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It's like every time I get a story idea for Seishin, I end up researching heavily and finding the name of an obscure (?) samurai. If not, I keep wanting to find a means to adding a noble's name because the samurai make up a ton of the Japanese history. I cant' ignore them.

Somehow, looking up the Fuuma's leader Hojo Soun, led me to Suruga-Imagawa samurai Norimitsu Oshika.

HISTORY/SEISHIN Ramble: OSHIKA Norimitsu (小鹿 範満)
Not much is known about him or is relatives, or from what I gathered, but it seemed that everything ended when Norimitsu was killed (his brother or/and son committing suicide at the end of the revolt). Both he and his father were in a succession dispute; Noriyori (範頼) was his father, his childhood name being Chiyoakimaru (千代秋丸). During the Eikyo era, Noriyori opposed his younger brother Imagawa Noritada becoming leader of the Imagawa.

For Ujichika (Noritada's grandson) and Norimitsu, this starts all over again.

For Seishin, this starts all over again. This competition is probably the only or the most notable record of this family. Norimitsu becomes regent through Hojo Soun's recommendation.

After Uchichika becomes of adult age, Norimitsu does not give up regency.

At this moment, I don't 100% understand the details behind Noritada vs Noriyori.

For Seishin, Norimitsu plans to assassinate Hojo Soun with the help of Miura and Ashina family of Sagami.
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Sagittarius Aiolos from Saint Seiya: Episode G.

Armor = protection. The original derivation of the word is from "armo", Latin, meaning to "equip with weapons". Aren't strong women quite sexy?

RAMBLE TIME to unravel thoughts.

Spoilers abroad. Check the links, please?

For the Saint Seiya fanfiction that I plan to do, I want to make a female Gold Saint. This wasn't done in either SS series until Saint Seiya Omega with Gemini Paradox and Scorpio.

What I'm looking for in this FF is to represent the spirit of Saint Seiya, and I'm making it for those who enjoy Saint Seiya. Rather, they inspired me to make it, especially the fans in Europe (Spain) and Latin America.

In the story, the female will wear the standard Sagittarius cloth. No renovations, no changes, no "femininity". My reasons are from SS canon and historical facts; the only thing I'm going against is the "wearing of the mask" rule, which was done in Saint Seiya Omega.

What finalized my decision was really the cloths themselves. Before worn, they look like statues representing the constellation, mostly animals. In the above image is the Sagittarius cloth, composed of different pieces that I can fit on a Saint's body. The cloths remain conventional. Here is the pieces to the Sagii cloth. It may look male due to possibly representing Chiron the centuar.

Is the Taurus Cloth QUITE masculine looking?

This is a conventional breastplate, and are worn to protect even the navel. The Gold Cloths are full armors, protecting virtually every area. Apparently "female exclusive" armor, or a protruding/bulging (literally) breast plate, compromises a vital bone weakness in the chest. In addition to damage from the "attacking" material, there is also the kinetic force. Breasts can bind behind the armor.

Full armor of 16th century armor with bulged (or globe-like) breastplate

While Saints' cloths are known to heal and evolve, Gemini Paradox and Scorpio from OMEGA donned gold cloths that transformed to become "compatible" with their bodies (breast-wise). In LOST CANVAS, Yuzuriha wears the crane cloth (link has specifics). The crane cloth apparently has its own mask.

It doesn't seem to hinted that the fate of the stars follow a gender-specific selection. I haven't found any information. Like, is Pegasus always chosen inside a boy? Is Dragon? How about Ophiuchus (Shaina) and Eagle/Aquila (marin and Yuna)? Andromeda Saint is male.

Many characters from Shun to Aphrodite, are quite androgynous in looks. The Saint Seiya series is no stranger to feminine looking males. In LOST CANVAS, Pisces Albafica stands out with his beauty. There is also Nasu Veronica, who I quite confused for a woman in the comic. He was quite gorgeous. There is also the specter Behemoth VIOLATE. Leo Regulas confused her for a man because of her torso armor. Voiced by Honda Takako, I thought Violate was a boy; there's also her name. Here is her surplice.

