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Out of boredom, I am laying down some information on currently uploaded Seishin stories.

Follower of Mibuno
壬生野の家臣 (mibuno no kashin)

Story takes place in 1565 or Eiroku 8, where Kai meets up with the ji-zamurai family that he has decided to work with. In this time of history was the Eiroku no Hen(永禄の変). In Yamato Province, Miyoshi Nagayasu, Iwanari_Tomomichi (miyoshi vassal) and Miyoshi masayasu works with Matsunaga Hisahide to attack and kill Ashikaga Yoshiteru at his Nijo Castle (二条城).


Kai (魁)
Position: Peasant class.
Ninja Hierachy: Genin
The main character of this story. He was born on Tenmon 16 (1547) and spent most of his life farming and assisting other local lords near Mibuno area (ie: Sawamura). His name means "chief", "best", "the forerunner". He is the first son; he has a baby sister but she is missing. Cheery character with a strong sense of duty.


Jul. 3rd, 2011 11:06 pm
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Here are summaries, please pardon grammar/typo errors since I was being hasty.

Howl of Gray Wolf
Bad Time Part 2 )

Badger, Mushroom, ooh, it's a snaaaaake. )

United We Soar
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I am back. Here are outlines and/or summaries to what you will see next. Highlight for spoilers.

Remember, everything is liable to change so what you see here might NOT be completely accurate. They are my current ideas. Also, forgive spelling and grammar errors if any.

Howl of Gray Wolf
Monster Rancher Action )

Pokemon Action )

Mecha Action )
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Did edits with some of the tags. I am not completely sure if I want to keep the dashes, so please don't panic.

BTW, do I write non-fiction? I can, but I wouldn't be able to upload it on FF or FP.

Alright, ready for pokefighters.


Return of Pokemon )

Done. I need to make a summary for for when I upload the prologue. I was going to type it up today but didn't. I also need one for Wikia.

And I don't know why, but I really feel like doing a short short short Rocket Knight Adventures story JUST to celebrate its return on May 15th, 2010!
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Finally, a basic idea on what this story may be about. Also some questions.

The War in Ouebec: New France and relationship between man and garg )

Sounds fun.


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