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I am not moving, but I set it up. Entries and content here was imported.

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Using this list for later:

LINK: http://www.virtuescience.com/defilements.html

1 ostentatiousness
2 grudge
3 gambling
4 ingratitude
5 dipsomania
6 ambition
7 dominance
8 faithlessness
9 manipulation
11 pessimism
12 hostility
15.sexual lust
21 hurt
23 unkindness
24 obstinacy
25 envy
26 indifference
27 negativity
28 furtiveness
29 sadism
30 enviousness
31 derision
32 falseness
33 high-handedness
34 know-it-all
35 rage
36 aggression
37 rapacity
38 effrontery
39 disrespectfulness
40 hard-heartedness
41 eagerness for power
42 lying
43 insidiousness
44 self-denial
45 inattentiveness
46 contempt
47 wrath
48 haughtiness
49 greed for money
50 seducement
51 vindictiveness
52 insatiability
53 voluptuousness
54. excessiveness
62 imposture
63 cursing
64 imperiousness
65 lecherousness
66. callousness
67. malignancy
71 shamelessness
72. irresponsibility
73. obsession
80. presumption
82. oppression
83. prodigality
84. lack of comprehension
90. self-hatred
91 violence
92. vanity
93. hypocrisy
94. stubbornness
95. baseness
96. pretence
97. mercilessness
98. disrespect
99. ridicule
107.desire for fame
108. deception
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This is from http://www.creative-writing-now.com


One of the wonderful things about writing is that you can do it anywhere. As you go about your daily routine, you can be working on stories and poems in your head. It can be a great pleasure, a fascinating ongoing private conversation with yourself.

Here are some quotes from famous authors about where and when THEY write.

"If you are a writer you locate yourself behind a wall of silence and no matter what you are doing, driving a car or walking or doing housework you can still be writing, because you have that space."
- Joyce Carol Oates

"The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes."
- Agatha Christie

"Whatever job I had, I was always writing like crazy. All I ever liked about offices was being able to type up stories on the computer when no one was looking. I was never paying much attention in meetings because I was usually scribbling bits of my latest stories in the margins of the pad or thinking up names for my characters. This is a problem when you're supposed to be taking minutes of the meeting."
- J.K. Rowling

"I would solve a lot of literary problems just thinking about a character in the subway, where you can't do anything anyway."
- Toni Morrison

"I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep I wrote in the dark."
- Henry David Thoreau

If there are days when you don't have time to write, try writing on the go. Get creative about your writing time!

The writer Doris Lessing once said: ""Whatever you're meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible."

Do it now. And have fun.

Happy writing,

Creative Writing Now
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Because I like the way it sounds.
Show vs Tell: By E.A Hill

Telling is impersonal
Showing is intimate

Telling is aloof
Showing is up close

Telling is an essay about a vacation trip
Showing is going on the trip
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Further details on About Fanficition.net Purge

I am suddenly reminded of my old digimon fics. Long ago, one was deleted most likely for its original content (would've been the same case with R Gundam). In other words, none of the Digimon Adventure characters were used. There might've been some R-rated language, but I can't remember at all.

I think the one fic that has the most chance of being deleted is "PokeBells" (parody/song fic). So far, I haven't received messages or anything that has to do with "going against guidelines" or "terrible writing".

As a choice, my stories are T rated at most. As for M-rated fanfics, never wrote them in life before United We Soar. Wouldn't know what to write about to be honest. I don't think I'm great at being "extreme". Mouroutaru is based off a M-rated video game and has some slightly bloody violence, but it's T-rated. United We Soar on FP is rated M for mainly language and the setting's content reflecting real life events (ie: U.S terrorism).

Just a ramble...
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A entry about Seishin. Just spilling my thoughts. It has the potential to be another Iga story. It kept cross my mind as tiny parts/ideas; now I can't remember what I wanted the purpose to be. For a long time, I was worried over the character Shoutarou, especially with his upbring and on why he was a cowardly character.

Uncle and nephew )

WHAT causes fear?
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Planning >> Drafting >> Editing

Something is better than nothing right?

It looks like I have a long road ahead of me in my "training", or maybe I should call it "reeducating". Maybe it's not "Re" at all.

How long will it take me until I feel that I've improved? I don't know. I don't know at all; it frustrates me that it is these thoughts of self-doubt that prevent me from writing.

So, this week, I'm going to do some drafting for the upcoming chapters of the following:
~ Howl of Gray Wolf
~ SolAka
~ Leaping Monkey (Sasuke's story; Seishin)
~ United We Soar (might be two chapters)

After that is the checking or the editing; in other words, proofreading and the like. This is the tough part! Not sure if I need a Beta Reader or not, and it's usually proofreading that takes me forever. For now, I think I should focus on drafting and what my style looks like. Just plain and simple freewriting, no writing.

For later chapters, I will have to plan on where I want the stories to approach. I have a notebook for that.

- Drafting and Revision

- Write and Revise Rought Draft and Essay

Word Meaning
PLAN My intended actions to determine goal; sketch of produced ideas; gathering info
DRAFT Getting it on paper. a first or preliminary form of any writing, subject to revision, copying, etc
REVISE Analyzing and evaluation for clarity, unity, coherence. Editing and proofreading

I do plenty of planning for Seishin, but found the utmost difficulty in writing the stories.
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Interesting Link: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2012/04/opinion/editorial/pulitzer-says-no-to-fiction-editorial/

Another Ramble. Just some thoughts about mental status. I may make more when I have time. Doesn't have to make sense, I'm just typing.

Here's an inference on myself?

Pretty confused )

AM I "restricted"?

