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December 11

OH-TEN (formerly UZUMAKI) updated. Starting to get a little scary.

November 30th

Monthly status (below) updated. First time Oh-ten (formerly UZUMAKI) made it; matter of fact, it'll be updated soon.I fixed up Legend of Zelda a little bit. I hope it's a bit less awkward.

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Monthly Status of August 2016 (8/2016)

  • Top VIEWS: Father of Galaxy (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Father of Galaxy (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

Monthly Status of September 2016 (9/2016)

  • Top VIEWS: Dawn of End (1st), Father of Galaxy (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Dawn of End (1st), Father of the Galaxy (2nd)

Monthly Status of October 2016 (10/2016)

  • Top VIEWS: Father of Galaxy (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Father of Galaxy (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

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Monthly STATUS (September 2015)
Top VIEWS: Dawn of End (1st), Calm-Sword II (2nd)
Top VISITORS: Calm-Sword II (1st), Calm-Sword I (2nd)
Winner - CAMUS!

3rd place story receiving visitors is "Lucky Thirteen" as I received some views from Japanese fans of CYBER FORMULA. it is possible that I may make a new CF story in the future. But first, let's worry about mine.

September 13, 2015
Monthly status is updated, and here is what is going on with me: MGW @ Dreamwidth

- Finishing Penitent Feathers
- New chapter of HoGW (Basilisk chapters are almost here)

MONTHLY STATUS (August 2015)
Top VIEWS: Penitent Feathers (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)
Top VISITORS: Dawn of End (1st), Calm before Sword (2nd)
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Previous updates are on my blog under the tag "FFupdates". Also, check me out on Twitter.

RECENT UPDATE(S): March 3, 2015

With the exception of UZUMAKI I didn't really update anything, and its three months into 2015. I really need to work on that.

Here's my little perspective on 2015 so far. IRL I am getting pretty miserable. Writing-wise, I realize that I am gaining more views with Gundam and Saint Seiya. Visitors even. Each month, P.Feathers and Betting's Off receive the most activity. Betting is meant to be a story with easy humor, while P.feathers in my opinion has a lot of feeling and shows my skill at near apex. And NARUTO gets views because its NARUTO.

So...I am going to do two more Seiya stories. One is a sequel of Calm before the Sword (Calma antes da Espada), a story about Camus vs Titan, and the other is a new series: Omega Meiou Shinwa (Ω冥王神話) or Hades Chapter of Seiya Omega. Omega gets a Poseidon War in Ultimate Cosmos PSP game, so what crazy thing will happen? I am working on the first chapter right now. More info on Twitter, and maybe blog if I get to it. Not sure of the official title: It may be "Revival of Death". It's thanks to the fanbase and I couldn't help myself.

Of course I need to finish Penitent Feathers, and HoGW needs another chapter as well. I'm a little disappointed by it, and HoGW is supposed to be my signature story.

I'll see what I can do. I will push myself. See you again.

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RECENT UPDATE(S): Feb 11, 2015
New Poll is open. Possibly new fanfic since Seiya fanfic is doing so well.

And Camus fic may get a sequel.

Jan 11, 2015

Have a long week, so UZUMAKI is updated with another short chapter.

- Penitent Feathers
- Howl of the Gray Wolf
- Uzumaki

- Calm before the Sword (Calma antes da Espada) II
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RECENT UPDATE(S): Devember 10 - 12, 2014

So, this week I updated two stories!

Penitent Feathers (over 800 words) was finally updated with a new chapter! And I actually enjoyed typing it. I like El Cid! It's still not over though. I think there's two more chapters left or so I predict. It SHOULD be two, but like I said in previous updates, I'm trying to aim short due to being too occupied.

UZUMAKI is also updated. The story has been updated the most recently. I wanted to take it somewhere; Sasuke appears early; Gakkō-Shiro means "school castle", while Gaki can mean brat and hungry ghosts from the Deva Realms or something like that. It can work both ways: Kids are trained harshly to become demonic weapons for war.

HoGW needs to come next, hopefully before the year ends.

No new stories. I might make a new Fan Trilogy for 2015??? Personally, I think I should add more Cyber Formula and Fire Emblem stories. Law of the Sword could use a sequel yeah?
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I came up with the idea of showing excerpt of stories using photos.


