's your job to set an example for yourself and your story. There is always room for improvement.

I don't believe that CU's goal is to delete "bad stories"; many do fall into the category of rule breaking, or "writing freedom radicalism", but there are more communities out there who band together to flame in reviews and to harshly criticize (or flame) authors.

LU (Literate Union)

I got one fanfic or two deleted long ago without warning. No review, no message, no hints or tips.

When you're told some advice or maybe something to edit, please take it or wonder over why someone would tell you what they tell you.


I can understand that these rules are to provide comfort for the reader. Here are the current guidelines of FF and FP, which you are required to see BEFORE uploading a new story:

Note: My comments are in bold. There is some repeating.

Community Etiquette )

FF Content Guide BASICS )

Entries not allowed )

Actions not allowed )

General rules )

Then maybe the hatred should be directed towards these rules and itself?

So, for those who don't like following these rules, and especially make stories that are like script-based or songfics, do you think it's alright to place yourself at a low level and get extremely angry to reinforce writing freedom?
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Sagittarius Aiolos from Saint Seiya: Episode G.

Armor = protection. The original derivation of the word is from "armo", Latin, meaning to "equip with weapons". Aren't strong women quite sexy?

RAMBLE TIME to unravel thoughts.

Spoilers abroad. Check the links, please?

For the Saint Seiya fanfiction that I plan to do, I want to make a female Gold Saint. This wasn't done in either SS series until Saint Seiya Omega with Gemini Paradox and Scorpio.

What I'm looking for in this FF is to represent the spirit of Saint Seiya, and I'm making it for those who enjoy Saint Seiya. Rather, they inspired me to make it, especially the fans in Europe (Spain) and Latin America.

In the story, the female will wear the standard Sagittarius cloth. No renovations, no changes, no "femininity". My reasons are from SS canon and historical facts; the only thing I'm going against is the "wearing of the mask" rule, which was done in Saint Seiya Omega.

What finalized my decision was really the cloths themselves. Before worn, they look like statues representing the constellation, mostly animals. In the above image is the Sagittarius cloth, composed of different pieces that I can fit on a Saint's body. The cloths remain conventional. Here is the pieces to the Sagii cloth. It may look male due to possibly representing Chiron the centuar.

Is the Taurus Cloth QUITE masculine looking?

This is a conventional breastplate, and are worn to protect even the navel. The Gold Cloths are full armors, protecting virtually every area. Apparently "female exclusive" armor, or a protruding/bulging (literally) breast plate, compromises a vital bone weakness in the chest. In addition to damage from the "attacking" material, there is also the kinetic force. Breasts can bind behind the armor.

Full armor of 16th century armor with bulged (or globe-like) breastplate

While Saints' cloths are known to heal and evolve, Gemini Paradox and Scorpio from OMEGA donned gold cloths that transformed to become "compatible" with their bodies (breast-wise). In LOST CANVAS, Yuzuriha wears the crane cloth (link has specifics). The crane cloth apparently has its own mask.

It doesn't seem to hinted that the fate of the stars follow a gender-specific selection. I haven't found any information. Like, is Pegasus always chosen inside a boy? Is Dragon? How about Ophiuchus (Shaina) and Eagle/Aquila (marin and Yuna)? Andromeda Saint is male.

Many characters from Shun to Aphrodite, are quite androgynous in looks. The Saint Seiya series is no stranger to feminine looking males. In LOST CANVAS, Pisces Albafica stands out with his beauty. There is also Nasu Veronica, who I quite confused for a woman in the comic. He was quite gorgeous. There is also the specter Behemoth VIOLATE. Leo Regulas confused her for a man because of her torso armor. Voiced by Honda Takako, I thought Violate was a boy; there's also her name. Here is her surplice.

As for Shun, his cloth (armor) is based on the Constellation Andromeda; in Greek myth, Andromeda was a beautiful woman who was chained to rocks as a sacrifice to a sea monster. Aside from being pink, the Andromeda cloth has a feminine aspect when worn on Shun

Female in military and police forces where the same body armor around their torso. In paintings and statues from Japan, women such as Hojo Masako and Tomoe Gozen (statue figure amd painting), wore the same overlapping cuirass. In records, there have been various accounts of female samurai. A somewhat modern example of a female samurai is Nakano Takeko.

Here's Tomoe Gozen from video game YOSHITSUNE YUUDEN

In Western folklore there is Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) AND the supposed first female Pope. Painting of Joan.