As for Shun, his cloth (armor) is based on the Constellation Andromeda; in Greek myth, Andromeda was a beautiful woman who was chained to rocks as a sacrifice to a sea monster. Aside from being pink, the Andromeda cloth has a feminine aspect when worn on Shun

Female in military and police forces where the same body armor around their torso. In paintings and statues from Japan, women such as Hojo Masako and Tomoe Gozen (statue figure amd painting), wore the same overlapping cuirass. In records, there have been various accounts of female samurai. A somewhat modern example of a female samurai is Nakano Takeko.

Here's Tomoe Gozen from video game YOSHITSUNE YUUDEN

In Western folklore there is Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) AND the supposed first female Pope. Painting of Joan.

Also inspiration for my choice is SACRED SAGA SS FANART! Please enjoy! The cape behind Aiolos is a nice touch up.

Interesting Links
Misogyny and Sexism in Video Gaming

Anatomy of Armor


Would you like another example of woman wearing armor from video games?

Charlotte Colde from Samurai showdown (Spirits), another of my favorite series:

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  • Thu, 21:23: how about some more marriage trivia? #japan
  • Thu, 21:34: 2nd Hanzo Masanari (b1542) had his 1st son, 3rd Hanzo was born in 1565. Masanari was 23.
  • Thu, 22:08: tokugawa Ieyasu (b:1543) married Tsukiyamadono (b:1542) in 1557. age 15 and 16 respectively. First son Nobuyasu was born 1559.
  • Thu, 22:09: Let's try Date Masamune
  • Thu, 22:14: Date Masamune (b.1567) married Yoshihime (b:1568) in 1579. Masa was 12.
  • Thu, 22:25: Date Masamune (b.1567) had first child Hidemune (b.1591) through concubine. He was 24. His heir/2nd son was born in 1600.
  • Thu, 22:27: The word Seishitsu (正室) means the official wives of noble. Also called legal/lawful wife.
  • Thu, 22:28: Sokushisu (側室) means concubine.
  • Thu, 22:29: I actually thought of a humor story about one ninja getting advice about having many wives.
  • Thu, 22:34: How about some #mafia #trivia?
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  • Wed, 21:37: Since I'm typing up about #marriage on Wikia, I'm going to put down some trivia. #feudal #japan #age
  • Wed, 21:38: Oichi (b:1547): Married Azai nagamasa in 1567. She's 20; Nagamasa is 22 (b1545). #japan
  • Wed, 21:47: Nohime (b:UK): Married Oda Nobunaga (b:1534) in 1549. Oda is 16.
  • Wed, 21:51: Nobunaga's cocubine Kitsuno (b.1528) gave birth to Oda's first son Nobukatsu (b. 1557).
  • Wed, 22:10: Nene (b:1546) Married Toyotomi Hideyoshi (b:1536) in 1561. Hide was 25; nene was 15. #japan #trivia
  • Wed, 22:19: I believe the 1st child of Hideyoshi was Hidekatsu (b:1570). Uncertain if it's through Nene...
  • Wed, 22:21: Hideyoshi (b:1536) had a child through his 2nd wife Yodo-dono (b:1569) named Tsurumatsu in 1589. Hide was 53; Yodo was 20.
  • Wed, 22:31: Sorry, I didn't do HoGW yet. Maybe I'll work on a little tonight
  • Wed, 22:32: As for Seishin, I should work on "character intro" (and maybe humor) stories only
  • Wed, 22:32: Background stories can come later when I flesh out Seishin more as a series
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While the years are easy to understand, what about the months and the days (ie: June 12th 1560 being Eiroku 3, 5th month, 19th day)? The months I suppose can be understood with some listing, as seen below.

EDIT: The answer is "Chinese Calender" (旧暦) ??

Let's use the era of Kōji (弘治) for example:
October 1555 - February 1558

1555 (Kōji 1)
October (month 1) | November (month 2) | December (month 3)

1556 (Kōji 2)
January (month 4) | February (month 5) | March (month #) | April (month #) | May (month #) | June (month #) | July (month #) | August (month #) | September (month #) | October (month #) | November | December

1557 (Kōji 3)
January (month 4) | February (month 5) | March (month #) | April (month #) | May (month #) | June (month #) | July (month #) | August (month #) | September (month #) | October (month #) | November | December

1558 (Kōji 4)
January | February

The new one commenced in Kōji 4, on the 28th day of the 2nd month.