I did a fanfic based on Future GPX Cyber Formula, particularly on its OVA series "Zero". Only a few people, or at least I know about two (Car dummy Miki Shinichiro did one as well?), has done Cyber Formula fics. That is especially in English.

And since I was impressed with the series, the TV show being smart and about a boy and a machine, and the OVA being dramatic with interesting visuals (my fun slowly being thrown away like shoveled sand due to bad subs, repeated footage, and Asurada oversteering its tail nearly into a circle and passing through a curve successfully to pass also, no K-sensei...), AND since I like cars, I wanted to go for it.

Spoilerish about ZERO series, but if you don't mind )

RC Type!

Game footage. A nice rivalry against Knight Shumacher. There's also Kaga, Shinjyo, Hayato, and I think Hiyama Nobuyuki's character, Andrea. It's hard to tell because he has a scar on his forehead. Sounds like him. BGM is Identity Crisis.
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RECENT UPDATE(S): August 8, 2014 (Friday)

One month later since last update. There is no difference. I don't know what to do. I'm surprised that I was able to blog a few times. I am exhausted from watching my niece. Occasionally, I get a chance to use the PC, but I am so often distracted. Like I said before, the chapters may end up considerably shorter. Either that OR I don 't update for months, waiting in hopes for...a change in this. I don't know. It's upsetting. If I make short chapters, they may not have any meaningful material.

I'll just leave with some small summary on what is going to happen next.

Penitent Feathers: The new Specter is provoked by the word "guilty". As Val is attacked again, a holy power swishes in and silences the frog. A Gold Saint with unfriendly eyes; Gunnar sees another chance to become a warrior.

HoGW: A flame separates Gray Wolf and his team, and a noble-looking monster sees interest in the young Tiger. We get a tiny glimpse into Mocchi's past. Later on, they fall into traps within Parepare.

I will resume Uzumaki as soon as possible, because apparently the comic will end in October of this year. Even if the comic doesn't end, I'll still resume Uzumaki. Quite frankly, I think that at this point, NARUTO and its delivery has been so hasty that it lost the majority of its value. And the bloodlines turn everything into plastic and about them. Lots of meaningless things happen. I think, jumping from chapter to chapter, I have trouble receiving any shock or suspense, and NARUTO just depends on us enjoying the ego-clashing combat. Dragonball Z. If I talk about more and what upsets me, there'll be too many spoilers. Sure, there were some parts of the last saga that I liked. I did like Part 2. I don't think I'll read another Kishimoto Masashi work. Sigh.

Here's info on my remake. Since I did the prologue, the start of Uzumaki is basically what we're all familiar with. Naruto is aspiring to become a ninja and become hired on village missions. He is a rascal; even the teachers are impatient with him. Mizuki catches Naruto skipping strategic thinking class, and with a cool head, asks why he does what he does. There is also Naruto frowning at all the girls around Sasuke.

- Penitent Feathers 6: Right Sword
- Penitent Feathers 7: Salvation
- Howl of the Gray Wolf 16: Epikos
- Howl of the Gray Wolf 17: Monster Hunter

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RECENT UPDATE(S): July 9, 2014 (Wednesday)

I like to thank everyone again. My Gundam fanfic "Betting's Off" gained the most views and visitors in June 2014. In second place, my Fire Emblem fic gained the most visitors. I hope that in the future, the two stories will gain plenty of views and stand in the same ranks as my Seiya fic and Monster Rancher fic.

This is just an activity update, and it stinks. We passed the half year and I'm stuck babysit long term (or so it seems). I won't get into the details behind it, but I am upset, and my niece is a considerable burden. With this and work, with short breaks during the week, I have little time for leisure.

I wonder how this will work out when I am already having difficulty writing with confidence?

So, either I make the chapters considerably shorter (about 800 or less) or I just spend more time not uploading. Knowing me, I take months. Months of contemplation, drafting, and proofreading. If I make the chapters shorter, something has to happen in them. I am not sure on what to do.

Penitent Feathers needs to be finished. It should have been done. But how long has HoGW been sitting around?

