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Just some trivia. I'm going to post info on the titles of Gold Saint affiliated with Mars, officially or not. You can also check YAHOO Q&A (Japan). Seiya is not listed.

Slight spoilers if you have never seen Omega. You'll know if you read DAWN OF END.

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Another ramble, more friendly. This is update on stories.

United We Soar
I feel like I'm really stuck, I made this story to focus on the mind of a new fighter pilot, especially when he is entering his first combat operations. I also wanted to create a fighter plane. But in regards to the details behind the war, and how the story will end, I am really stuck. The next chapter has to do with a phone call, and shouldn't take my long at all. Afterward is the start of a combat mission. I must've really messed up going along with this.

Stalwart Silver
I am told a few times that it is "well-written" and that I should publish it in other places. Extremely flattering. But, SS feels like a waste. I will complete it, but it feels like a shallow and pointless story. The idea was for an uncanny boy to understand "loving" a mortal. At the least, to learn how to show empathy outside of duty. It might be impossible for me in a short story.

Seishin Ninja Series
I can't think of anything. I have many characters and I just can't craft any plot ideas. I don't know what it is. I must be really stubborn in wanting to make this series good, and because of that I hesitate. I still think, "It's not Japan..." "It's not what I want to convey", "I feel like I must do research", "my research is limited".

If this continues, the Iga Tensho stories won't happen in years.

Always difficult, but I enjoy the story. I can't wait to show more. Also, there might be a 2nd season.
I recently rekindled my interest but I need alone time to focus better.
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Because I like the way it sounds.
Show vs Tell: By E.A Hill

Telling is impersonal
Showing is intimate

Telling is aloof
Showing is up close

Telling is an essay about a vacation trip
Showing is going on the trip
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Planning >> Drafting >> Editing

Something is better than nothing right?

It looks like I have a long road ahead of me in my "training", or maybe I should call it "reeducating". Maybe it's not "Re" at all.

How long will it take me until I feel that I've improved? I don't know. I don't know at all; it frustrates me that it is these thoughts of self-doubt that prevent me from writing.

So, this week, I'm going to do some drafting for the upcoming chapters of the following:
~ Howl of Gray Wolf
~ SolAka
~ Leaping Monkey (Sasuke's story; Seishin)
~ United We Soar (might be two chapters)

After that is the checking or the editing; in other words, proofreading and the like. This is the tough part! Not sure if I need a Beta Reader or not, and it's usually proofreading that takes me forever. For now, I think I should focus on drafting and what my style looks like. Just plain and simple freewriting, no writing.

For later chapters, I will have to plan on where I want the stories to approach. I have a notebook for that.

- Drafting and Revision

- Write and Revise Rought Draft and Essay

Word Meaning
PLAN My intended actions to determine goal; sketch of produced ideas; gathering info
DRAFT Getting it on paper. a first or preliminary form of any writing, subject to revision, copying, etc
REVISE Analyzing and evaluation for clarity, unity, coherence. Editing and proofreading

I do plenty of planning for Seishin, but found the utmost difficulty in writing the stories.


May. 29th, 2012 12:52 pm
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A new TAG. I got a bit of blogging to do.

Memorial Day (U.S) passed. I wanted to get back on United We Soar but I'm still beating myself up.

This has been happening a lot. The more I think about how my writing style is terrible, the more it'll hinder me to return to my works, and the more I will think that I need to read up on guidelines. But will I remember? That's another worry of mine. I wonder if I can identify my mistakes and even others (say, if I wanted to do beta reading).

How should I say? The technicalities of grammar are not my strong point. I can write a sentence unconsciously but can't remember the rules of it. School was long ago. I didn't pursue writing (and reading) and did not stay fresh in it, but my passion makes me want to revise my mistakes.

Maybe I am impatient? And I hate having to look back and see many mistakes that I should fix? Takes up too much time?

Anyways, how to deal with my writing insecurities?

Let's start with the basics. Under the tag, "Technicalities of writing" are entries pertaining to sentence problems, use of punctuation, pretentious language, spelling and punctuation mechanics, etc. Anything that can help me. Anything in linguistics.

The tag "literature:writing" is for entries on anything about writing art, but there isn't much direction.

Also, for now on, I'll do "Word of the Day" and "History of the Day" on Twitter. That'll keep it active.
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I was going to work on the new chapter of "HoGW" yesterday but I lost confidence. I was mostly away/busy during the afternoon. I was on the first sentence, and then I just gave up. Like, "no, I don't like this." I feel disappointed. I was also trying to describe "Pangaea" in 2-3 sentences but didn't like the flow of my typing.