Also inspiration for my choice is SACRED SAGA SS FANART! Please enjoy! The cape behind Aiolos is a nice touch up.

Interesting Links
Misogyny and Sexism in Video Gaming

Anatomy of Armor


Would you like another example of woman wearing armor from video games?

Charlotte Colde from Samurai showdown (Spirits), another of my favorite series:

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My mafia story gained its official title, and my interest grows in it the more I research (as you can tell from the wikia uddates). I am just writing down ideas and this may not be completely official.

The Commission played a large role to the Sicilian mobsters back in early-mid 20th century, and I think I'm going to bring it into the fiction, disregarding the IRL difficulties of assembling the commission back together. It may support the use of strega, or how it gets around or how it's regulated. Also, the Camorra has a commission-like body.

OK. Let's start:

The Sicilian CMS may be considerably private, so much that no one thinks it exists. Maybe a Spirito strega user can relay a schedule on where a private meeting takes place. It may be just only one meeting that took place in the 90s because spirito strega is very rare; plus, the point of the story is to have one spirito user turn against the mafia.

Each member of the commission is an infamous strega. Not sure how many they'll be.

Baldovino Riina
Nicknamed the "Explosive Beast" because of his violent nature. He known for many assassinations involving explosions. Many fear him; has been hunting down pentito and law officials for prosecuting his family members under RICO.

Irene Stellaro
Replacing her husband is 40-something Irene; she is one of the mains of the story. Her strega produces lightning (or dynamic electricity), but I can't decide whether to make it a fire or wind type, nor can I figure out on how it evolved. She is called the Demon queen. She searches for the Spirito strega.

Dante Giardinello
Earth strega. He is the youngest (at least 19?), but reliable. Considered the little earthquake. Said to have a bright future. He is known for "bringing down the house" (literally) on Black hand camorra groups.

Fausto Dragna
Water strega. From Borgetto.

Manuel Messina
A major heroine trafficker.

Lorenzo Salvatore
From Uditore district. Known for his thief groups. His earth strega evolved into magnetism, and he is called "The Grand Thief". He wears iron rings at mystic tools to support his magnetic ability.

Marino Arenella
From Arenella. Bald man with thick mustache. He is actually calmer than most, likes to read, and smoke cocaine. Throughout the years, he has mellowed about using violence and illegal activities. Air strega.

Giulio Falcone
Behind everyone's backs, Giulio has been initiating anti-mafia activities within his family, and secrely supporting journalist. However, he's kept the strega use a secret.

Ignazio Ciaculli

Nico Bagarella
A supporter of Riina, he forms an infamous hit squad.

That's all for now. Ten should be good.
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A ramble, expect grammar and spelling errors.

So I have a mafia story in mind, and I can't get the idea of sorcery out of my mind. I might as well stick with it.

As for a title, and idea for the crime war, a drug-like greed extends to obtaining magic.

Feb 2013 Details )
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Hello everyone,

Real life circumstances that I do not wish to speak about now has made me...well, it's interesting. I am incredibly sad, and angry at myself, but the event reminds me that I need to get more motivated. Despite disliking myself, I managed to work more on the Howl of the Gray Wolf draft. I might've finished it actually.

Why was there so much procrastination? I might've felt that I hated the pace of everything. The point of the draft was to write without worry. I could just spend 10 minutes of my time to write; starting off, the results were good. Around 300 - 500 words in a day, but I stopped somewhere.

Maybe I dislike the look of the draft. In other words, I feel a little disappointed by HOGW.

I reflected a little: Howl of Gray Wolf (HOGW) was a bad story. It was badly written, story and format wise, and I'm glad that I am remaking it. Looking over the next chapter draft, I thought "this seems stupid".

How to explain my feelings? I was typing down the dialogue, which still had vague details pertaining to Jesvah. At this point, Gray Wolf is lost on what to do. He is also told that he'll meet others like him along his way.

Maybe I'll figure something out to ease myself.
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Further details on About Purge

I am suddenly reminded of my old digimon fics. Long ago, one was deleted most likely for its original content (would've been the same case with R Gundam). In other words, none of the Digimon Adventure characters were used. There might've been some R-rated language, but I can't remember at all.

I think the one fic that has the most chance of being deleted is "PokeBells" (parody/song fic). So far, I haven't received messages or anything that has to do with "going against guidelines" or "terrible writing".

As a choice, my stories are T rated at most. As for M-rated fanfics, never wrote them in life before United We Soar. Wouldn't know what to write about to be honest. I don't think I'm great at being "extreme". Mouroutaru is based off a M-rated video game and has some slightly bloody violence, but it's T-rated. United We Soar on FP is rated M for mainly language and the setting's content reflecting real life events (ie: U.S terrorism).