~ 12 months, literally numbered.
each day is divided into 12 units (時辰
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"Imagine a World without free knowledge".

First, I'd like to say that I am sorry for not uploading anything last week or this week. I'm still surprised that is Wednesday. I was feeling under the weather. I had Rhinorrhea for some dumb reason too.

Anyways, this SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act; Internet Piracy) business has gotten serious, so I'm just taking time to reflect and ramble.

My icon is more of a thoughtful or "hmm?" face rather than angry.

Ask yourself, are you committing piracy?

Today, on my Wiki, in response to the protest, I wanted to type why I think Wikia can be useful. I was an amateur editor for Wikipedia and wanted to learn how to use the editing system. Because of that, BOOM, made my own database. It first started off as as experiment on PBworks, but it was difficult to work with so I used Wikia.

Today, I also want to honorably mention the LJ comm [ profile] stop_plagiarism, where the members commit themselves to fighting piracy. It is backed with facts and I appreciate the hard work. Surprises how people just indiscriminately copies from another.

Which makes me think: Would parodies on youtube fall into the piracy category?

I had more to say but I forgot. Again, it's a ramble, and looks like there is little to no point.
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Since Seishin is getting significantly redone, I am deleting some useless MS word files from my desktop containing character and mixed-up history information. Since the info is old, it does carry ideas. Who knows, I may even go ahead with the ideas. Therefore, something might be seen as spoilers.

Nothing will be covered; nothing needs to be highlighted.

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Since Seishin is getting significantly redone, I am deleting some useless MS word files from my desktop containing character and mixed-up history information. Since the info is old, it does carry ideas. Who knows, I may even go ahead with the ideas. Therefore, something might be seen as spoilers.

Nothing will be covered; nothing needs to be highlighted.

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What are the kind of thoughts that I have concerning Seishin series? Why do I think it's taking so long? Or rather, why did I cancel it? I always told myself that I had lack of knowledge, or a fixed memory, on:

1.) Japanese HISTORY and culture, both modern and pre-modern. I had to return to different Wikis and other encycolpedias so many times. "Wait, is this connected?" Alos, body-language.

2.) Japanese Architecture. I'm fascinated by the houses.

3.) Geography and climate. This isn't too bad though.

4.) Weapon construction (ie: tataba, metalworking, etc)

I collected a lot of info on ninja, but I don't think it's much of a concern compared to the above listed. Also, there are so many stories on the samurai compared to the lower class. Culture also includes how people are named back then.

Another problem is how to write it, to capture the Japanese aesthetics properly.

So, I'll take it slowly on what I think I should keep in mind. Since I'm doing just short stories, I'll just gather up what I sufficiently need for a particular story so I won't overwhelm myself.

Japanese Meaning
Ichirizuka (一里塚) Milestone...
Hokora (祠 or 神庫) Mogii (モギィ)
Bonsai (盆栽) ??
Nijiriguchi ??
Fusuma (襖) and shōji () Door/window//room dividers that slide open/clothes (障子)
zabuton (座布団) A small cusion for sitting
Irori (囲炉裏) A built-in Floor Hearth?
Shinden-zukuri (寝殿造), Shoin-zukuri (書院造), Sukiya-zukuri (数寄屋造り) Residential style. Shoin Started in Azuchi–Momoyama period
Minka (民家) ??

Houses also contain tokonoma, chigaidana, amd kamado.
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Hello Sunday. I don't have much time but here's something from my notebooks, and will expand on it on another day (Also will be revealed on Wikia).


1.) [Title unknown]
Sub Cate: Mythology
Genre: Supernatural/Comedy, General, General/Comedy, or Supernatural/Romane, or Supernatural/Comedy. It may have to be General, lol.

Info: In Modern Europe, an ageless boy, the so-called True Paladin from Celtic days, is under the service of the Pope to battle against the plague of Balor's eye.

2.) [Title unknown]
Sub Cate: Historical
Genre: Drama, tragedy or general?

Info: Basically, a fictional event happening during the Civil War. It'll only be a single chapter.
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Missed a couple of days so I'm going ahead.