It will probably take me years of practice to fix up my grammar and renew my style. I wish I could refurbish my writing while having a firm understanding of correct grammar and word choice, but grammar seems so massive. My memory seems terrible. Where should I start? And how will I remember? Because I've been writing redundantly for so long, will I be able to point it out?

Here's some thing that I should look into

Noun / Abstract Noun / Concrete noun
Personal pronoun
Singular & Plural

I'll be away this weekend, starting Friday
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Sometimes I tell myself, if I am not confident in something I should go back to the basics. I noticed from my recent story examination, and criticism from readers, that I often misuse commas and semicolons. Redundancy is another problem but I will figure that out later. This happens to me because I want variety.

Here are some important terms:
- Subject and Predicate
- Conjunction what's your function!
- Transitions
- Adjective "A scary bear"
- Proverbs
- Adverbs
- Independent Clause
- Dependent Clause

Subject and Predicate
Subject (person or thing that's doing or receiving something)
Predicate (A comment or assertion about subject. Does it often have verb?)

Meaning: A word used to join other words or phrases together into sentences. The specific conjunction used shows how the two joined parts are related. Here are conjunctions terms: And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So. They are in clauses.

Independent Clause (IC)
Meaning: A simple sentence that can stand alone. It's one IC only.

Dependent Clause (DC) + Compound Sentence (CS)
- Dependent Clause is clause that augments an independent clause with additional information. It is introduced by a word such as because, when, if, etc.
- A compound sentence contains two or more ICs (with conjunctions).

About SemiColons
Semicolons are:
1.) Set in-between relevant ICs. The clauses should not have conjunctions.
2.) Separate listed items that has commas
3.) Between ICs connected with transitions (ie: however, in fact)
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SolAka is going to be very tough. Also, United We Soar. I'll attempt those tomorrow, also the edits for Starwart, Tsugemachi, Jumping Monkey, Autumn Grove, and Trio of Iga.
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"Imagine a World without free knowledge".

First, I'd like to say that I am sorry for not uploading anything last week or this week. I'm still surprised that is Wednesday. I was feeling under the weather. I had Rhinorrhea for some dumb reason too.

Anyways, this SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act; Internet Piracy) business has gotten serious, so I'm just taking time to reflect and ramble.

My icon is more of a thoughtful or "hmm?" face rather than angry.

Ask yourself, are you committing piracy?

Today, on my Wiki, in response to the protest, I wanted to type why I think Wikia can be useful. I was an amateur editor for Wikipedia and wanted to learn how to use the editing system. Because of that, BOOM, made my own database. It first started off as as experiment on PBworks, but it was difficult to work with so I used Wikia.

Today, I also want to honorably mention the LJ comm [ profile] stop_plagiarism, where the members commit themselves to fighting piracy. It is backed with facts and I appreciate the hard work. Surprises how people just indiscriminately copies from another.

Which makes me think: Would parodies on youtube fall into the piracy category?

I had more to say but I forgot. Again, it's a ramble, and looks like there is little to no point.
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Well, it's the end of the year. 2012 is just a couple days away, so I'm going to reflect on what I've been doing. Or rather, I'm just going to talk about what I'm thinking about doing. This is just some ramble.

Howl of Gray Wolf
Monster Rancher series/モンスターファーム - Rated: T; Adventure/Friendship
I am not sure how much I did this year. I uploaded the last chapter late August, and I'm not sure when I uploaded the one before that. In total, I'm up to nine chapters. Found myself struggling over how to progress after the first encounter with Jesvah. So far, the story is turning out how it was like before the remake.

On my WIKI, I changed the names of one of the dragons. In fact, I'm going to edit a lot of the HoGW articles in the future, plus add more. Watch out for that.

~ Still no plans for reviving PokeFighters, but updated the story's wiki article.

~ I had an idea for a very short story...but it left my mind in a flash. Was it Hakuouki? I can't remember at all. o_O You're probably thinking, "I thought you said you disdain Fanfiction". Mostly. I primarily focus on Monster Rancher (farm), but I'm strict about writing canon. Even though I occasionally read, say, yaoi, I can't write it. not that good with romance to begin with.