Just a ramble...


May. 29th, 2012 12:52 pm
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A new TAG. I got a bit of blogging to do.

Memorial Day (U.S) passed. I wanted to get back on United We Soar but I'm still beating myself up.

This has been happening a lot. The more I think about how my writing style is terrible, the more it'll hinder me to return to my works, and the more I will think that I need to read up on guidelines. But will I remember? That's another worry of mine. I wonder if I can identify my mistakes and even others (say, if I wanted to do beta reading).

How should I say? The technicalities of grammar are not my strong point. I can write a sentence unconsciously but can't remember the rules of it. School was long ago. I didn't pursue writing (and reading) and did not stay fresh in it, but my passion makes me want to revise my mistakes.

Maybe I am impatient? And I hate having to look back and see many mistakes that I should fix? Takes up too much time?

Anyways, how to deal with my writing insecurities?

Let's start with the basics. Under the tag, "Technicalities of writing" are entries pertaining to sentence problems, use of punctuation, pretentious language, spelling and punctuation mechanics, etc. Anything that can help me. Anything in linguistics.

The tag "literature:writing" is for entries on anything about writing art, but there isn't much direction.

Also, for now on, I'll do "Word of the Day" and "History of the Day" on Twitter. That'll keep it active.
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Interesting Link:

Another Ramble. Just some thoughts about mental status. I may make more when I have time. Doesn't have to make sense, I'm just typing.

Here's an inference on myself?

Pretty confused )

AM I "restricted"?

Another Link:
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"Imagine a World without free knowledge".

First, I'd like to say that I am sorry for not uploading anything last week or this week. I'm still surprised that is Wednesday. I was feeling under the weather. I had Rhinorrhea for some dumb reason too.

Anyways, this SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act; Internet Piracy) business has gotten serious, so I'm just taking time to reflect and ramble.

My icon is more of a thoughtful or "hmm?" face rather than angry.

Ask yourself, are you committing piracy?

Today, on my Wiki, in response to the protest, I wanted to type why I think Wikia can be useful. I was an amateur editor for Wikipedia and wanted to learn how to use the editing system. Because of that, BOOM, made my own database. It first started off as as experiment on PBworks, but it was difficult to work with so I used Wikia.

Today, I also want to honorably mention the LJ comm [ profile] stop_plagiarism, where the members commit themselves to fighting piracy. It is backed with facts and I appreciate the hard work. Surprises how people just indiscriminately copies from another.

Which makes me think: Would parodies on youtube fall into the piracy category?

I had more to say but I forgot. Again, it's a ramble, and looks like there is little to no point.
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Well, it's the end of the year. 2012 is just a couple days away, so I'm going to reflect on what I've been doing. Or rather, I'm just going to talk about what I'm thinking about doing. This is just some ramble.

Howl of Gray Wolf
Monster Rancher series/モンスターファーム - Rated: T; Adventure/Friendship
I am not sure how much I did this year. I uploaded the last chapter late August, and I'm not sure when I uploaded the one before that. In total, I'm up to nine chapters. Found myself struggling over how to progress after the first encounter with Jesvah. So far, the story is turning out how it was like before the remake.

On my WIKI, I changed the names of one of the dragons. In fact, I'm going to edit a lot of the HoGW articles in the future, plus add more. Watch out for that.

~ Still no plans for reviving PokeFighters, but updated the story's wiki article.

~ I had an idea for a very short story...but it left my mind in a flash. Was it Hakuouki? I can't remember at all. o_O You're probably thinking, "I thought you said you disdain Fanfiction". Mostly. I primarily focus on Monster Rancher (farm), but I'm strict about writing canon. Even though I occasionally read, say, yaoi, I can't write it. not that good with romance to begin with.

Enjoy the New Year.
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Well, it's the end of the year. 2012 is just a couple days away, so I'm going to reflect on what I've been doing. Or rather, I'm just going to talk about what I'm thinking about doing. This is just some ramble.

Fiction: Action - Rated: M (mainly for language, crude/adult humor including innuendo, political themes.)
It's like a documentary.
I think this story has received the most progress. It was uploaded in May and I'm surprised that I managed four chapters in a span of four months considering how distracted I get. It also tested my stamina in researching the military. Everything was a little easy until I actually reached the introduction of the superfighter. The suggestive humor, referencing of real life war events and politics (ie: Communism), and the profanity is mainly what led me to pick the M rating. If you read this story, would you agree with it? Would you agree with Aiden? You don't have to, but would you get upset with me for the entire portrayal?

