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From my cancelled POKEMON FIGHTERS story. Nothing is screened/covered; data drop from my MS Word documents:

Valspera Family )
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I had a busy week...

Here's some Seishin info:

Hattori Hanzo (服部 半蔵)
Serves as an "ambassador" for the central ninja clans to the Tokugawa. Having the voice of a commander, one can say that he has a calm judgement, sharp perception, and prompt acting power. He's wholly dedicated to Tokugawa. The 2nd Hanzo is nicknamed "Demon Hanzo" because of his unrivaled skill with a spear AND for how he engaged relentless military tactics. When Matsudaira Nobuyasu (松平 信康) was ordered to commit suicide, Hanzo, who was his assistant, could not going along with it, saying "I cannot direct a sword to my own Lord"

Momochi Tanba (百地 丹波)
Strict with oneself and others, especially with duty, conduct, and chastity. With Iga's well-being completely in mind, he finds supporting the daimyo powers risky, especially after the alliance forged between Oda and Tokugawa. He prefers Iga functioning as an independent private force, but he is rivaled by the Hattori family's influence.

Fujibayashi Nagato-no-kami (藤林長門守)
Head of Fujibayashi family. A quiet, handsome person known for his writing. A worldy-wise man, said to have very high introspective and he speaks in a fathery tone that makes others listen to what wisdom he has to offer. In Seishin, he is head of the Fujibayashi faction, that assists Hattori family and rivals Momochi's. Said to have joined Oda's side during the Tensho Iga no Ran, but we'll see...

It's said that Tanba and Nagato are the same person.
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Out of boredom, I am laying down some information on currently uploaded Seishin stories.

Follower of Mibuno
壬生野の家臣 (mibuno no kashin)

Story takes place in 1565 or Eiroku 8, where Kai meets up with the ji-zamurai family that he has decided to work with. In this time of history was the Eiroku no Hen(永禄の変). In Yamato Province, Miyoshi Nagayasu, Iwanari_Tomomichi (miyoshi vassal) and Miyoshi masayasu works with Matsunaga Hisahide to attack and kill Ashikaga Yoshiteru at his Nijo Castle (二条城).


Kai (魁)
Position: Peasant class.
Ninja Hierachy: Genin
The main character of this story. He was born on Tenmon 16 (1547) and spent most of his life farming and assisting other local lords near Mibuno area (ie: Sawamura). His name means "chief", "best", "the forerunner". He is the first son; he has a baby sister but she is missing. Cheery character with a strong sense of duty.
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Since Seishin is getting significantly redone, I am deleting some useless MS word files from my desktop containing character and mixed-up history information. Since the info is old, it does carry ideas. Who knows, I may even go ahead with the ideas. Therefore, something might be seen as spoilers.

Nothing will be covered; nothing needs to be highlighted.

Iga Ninja )

I also have something else here:
猟申/ryoshin): A spin-off of 軒猿 (のきざる/Nokizaru), a hunter employed by Uesugi Kenshin. It might’ve been a Fuuma but left.

I made a list of names I might want to use (maybe not in Seishin):

Hiji Jūshirō (土 十四郎)
Tōsaka Heiji (藤阤 平二)
Shinyama Kamoburō (新山 鴨三郎)
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Since Seishin is getting significantly redone, I am deleting some useless MS word files from my desktop containing character and mixed-up history information. Since the info is old, it does carry ideas. Who knows, I may even go ahead with the ideas. Therefore, something might be seen as spoilers.

Nothing will be covered; nothing needs to be highlighted.

Koka Ninja )
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Since Seishin is getting significantly redone, I am deleting some useless MS word files from my desktop containing character and mixed-up history information. Since the info is old, it does carry ideas. Who knows, I may even go ahead with the ideas. Therefore, something might be seen as spoilers.

Nothing will be covered; nothing needs to be highlighted.