I even thought of making Uzumaki bi-monthly? Or just once a month?


RECENT UPDATE(S): July 9, 2014

This is just an activity update, and it stinks. We passed the half year and I'm stuck babysit long term (or so it seems). I won't get into the details behind it, but I am upset, and my niece is a considerable burden. With this and work, with short breaks during the week, I have little time for leisure.

I wonder how this will work out when I am already having difficulty writing with confidence?

So, either I make the chapters considerably shorter (about 800 or less) or I just spend more time not uploading. Knowing me, I take months. Months of contemplation, drafting, and proofreading. If I make the chapters shorter, something has to happen in them. I am not sure on what to do.

I am still focused on Seishin series and SolAka the most.

I don't know what I will bring. Right now, anything is fine.

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RECENT UPDATE(S): June 10, 2014 (Tues)

I noticed the increase in views in both my stories and my wiki (or so I'm hoping it's other people). Thank you everyone.

June 8, 2014 (Sunday)

A minor (but disappointing) mistake in "Lucky Thirteen": Changed "predecessor" to "successor". Good grief, what was I thinking?

Anyways, here is my Fan Trilogy 2014, all inspired from just being easily annoyed. I wanted to primarily focus on Monster Rancher, since that is what my name is based on and my remake has a long way to go, but other ideas came to mind such as NARUTO and Fire Emblem. I kept ignoring it until I progressed in MR, but let's just say...that reading other works made me feel insulted as a writer (and as a fan of where the stories derive from) and it reminded me of why I did write/read few fanfics.

So I came up with this: Three shorts. The fandom picks were kept secret until I uploaded the stories. Why? It was just my preference. Took me a while to actually make up my mind on which three I wanted.

I am responsible for getting Cyber Formula added. I saw very little fanfics on this interesting series and I am a car fan, so I wanted to unleash my passion of cars. Henri isn't my favorite character, but he is interesting due to his inner conflict and different sides to him. Garland SF-01 is also a cool car. Not sure if I explained the Odin Curve that well. The story is based on the ZERO O.V.A series; personally, I think TV series is more smarter with longer, challenging races. It must be a Sunrise thing. BTW, one character mentioned in the fanfic is from the Road to Infinity games series: Mikami Toma (photo). He appears post SIN OVA series with Shiba Seiichiro.

As for Fire Emblem, I am surprised that there is little to no interaction between Lyn and Guy/Gii in the game Rekka no Ken (In U.S, the first FE game). The result was "Law of Sword". I wanted to add in a part of the two fighting the Taliver, but I was lazy and I was content with it already.

Gundam. Gundam Build Fighters was the latest series and I thought it was a great tribute with some comedy. I thought I could do the same. Pretty much a geek story. I also considered Gundam AGE.

WITH THIS OUT OF THE WAY, I must get back to Howl of the Gray Wolf and P.Feathers

June 6, 2014 (Friday)

With all of my stupid passion and determination, I've completed my "Fan Trilogy 2014".

More details later when I get home today. It is three completed one-shot fics of Gundam, FE and CYBER FORMULA! FIRST CYBER FORMULA FIC!

P.S: Hating NARUTO.



- Howl of the Gray Wolf 16: Epikos

- Howl of the Gray Wolf 17: Monster Hunter

- Penitent Feathers 6: Right Sword

- Penitent Feathers 7: Salvation



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RECENT FF UPDATE(S): Jan 13, 2014

Okay. Uzumaki's latest chapter edited. I think it's a little better.

January 12, 2014 (EST)

Ten days later, Uzumaki is updated.

Recently did a quick edit because the 3rd should be the master of Minato's master (-: I also feel that I should add more, especially at the ending. I might take another look at it and change it sometime. The summary of the story was changed too. With that, that's all for now. Uzumaki will not receive another update until the comic's ending, unless it drives on a little too long and I change my mind. I predict that the comic will end this year.

Besides, my writing spirit traditionally is with Monster Rancher. I still have quite a ways to go with the remake of Howl of Gray Wolf. Afterward, there's the remake of the sequel Tiger of Freedom. I have no idea when/where HoGW will end.