Word of the Day

July 17:
- Merit: something that deserves or justifies a reward or commendation a commendable quality, act, etc.
~ Word derives from old english word that means "To deserve".

July 18:
- Incessant: Without pause or stop; not ending, especially to the point of annoyance. (ie: incessant sound); unending
- Cessant is from "Cease" (to stop working)

July 19:
- Formula: Various definitions, including a plan of action intended to solve a problem.
- From Latin word formula (“a small pattern or mold, form, rule, principle, method, formula”); diminutive of forma (“a form”)

July 20:
- Anecdote: a short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature.
- Derives from Greek words meaning "to publish", "to give".

History of the Day
July 17:
- Disneyland is dedicated and opened by Walt Disney in Anaheim, California in 1955.

July 18:
- The former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela was born in 1918.
- Also born, astronaut John Glenn in 1921.

July 19:
- Anti-Mafia Judge Paolo Borsellino is killed by a Mafia car bomb in Palermo, Italy together with five police officers in 1992.

- Soji Okita, Shinsengumi member died in 1868

July 20:
- 1903 – Ford Motor Company ships its first car in 1903 (in my HOME STATE OF MICHIGAN).
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Going a day ahead so I don't forget. ;)

Word of the Day
July 13:
- Flippant: disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness (lightly).

- From Northern English dialectal flippand (“prattling, babbling, glib”), present participle of flip (“to babble”), of North Germanic origin. Cognate with Icelandic "fleipa" (“to babble, prattle”), Swedish dialectal "flepa" (“to talk nonsense”).

Julu 14:
- Related to the New Stone Age (After Pre-Ceramic)
- From Ancient Greek νέος (neos, “new”) + λίθος (lithos, “stone”).

History of the Day
July 13:
- In Montevideo, Uruguay, the first two matches in the FIFA World CUP began in 1930

July 14:
- Bastille Day in France, marking the Fête de la Fédération of 1790.
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I like History.

So I thought of posting information on important political parties (mostly American) and the difference between them.

How are political views written and accepted in fiction?


I posted THIS in an old entry.

This is my focus for United We Soar:

In accordance to FictionRatings (or I'm attempting it), these are my thoughts on the ratings and genre:

- As a military fiction, "United We Soar" will be "Rated M" mainly for its "strong language" and "references to political, social and religious content" just to be on the safe side.

There is also the mention of 9-11 (what psychological impressions will the story have?). Politics do play a role in the story's center conflict. The Middle Eastern "religious" battles and terrorism are mentioned as well. Will America's reason for fighting seem justified to a reader? Aiden will question himself about that, also the use of nuclear power for weapons, what it means to be American (and patriotic). Also, religious views from Aiden and Claire; theroys of historical events from Aiden; stereotyping thoughts/jokes from Aiden, Steele and Ace. In other words, story may be controversial. I don't think the violence will seem that terrible, but that's still a long way. Sub-Category will be Action. The Genre(s) will be drama/sci-fi. (see below). UWS slightly takes place in the future. Also, The Main Squadron in the story are racially diverse.



Jun. 23rd, 2011 01:56 am
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This feels like the longest week ever. And no, I barely had a chance to work on SolAka because of a stupid family member's newborn baby (my niece). I had a raise of stress from it. Why? I shouldn't right?

Babies should be cute and wonderful right? It is a cute baby, but it's the baby's "parents" and the involvement of the [sickly] grandparents.

It is personal problems that I probably shouldn't get so annoyed over, but I did because the situation is so careless. When your parents are idiots early on, it effects the baby.

Let me change the subject here

The New ACE COMBAT is looking great:

And Mirror B always makes me happy:

About Seishin: I screwed up while reading Japanese history. Mibuno Kai's history is not correct about Imagawa Yoshimoto; The MAtsudaira served them momentarily when Ieyasu was younger. Also, been trying to figure out why/how Kyoushirou's parents died.

And there might be some name changes to fit with the Pre-Edo times since names like Hajime (this would PROBABLY fit fine for like the first son) are too modern. Ugh. I wish I could be a little fancy.

Story making for Seishin is still super difficult.


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