Enjoy the New Year.
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Well, it's the end of the year. 2012 is just a couple days away, so I'm going to reflect on what I've been doing. Or rather, I'm just going to talk about what I'm thinking about doing. This is just some ramble.

Fiction: Action - Rated: M (mainly for language, crude/adult humor including innuendo, political themes.)
It's like a documentary.
I think this story has received the most progress. It was uploaded in May and I'm surprised that I managed four chapters in a span of four months considering how distracted I get. It also tested my stamina in researching the military. Everything was a little easy until I actually reached the introduction of the superfighter. The suggestive humor, referencing of real life war events and politics (ie: Communism), and the profanity is mainly what led me to pick the M rating. If you read this story, would you agree with it? Would you agree with Aiden? You don't have to, but would you get upset with me for the entire portrayal?

There will also be violent content. While blowing people from the sky during a dogfight might not seem awful when imagined (compared to soldiers getting blown up/shot), the aftermath is reported. There's also mention of PTSD. Aiden's GF in the next chapter will talk about that.

Seishin Chronicle
Rating various.
It's still difficult, but I'm glad to have uploaded something. I have five stories up, a few being fun and one being a bit serious. What worries me is that Mibuno, three SHORT chapters, took me three months. Because I was confident that it would be a short story, I mainly stayed focus on it to get it done, but my confidence went down the drain. I kept modifying it like I wasn't satisfied with what I was writing, like with before Seishin went on hiatus. I'm still not sure.

Jumping Monkey is about Sasuke. Looking forward to it. Really wanted to write about Sasuke.

I removed Passive Rivals since I didn't like it.

Autumn Grove is about a fictional Fuuma ninja. Had a little concern with it, as I don't want samurai to be always portrayed as incompetent. Also, would they run out of the city to check on a captured girl? My first idea was to make the girl the sister of a samurai. Also, if someone was captured, how many samurai would pursue? Name ideas I have for the samurai are Toranosuke (虎之助), Hiroaki and Terumaru.

The next story will be about HATTORI HANZO! It'll be humor.

Heroic Blaze SolAka
My last chapter was apparently uploaded back in June 2011. I really want to get back into this and I won't give up, but this is still a difficult story. Enjoyable, but difficult.

Stalwart Silver
Mythology - Rated: K+ (PG)
This short story is about a paladin boy. I put up a prologue to get my inspired to start. That's all I have for now. I have a little bit for the next chapter. Just need to expand it.

Stalwart Silver
One chapter story on Civil War. Still not sure on what to call it yet and how to write it.
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While reading about the terrible Air show tragedy in Reno, Nevada, I came across poetry about flying and the sky:

The Eagle and the Hawk
by John Denver
I am the eagle, I live in high country,
In rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky,
I am the hawk and there's blood on my feathers,
But time is still turning, they soon will be dry,
And all those who see me, and all who believe in me,
Share in the freedom I feel when I fly!

Come dance with the west wind,
And touch all the mountain tops,
Sail o'er the canyons, and up to the stars,
And reach for the heavens, and hope for the future,
And all that we can be, not what we are.


Along that, I was reading about Manual Transmission Gear shifting.

- 1st Gear is used for moving off, manoeuvring and for creeping slowly in traffic and at junctions.

- 2nd Gear is used for moving off down very steep hills, building up speed after moving away and driving at low speeds.

- 3rd Gear is used to build up speed and when you need more power for climbing hills. It also increases your control when going down steep hills and dealing with some bends.

- 4th Gear is used for driving at speeds generally higher than 30 mph, where there are no hazards to confront.

- 5th Gear not all vehicles have a 5th gear. which gives better fuel economy. This is normally only used on open roads when travelling constantly at higher speeds.
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I'm using pounds because my blog entries can be directed to Twitter.

My thoughtful questions are today is: Do you think that the art of reading is being less appreciated? Or maybe I should say, do you think people are reading less? And why?

Also, do those who write fanfiction:

1.) Mainly read fanfics?

2.) Don't read many professional works (or maybe I should say don't read many "in-store/non-amateur" books)?

And are E-books more popular?

That's all.
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Hello Monday, and Hello September.

Nothing to upload just yet.

Throughout maybe the last two months, I have been fighting against my low writing and creativity enthusiasm. I didn't have much focus either. I'm sure it's been said various times before but I don't think my writing is that great. My biggest problem IMO is sentence and phrase structuring (or just the way of grammar), and effective exposition. Maybe pacing as well.

It is a terrible combination, but can be expected from an amateur writer.