There will also be violent content. While blowing people from the sky during a dogfight might not seem awful when imagined (compared to soldiers getting blown up/shot), the aftermath is reported. There's also mention of PTSD. Aiden's GF in the next chapter will talk about that.

Seishin Chronicle
Rating various.
It's still difficult, but I'm glad to have uploaded something. I have five stories up, a few being fun and one being a bit serious. What worries me is that Mibuno, three SHORT chapters, took me three months. Because I was confident that it would be a short story, I mainly stayed focus on it to get it done, but my confidence went down the drain. I kept modifying it like I wasn't satisfied with what I was writing, like with before Seishin went on hiatus. I'm still not sure.

Jumping Monkey is about Sasuke. Looking forward to it. Really wanted to write about Sasuke.

I removed Passive Rivals since I didn't like it.

Autumn Grove is about a fictional Fuuma ninja. Had a little concern with it, as I don't want samurai to be always portrayed as incompetent. Also, would they run out of the city to check on a captured girl? My first idea was to make the girl the sister of a samurai. Also, if someone was captured, how many samurai would pursue? Name ideas I have for the samurai are Toranosuke (虎之助), Hiroaki and Terumaru.

The next story will be about HATTORI HANZO! It'll be humor.

Heroic Blaze SolAka
My last chapter was apparently uploaded back in June 2011. I really want to get back into this and I won't give up, but this is still a difficult story. Enjoyable, but difficult.

Stalwart Silver
Mythology - Rated: K+ (PG)
This short story is about a paladin boy. I put up a prologue to get my inspired to start. That's all I have for now. I have a little bit for the next chapter. Just need to expand it.

Stalwart Silver
One chapter story on Civil War. Still not sure on what to call it yet and how to write it.
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I'm using pounds because my blog entries can be directed to Twitter.

My thoughtful questions are today is: Do you think that the art of reading is being less appreciated? Or maybe I should say, do you think people are reading less? And why?

Also, do those who write fanfiction:

1.) Mainly read fanfics?

2.) Don't read many professional works (or maybe I should say don't read many "in-store/non-amateur" books)?

And are E-books more popular?

That's all.
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Hello Monday, and Hello September.

Nothing to upload just yet.

Throughout maybe the last two months, I have been fighting against my low writing and creativity enthusiasm. I didn't have much focus either. I'm sure it's been said various times before but I don't think my writing is that great. My biggest problem IMO is sentence and phrase structuring (or just the way of grammar), and effective exposition. Maybe pacing as well.

It is a terrible combination, but can be expected from an amateur writer.

Not only do I think my writing isn't that good, I also get this funny feeling that I'm not learning anything new, or rather I can't find a way to fix my mistakes.

I could be being too hard on myself or I'm just forgetting some things.

If anything, I can get confused easily.

Nothing happened before the "hiatus" nor did anyone tell me anything. I just went into a slump and wanted to stay away from the computer a little while. Occasionally, I would write.

Ironically, you often commit job search to the computer.

Anyways, would posting more about English Syntax and creative writing make me more confident?

Let's start with some refreshing on basics:

Personal pronoun
Singular & Plural
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SOOO, here's another Ramble (along with reflecting) from MGW about how the hiatus of Seishin (Pure Heart) Series is bugging me, and how I think my writing style is terrible.

Read more )

That's all for my ramble for now.

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I think Anonymous comments are allowed.

So, this is the little area for questions you want to ask me related to my works on and (will be linked from profiles). I'm not into answers personal questions since I don't think I have anything impressive to reveal.

Game-related questions, such as for Monster Rancher (Farm) are possible.

Comments are okay too.

At first, I thought "Try a FAQ?"? When is a FAQ demanded? Do I have to be popular? Is this egotistical?

Maybe this will provide a good connection.

IMO, I'm glad that there is a person or two reading what I uploaded. I am thankful, even though the old Howl of Gray Wolf was badly written and I think I'm far from being a good writer, since I'm confused a lot. I keep asking myself, "What constitutes good writing?"

I look back at some chapters and think, "that doesn't look right".

Also, if you get a ton of positive reactions, you'll have trouble handling the opposite. If I'm told to have awesome stories commonly, then that means I'll stay on that rhythm for a long time, thinking that it's correct. Recently, I'm schooled on grammar, particularly word choice and expositional redundancy.


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