Considering Saint Seiya LOST CANVAS: Sisifo Gaiden comic, I should finish P.Feathers as quickly as possible.

With Uzumaki on hold, we still have the same to look forward to. Two chapters of HoGW and P.Feathers. The problem with the next HoGW chapter is that there is little on the draft.

I also have something to finish for FictionPress so that is taking up a bit of my time too.

Still undecided on the one-shots. My confidence is wavering a bit.

If I edit Uzumaki chapter, I'll let you know. For 2014, I should write more. I should show more confidence and activity.


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Let me starting by saying that I am not that happy with the comic direction of NARUTO.

As ninja are romanticized in various media, with NARUTO being no exception, NARUTO has become an international hit. Ninja drama has existed for years and I grew up enjoying the element of mysteriousness attached to the ninja. Also, I am a martial arts fans. Swords, bo sticks, throwing knives, anything where tools are used skillfully. Thus, the reason why I wanted to do Seishin Series, research all I can about ninja, and send it out into novel.

However, as NARUTO's Part 2 developed, it has become more of a shounen comic. a rule-defying comic. Action oriented, WHICH IS NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL, but it has become like Dragonball where power level is an important factor, female and side characters become virtually insignificant, and trust is determined by how much stronger you are. One boy can turn the tides of a large-scale battle; the background of the Uchiha encompasses the plot, conquering the significance of the Akatsuki organization and the potential of war. And oh, Itachi...I don't want to get into it.

War has a lack of shock value. It has not diminished completely as there are some very interesting PARTS, but I am not that impressed.

What NARUTO does succeed in is being an adventure and well-thought out as a world. The main character Naruto Uzumaki succeeds in being friendly and likable (least to me); we learn about the consequences of hatred; the cast is large and mostly memorable too. I'll stop here.

I'm not doing a review so I'm not elaborating my complaint that well.

I am ambivalent about fanfiction; I sometimes dislike how people disturb canon. I want to use fanfiction to prove that I read/watch/played something and then write proving my appreciation for what I read/watched/played. I don't do character bashing, I don't do main-original character stories (however, Penitent Feathers is my first, so I can convey the importance of the Sagittarius Saints. Might've been a bad idea to go with?), I don't do smut (I think it's incredibly pointless and just a guilty pleasure), etc.

Since I'm doing Seishin to set the tone of what ninja were, and since NARUTO comic might end this year, I thought of Uzumaki a re-telling. I have a fondness for "what makes people" and what a story and what characters can teach. It's not really a punch to Kishimoto; you wouldn't be an author without mistakes and I'm sure he has editors that can influence his direction of the comic.

I like affirming stories, I can like "positive energy" like with super robot franchise, but not that much with NARUTO. I'm almost annoyed by the popularity that it gets, especially in fanfiction, and how fanfic authors debase the series with their desperate self-inserting and their warped, unable to cope interpretations of canon reality (like with romantic pairings).
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Previous updates are on my blog under the tag "FFupdates". Also, check me out on Twitter.

November 28 (Thursday):
All done with HoGW "shortie chapters". Originally that wasn't the plan. The next chapter was supposed to be called "One Hop Forward" but I split them in two chapters. The third one, "Hydromero" was a new idea from last month?

Looks like I've reached fifteen chapters for HoGW.

Next is P.Feathers. I need to get that up and running. Next chapter should be short too. I'll work on it in the evening. Break's on the way.


November 27, 2013 (Wednesday):
HoGW is updated again. If only I had this luck much much more. One more short chapter to go. I'll work on it when I get home in Wed evening.

Also, one day. Check my blog about NARUTO.


November 26, 2013 (Tuesday):
Hours after midnight. I've uploaded one chapter of HoGW. Two other chapters, one being split from the new chapter, will arrive soon.


November 24, 2013 (Sunday):
Well, I darned did it now!

Howl of Gray Wolf is going to end up with three new chapters because I split up "One Hop Forward", which became over 3000 words and tired me out. Fortunately, the two will be very short (500 words or less?) and it'll end the "Hopper Arc". So the next chapter will have a new title, then following that will be "One Hop Forward", then a new chapter called "Hydromero".

If everything works out really well, and if i'm really determined, I can upload them all this coming weekend. Before Thanksgiving?