Not only do I think my writing isn't that good, I also get this funny feeling that I'm not learning anything new, or rather I can't find a way to fix my mistakes.

I could be being too hard on myself or I'm just forgetting some things.

If anything, I can get confused easily.

Nothing happened before the "hiatus" nor did anyone tell me anything. I just went into a slump and wanted to stay away from the computer a little while. Occasionally, I would write.

Ironically, you often commit job search to the computer.

Anyways, would posting more about English Syntax and creative writing make me more confident?

Let's start with some refreshing on basics:

Personal pronoun
Singular & Plural
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I like History.

So I thought of posting information on important political parties (mostly American) and the difference between them.

How are political views written and accepted in fiction?


I posted THIS in an old entry.

This is my focus for United We Soar:

In accordance to FictionRatings (or I'm attempting it), these are my thoughts on the ratings and genre:

- As a military fiction, "United We Soar" will be "Rated M" mainly for its "strong language" and "references to political, social and religious content" just to be on the safe side.

There is also the mention of 9-11 (what psychological impressions will the story have?). Politics do play a role in the story's center conflict. The Middle Eastern "religious" battles and terrorism are mentioned as well. Will America's reason for fighting seem justified to a reader? Aiden will question himself about that, also the use of nuclear power for weapons, what it means to be American (and patriotic). Also, religious views from Aiden and Claire; theroys of historical events from Aiden; stereotyping thoughts/jokes from Aiden, Steele and Ace. In other words, story may be controversial. I don't think the violence will seem that terrible, but that's still a long way. Sub-Category will be Action. The Genre(s) will be drama/sci-fi. (see below). UWS slightly takes place in the future. Also, The Main Squadron in the story are racially diverse.

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Continuation of this entry:

Putting down this important note: I'm not fluent in Japanese and I'm not a translator, but I will try to make sense of some of it using a few online dictionaries. They seems reliable; some tiny sentences are simple. I'll go by each paragraph.

What I translate isn't completely clear, but I can make sense out of it.

Japanese )

How this is read
Each paragraph (or sentence) is numbered. I list the numbers with a translation, and if it's a paragraph, the dash is a sentence.

Translation attempt (Japanese) )
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Okay, three entries today.
- Links
- Brief Summaries
- HB

First is Links. I posted these before, but I'm going to do it again with the right tags. Also, I'm going to embed a video about a dogfight.

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It's's turn.

[ TOP 5 Categories with most stories (in Anime/Manga) ]
Rounded to the thousands.
Naruto (277K)
Inuyasha (99K)
Yu-Gi-Oh (56K)
Bleach (55K)
Gundam Wing/AC (40K) [Beating out Full Metal Alchemist]

[ TOP 5 Categories with most stories (in Games) ]
Kingdom Hearts (61K)
Pokémon (42K)
Final Fantasy VII (34K)
Sonic the Hedgehog (21K)
Legend of Zelda (17K)

[ TOP 5 Categories with most stories (in Books) ]
Harry Potter (525K)
Twilight (184K)
Lord of the Rings (45K)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (16K)
Maximum Ride (13K)

[ TOP 5 Categories with most stories (in Movies) ]
Star Wars (26K)
Pirates of the Caribbean (18.5+K)
High School Musical (18K)
X-Men: The Movie (12K)
Star Trek: 2009 (7K)


Jul. 1st, 2011 09:02 pm
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A Quote:

The Tabloid Weird

Story produced by a confusion of SF and Fantasy tropes — or rather, by a confusion of basic world-views. Tabloid Weird is usually produced by the author’s own inability to distinguish between a rational, Newtonian-Einsteinian, cause-and- effect universe and an irrational, supernatural, fantastic universe. Either the FBI is hunting the escaped mutant from the genetics lab, or the drill-bit has bored straight into Hell — but not both at once in the very same piece of fiction. Even fantasy worlds need an internal consistency of sorts, so that a Sasquatch Deal-with-the-Devil story is also “Tabloid Weird.” Sasquatch crypto-zoology and Christian folk superstition simply don’t mix well, even for comic effect. (Attr. Howard Waldrop)
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Questions I'd like to ask and (when I have time) answer myself. Just something to think over:

Why do I like BACCANO?
Why do I like BASILISK?
Why do I like Y + M?
Why do I think will male a good ninja story?
How to make a compelling story line/plot?
What causes negative criticism?
Why am I slow in thinking up plot (or why do I find it difficult?)


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