Fuuma Ninja )


Jun. 27th, 2011 01:43 pm
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After (I think) seven months, I'm happy to say that a new chapter of Heroic Blaze SolAka has be uploaded this morning pardon Hiori's emotional problems. What frustrated me was that I made so many edits during proofreading, and it's a whooping 5000+ word chapter. I guess it's nearly impossible to make a chapter under 2000 words because the story's too fun. Plus, there is a lot to reveal.

New characters are revealed:

Hoshizawa Grand V (普仕沢 グランド・ファイブ)
Ian Glass (イアン・グラス)
Mari Quail

Lt. Col. Asashikawa has briefly returned. His entire name is Kyōichi Asahikawa
(旭川 教一).

I was going to introduce the Grand 5 a little later but couldn't resist. There is someone else I'm very eager to show, but I don't know when yet.

I'm going to do some minor editing on Trio of Iga. I'd like to do small short kid stories for the Seishin series similiar to that in the future, but I can't come up with everything. Plus, not too long, I had a history mix-up about the Imagawa Family and the Matsudaira Family. I think I cleared it up on Wikia. Happy for notes.

In the next chapter of SolAka, Homura plays a role.

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So I'll start writing/typing for Howl, Pokefighters and SolAka next week.
But, I did some updating on WIKIPEDIA (Character additions for example). It's fun for some reason.

Today, I'm going to tell you a bit about the Valspera family. Some stuff you may learn early on in the story, some you might not.
Highlight for spoilers )
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Everyone, I am done with HoGW's next chapter! Over two-thousand words, hooray! I am currently reading it over again for errors. I meant to add more but I put my intended part into the next chapter.

Summary )

As for the next chapter, highlight to read for spoilers (outline)

Title of next chapter is: JUSTICE ON THE WICKED )

Up next, will be Pokefighters since it should take less less time. Then, it'll be the next exciting chapter of SolAka! Speaking of my mecha story, here's my small view on character personality.

Random topic: Torahiko vs Hiori )
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Hello Friday. U.W.S = United We Soar

Currently working on the Prologue for Pokefighters. I'm a bit excited.

Alright, I hope this is all correct, rank wise.

A list of Character Names of Main Squadron )
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Did edits with some of the tags. I am not completely sure if I want to keep the dashes, so please don't panic.

BTW, do I write non-fiction? I can, but I wouldn't be able to upload it on FF or FP.

Alright, ready for pokefighters.


Return of Pokemon )

Done. I need to make a summary for for when I upload the prologue. I was going to type it up today but didn't. I also need one for Wikia.

And I don't know why, but I really feel like doing a short short short Rocket Knight Adventures story JUST to celebrate its return on May 15th, 2010!
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Good News! As promised, I finished and uploaded the new SolAka chapter. Finally it gets exciting.

Chapter 8 SolAka Details: Mechs & Names )

Ok. Please have a fun read
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What I did during boredom. I did Part 1 and Part 2 only.

You know, this Mary Sue test is insane. It's almost a little stupid to take it, but I know one thing -- your char will have a Mary Sue/Gary Stu trait or two. That does not make them bad however.

This just emphasizes how normal they are.

Shoutarou (Iga) )

0-16 Points
Most likely Not-Sue. Characters at this level could probably take a little spicing up without hurting them any.


(pretty Shakuhachi/Shamisen duo)
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Jan 31, 09

New stuff in revision planning. Expect typo/grammer since this is typed fast and impromptu. These can be changed at any time.

Dragon Antagonists )
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* January 26th, 2009 (.I)
* January 27th, 2009 (.II)

** New Addition to the Project plans (AKA: My guide/notes).

Personal outlook on Ninjutsu story, notes, inspirations (.II) )
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* September 9th, 2008 (Name change to DD4, Giving the four dragons some character and also lasting battles against the protagonists, DD4 Order)

* January 27th, 2009 (.I)

Random thinking notes; watch for grammar and spelling.

Reflecting on HotGW & ideas for revision (.I) )


Jan. 26th, 2009 10:06 pm
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I think this WILL be fun.

