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RECENT UPDATE(S): August 8, 2014 (Friday)

One month later since last update. There is no difference. I don't know what to do. I'm surprised that I was able to blog a few times. I am exhausted from watching my niece. Occasionally, I get a chance to use the PC, but I am so often distracted. Like I said before, the chapters may end up considerably shorter. Either that OR I don 't update for months, waiting in hopes for...a change in this. I don't know. It's upsetting. If I make short chapters, they may not have any meaningful material.

Here's info on what's next:

United We Soar needs to be updated. It's getting into the war, but I somehow thought of a chapter about Aiden speaking to his girlfriend on the phone. I can't seem to figure out how to reach an end, and I still worry about the technology of the new aircraft.

Stalwart Silver obviously. I feel stuck. Or rather, it feels like a very weak story. Sure, people like the detail and think it is well written, but I am not protraying it right. It is a romance between a mortal girl and a divine warrior that looks like a boy. So it creates awkwardness. It was the intention. Also, it is very simple, easy to follow. The twists aren't the best.

A new story is coming called Avarizia di Dittatori (Dictator's Avarice). It is a considerably serious story; it might be too early for me to do -; Here's a small teaser: After going to jail for assault against gang members, a teen named Emi becomes a hostage within the clutches of the Demon Queen of Sicily. The chapters start short, different events. I really want to upload a hook. Did you know it was going to be a homosexual story? Ultimately, it didn't turn out that way, and I just let the BL/shudo homo relationship end up in Seishin. It's still going to be a problem due to sexual content, especially when not consensual. Not only that, there's the acceptance of discrimination.

I have a few new Seishin stories up. People seem interested in "Red Fangs of Fuuma". It has Kotaro Fuuma in it, who is a little creepy in this series. Sorry if the stories have errors. I typed them up in haste.

I know what to do with SolAka's next chapter. I just need the time. Considering my situation, I might need to split it. This is going to happen alot, isn't it...we're going to have a dogfight: The Seki from space have entered Earth's atmosphere and seek out the Taiyoko's location, but not without a problem. Also, Mogera is going to be the next monster.


- United We Soar (UWS) 5
- Stalwart Silver 2
- Heroic Blaze SolAka (vs Heii; Mogera)

Seishin series
Avarizia di Dittatori
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June 12, 2014 (Thurs)

This is just an activity update.

I have a short remaining break. I may or may not go with these drafts I have for Seishin stories, but Ive been working on them as if they'll turn into something interesting. What I don't want to do is end up like the Shou/Kyou story that I deleted (with them in the hot spring).

Various ideas, not sure on how to employ them. One story is called InkĊka with a mischievous little brother playing a game. The other story is about the famous Iga general, Momochi Tanba. In the Seishin series, he is very mortal-strict. Like to make more Koga stories.

I also worked a little on the next United We Soar chapter draft. I just need to be confident. I am not sure about Stalwart Silver. A lot of people say it is well-written, but it is meant to be short and simple about an immortal "item" meeting a girl, but I have a feeling it will lose its purpose the more I do it.

I brought out two SolAka chapters this year so I am a little casual.


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because of back dealings and past, The Montagna Family of NY are paying a protection tax to the Camorra. it turns out they have recently become allies after Camorra have become anti-witch. Luke's ancestor have given up on Strega and have hidden the tool. The camorra want to look for it and ask Luke for clues in archives. However, the sicilians seek for it as well -- to use. The protection tax is due to Luke being prone to capture and danger, especially his son.

Emi wonders why his father won't go to the police. Luke would say, "they wouldn't understand."

The Sicilian gang called the New Turks (?) are beaten up by Emi. Later, he's captured after some jail time for assault. Emi is taken to Irena's mansion...and she thinks of ways to make him talk about strega. She says he has a "code" in his bloodline, and wants to keep him so that Luke will oblige.

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My mafia story gained its official title, and my interest grows in it the more I research (as you can tell from the wikia uddates). I am just writing down ideas and this may not be completely official.

The Commission played a large role to the Sicilian mobsters back in early-mid 20th century, and I think I'm going to bring it into the fiction, disregarding the IRL difficulties of assembling the commission back together. It may support the use of strega, or how it gets around or how it's regulated. Also, the Camorra has a commission-like body.

OK. Let's start:

The Sicilian CMS may be considerably private, so much that no one thinks it exists. Maybe a Spirito strega user can relay a schedule on where a private meeting takes place. It may be just only one meeting that took place in the 90s because spirito strega is very rare; plus, the point of the story is to have one spirito user turn against the mafia.

Each member of the commission is an infamous strega. Not sure how many they'll be.

Baldovino Riina
Nicknamed the "Explosive Beast" because of his violent nature. He known for many assassinations involving explosions. Many fear him; has been hunting down pentito and law officials for prosecuting his family members under RICO.

Irene Stellaro
Replacing her husband is 40-something Irene; she is one of the mains of the story. Her strega produces lightning (or dynamic electricity), but I can't decide whether to make it a fire or wind type, nor can I figure out on how it evolved. She is called the Demon queen. She searches for the Spirito strega.

Dante Giardinello
Earth strega. He is the youngest (at least 19?), but reliable. Considered the little earthquake. Said to have a bright future. He is known for "bringing down the house" (literally) on Black hand camorra groups.

Fausto Dragna
Water strega. From Borgetto.

Manuel Messina
A major heroine trafficker.

Lorenzo Salvatore
From Uditore district. Known for his thief groups. His earth strega evolved into magnetism, and he is called "The Grand Thief". He wears iron rings at mystic tools to support his magnetic ability.

Marino Arenella
From Arenella. Bald man with thick mustache. He is actually calmer than most, likes to read, and smoke cocaine. Throughout the years, he has mellowed about using violence and illegal activities. Air strega.

Giulio Falcone
Behind everyone's backs, Giulio has been initiating anti-mafia activities within his family, and secrely supporting journalist. However, he's kept the strega use a secret.

Ignazio Ciaculli

Nico Bagarella
A supporter of Riina, he forms an infamous hit squad.

That's all for now. Ten should be good.
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A ramble, expect grammar and spelling errors.

So I have a mafia story in mind, and I can't get the idea of sorcery out of my mind. I might as well stick with it.

As for a title, and idea for the crime war, a drug-like greed extends to obtaining magic.

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