Another Link: http://lc.ust.hk/~sac/advice/english/reading/R9.htm
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I am a member of Archive of Our Own, an archive for fanworks. Check it out:


I am only uploading the Seishin Series (MAYBE Stalwart Silver). My username is DoggieCorner.

MGW Update

Apr. 27th, 2012 12:47 pm
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Here's MGW with an update on life. I'm sorry for being unable to upload anything. In fact, I had little to no time to write. How long will these IRL hindrances last? Probably around the middle or end of the Summer. I also have yet to build up my confidence in writing. Usually I tell myself to just go ahead and give it a whirl, but I can't say that I've been doing well.






I think this fits well:

"Several seconds of counting out a solution is just too much, and they take no responsibility for resolving this problem. However, their false sense of confidence triggers serious frustration and anger when they make repeated errors"
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Something that just caught my attention:

Comments from notable authors such as George R.R. Martin, J.K Rowling, Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer and Orson Scott Card about fanfiction. Some are pleased, some are quite protective of their material.

LINK: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/68332629.html

Hahaha. I have nothing to protect. I don't do a lot of fanfiction myself, but my primary work is from the Monster Rancher series (belonging to TECMO).

I think I feel the same way as JK Rowling. Fanfic can really ruin the image of the original.
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LINK: http://iplaw.wikia.com/wiki/Take_Action_Now

"Imagine a World without free knowledge".

First, I'd like to say that I am sorry for not uploading anything last week or this week. I'm still surprised that is Wednesday. I was feeling under the weather. I had Rhinorrhea for some dumb reason too.

Anyways, this SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act; Internet Piracy) business has gotten serious, so I'm just taking time to reflect and ramble.

My icon is more of a thoughtful or "hmm?" face rather than angry.

Ask yourself, are you committing piracy?

Today, on my Wiki, in response to the protest, I wanted to type why I think Wikia can be useful. I was an amateur editor for Wikipedia and wanted to learn how to use the editing system. Because of that, BOOM, made my own database. It first started off as as experiment on PBworks, but it was difficult to work with so I used Wikia.

Today, I also want to honorably mention the LJ comm [livejournal.com profile] stop_plagiarism, where the members commit themselves to fighting piracy. It is backed with facts and I appreciate the hard work. Surprises how people just indiscriminately copies from another.

Which makes me think: Would parodies on youtube fall into the piracy category?

I had more to say but I forgot. Again, it's a ramble, and looks like there is little to no point.
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oops, I forgot. Big update on MGW Wikia for Howl of Gray Wolf, mainly character pages.


Also, note to myself to start changing my blog layout and check my tags when I have the time.
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In some of my works, I often add zodiac elements to my characters (also bloodtypes) and read about their qualities.


AIR SIGNS (Positive)
Gemini - Mutable
Aquarius - Fixed
Libra - Cardinal

EARTH SIGNS (Negative)
Virgo - Mutable
Taurus - Fixed
Capricorn - Cardinal

FIRE SIGNS (Positive)
Sagittarius - Mutable
Leo - Fixed
Aries - Cardinal

WATER SIGNS (Negative)
Pisces - Mutable
Scorpio - Fixed
Cancer - Cardinal

- Fixed Signs are associated with stabilization, determination, depth and persistence.
- Mutable Signs are flexible, adaptable and thrive on change.
- Cardinal Signs are restless, active, self-motivated, ambitious leaders
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While reading about the terrible Air show tragedy in Reno, Nevada, I came across poetry about flying and the sky: http://www.skygod.com/quotes/poetry.html

The Eagle and the Hawk
by John Denver
I am the eagle, I live in high country,
In rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky,
I am the hawk and there's blood on my feathers,
But time is still turning, they soon will be dry,
And all those who see me, and all who believe in me,
Share in the freedom I feel when I fly!

Come dance with the west wind,
And touch all the mountain tops,
Sail o'er the canyons, and up to the stars,
And reach for the heavens, and hope for the future,
And all that we can be, not what we are.


Along that, I was reading about Manual Transmission Gear shifting.

- 1st Gear is used for moving off, manoeuvring and for creeping slowly in traffic and at junctions.

- 2nd Gear is used for moving off down very steep hills, building up speed after moving away and driving at low speeds.

- 3rd Gear is used to build up speed and when you need more power for climbing hills. It also increases your control when going down steep hills and dealing with some bends.

- 4th Gear is used for driving at speeds generally higher than 30 mph, where there are no hazards to confront.

- 5th Gear not all vehicles have a 5th gear. which gives better fuel economy. This is normally only used on open roads when travelling constantly at higher speeds.
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Hello Monday, and Hello September.

Nothing to upload just yet.

Throughout maybe the last two months, I have been fighting against my low writing and creativity enthusiasm. I didn't have much focus either. I'm sure it's been said various times before but I don't think my writing is that great. My biggest problem IMO is sentence and phrase structuring (or just the way of grammar), and effective exposition. Maybe pacing as well.

It is a terrible combination, but can be expected from an amateur writer.

Not only do I think my writing isn't that good, I also get this funny feeling that I'm not learning anything new, or rather I can't find a way to fix my mistakes.

I could be being too hard on myself or I'm just forgetting some things.

If anything, I can get confused easily.

Nothing happened before the "hiatus" nor did anyone tell me anything. I just went into a slump and wanted to stay away from the computer a little while. Occasionally, I would write.

Ironically, you often commit job search to the computer.

Anyways, would posting more about English Syntax and creative writing make me more confident?

Let's start with some refreshing on basics:

Personal pronoun
Singular & Plural


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