This is just some 10-15 minute freewriting so expect some big grammar pain.

Personal outlook on Ninjutsu story, notes, inspirations (.I) )
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I just voted today, annnd yeah. I also finished the prologue first version 1 for my historical ninja fiction few days back for FictionPress. I wanted it to be just a litttttttttle bit longer, but my main goal was to make it elusive and give the readers a little taste of who and what they will see.

About Title
As for the title, it was difficult. Matter of fact, I'm still not sure if I want this to be official.

Intrepid Heart: This Ninjutsu Chronicle

不敵精神 この忍法年代記
I am assuming that's how it's spelt.

More than anything, I wanted to put in the words seishin (精神; heart/spirit/will) and nendaki (年代記; chronology/annal). Seishin has a deep meaning and apparently important, and chronicle is what I'm attempting to make -- length, describing the shinobi and their lives.


They also have statistics such as fighting ability and intelligence ranging from 1 to 5, but I will not reveal them yet :] and I'm still not sure about them.

Who are they? Three each clan max )

More sooner or later. Not sure when I'll finish TOF 14. I'm a little stuck.
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Anyways, my NARUTO rant is over. Not into that kind of thing, and shortly after that I checked on other people about what they think about NARUTO. Let's not remain in that subject any longer. Let's talk a little about this "ninja series" that I may develop.

- So, my motif is the lives of the Koga (koka), Iga, and Fuuma ninja in the Sengoku Peroid, how they lived and how they were used.

- Realism is the goal, and the logic and cunning of the shinobi with limited accessories will decide whether they survive or not against their enemies. Mythological elements will be allowed but shouldn't be commonly seen, like magic and such.

- No superhumans or scientific experiments. Firearms may be allowed.

- I MIGHT use a few Japanese terms like (dono, hahaue, genin).

- It is important to know that I must not type like the reader immediately knows what I'm talking about. I am hoping for an array of readers. Anime reader or not, don't care. Matter of fact, I think aniem readers are fed up with the FictionPress. Anyways! Readers! If they like war, they may like it; Japanese history, history or Feudalism it can be parallel to Europe Feudalism.

- Iga and Koga have some kind of rivalry; Fuuma hates Iga?

- "Pilot Chapter" (abbrv. "PLCT") may talk about revenge and a monster. Will introduce one family of the Iga, Tsukimori. One member is named Tsukimori Shoutarou (月森 勝茶郎)

Just throwing some ideas out there.
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NEW TAG: Chronicle

MGW here, annoucing a possible new project and once I get some details done, I will work on a so-called "pilot chapter". I will mention again that for now it will be a standard for me to type short chapters, like maybe under 2500 or 3000 words.


So, while working on TOF, I've decided to think of a series based on ninjas and real-life Japan in the Warring Stares Era. Why is Japanese history and a being of various interpretations arrest my attention so much? That is good question.

My watching of anime would eventually lead to me being curious about how the things I've watched/seen are composed together.

I like some anime because I like cartoons. Easy, eaaaaaaasssy; I don't think you can bitch about that. It doesn't have to be the best. Matter of fact, there has been many many times where I can't find myself watching entire anime series. Maybe it's boring, doesn't suit my fancy, too cutesy, too slow, I need a good hook.

I find Mobile Suit Gundam 00 generic but okay to follow because it's close to current real-life events.

I like NARUTO, but....

NARUTO rant cont )

I'll admit it. I like those ninja guys because of childhood, but back then they shared a stereotype. I'm looking for something with smarts and logic, something realistic, and not superhuman martial artists like NARUTO and BASILISK (somewhat). Like hwo did they achieve their missions and how did they create the reputation that we so known much about? Also, something graphic.

There is another reason why I want to do this. I'm playing in a few D&D games online and this caught my attention:

Chuunin exams, flak jackets, genjutsu, special jounin are NARUTO STUFF. Is NARUTO so outspread that it has become the new cool stereotype?


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