News on P.Feathers: Draft of next chapter "Impuldulu" is nearly done. Seems very simple, but I am stubborn with making it look good. I even worked a little on the chapter after that.

See you soon.

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Friday, August 16, 2013:
Edits to P.Feathers are done.

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Working on the draft for Howl of the Gray Wolf's next chapter. The title will be called "One Hop Forward".

I'm going to do some editing in P.Feathers's new chapter. Keep an eye out.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013 (EST)
Petinent Feathers has been updated with nearly a 2000 word long chapter. While I am very concerned for my use in detail and active/passive voice, I thought it was an interesting chapter to work on. Next one should be much shorter though.

If anyone's wondering, an Impundulu is a vampire bird.

Couple days ago, Howl of Gray Wolf was also updated with a new chapter.

Blog will be updated sooner or later on previous updates.



- Howl of the Gray Wolf 13

- Howl of the Gray Wolf 14: Epikos

- Penitent Feathers 3: Impundulu

- Penitent Feathers 4: Despaired Wings


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RECENT UPDATE(S): Wednesday, August 07, 2013 (EST)
Petinent Feathers is on its way soon.


Monday, August 05, 2013 (EST)

Howl of Gray Wolf has been updated. New chapter is called "Black Struggle". One more Hopper chapter after this, then we will have a Liquel and Mocchi chapter, then a Basilisk chapter.

Blog will be updated in the afternoon on previous updates.

I am still not done with the P.Feathers draft yet (orz). It might end up longer than originally planned, which was about five chapters. It might be seven. We'll see.



RECENT UPDATE(S): Sunday, August 04, 2013 (EST)

Hello everyone!

I think I'm convinced that it's my standard to take a long time. To finish a chapter in anything, it takes me at least a month; or maybe a month is too lucky. I can't believe that something that's 2000 or less can take me about two months. I know that my activity has slipped, but I still found myself just not liking what I'm typing. In other words, I find myself often losing my direction and constantly editing/revising my stories when I do them. Along with IRL, this takes forever.

I am not done with the P.Feathers draft yet (orz), but I am mostly done with HoGW's. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to do the final revision. It'll have to wait until I return, but I may be able to upload something before the weekend is over.

The new Gray Wolf chapter is over 2500 words. The title is "Black Struggle".



RECENT UPDATE(S): Thursday, July 25, 2013 (EST)

Hi everyone.

Just an update. I've just modified "Howl of the Gray Wolf"; the first chapter, "Liber Genesis", was removed and replaced by "His name is". Hopefully, that'll make engaging into the story easier for new readers. Liber Genesis is still on my blog and document manager. As much as I like it, it's pretty much a big info dump on how I constructed the story. As for the new chapter, still working on the draft.

Nothing on Pertinent Feathers yet. The draft is still in the works. There will be an original Specter.

My very old Legend of Dragoon poem "Cold Woman" was changed as well: The author notes were removed. Unnecessary. Here's what it said:

Yes, "Cold Woman", perfectly describes my favorite "Legend of Dragoon" character. I've played the game and I HOPE that a sequel's coming (Gamecube?); Rose, the tragic dragoon of darkness, is yes overrated and the strongest woman in the game (then...there's that damn Lenus -_-). I like her because she' Other than having great dragoon spells, fighting abilities and whatever, she's fun to watch in the game. She's that badass type. I'm sure there are plenty of Rose fics and poems out there, but I wanted to make a poem. I'm not ready for a LOD fic. This is from Shana's (Dragoon of light, Ally/"victim" of Rose lol) point of view on how she feels about Rose. Some of the quotes aren't THAT accurate but it's alright, right? Plus, poem contains spoilers.

And yet, LoD never received a sequel. Heh, I suppose that's alright.

See you again.



- Howl of the Gray Wolf 12: Black Struggle

- Howl of the Gray Wolf 13: Title TBD

- Penitent Feathers 2: Monsters




RECENT UPDATE(S): Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summaries of HoGW was modified. Penitent's summary will get a tiny change too after the new chapter.

Cold Woman is going to get its author notes either reduced or removed. Haven't decided yet. Also, I would like to thank for the review(s) and favorites on my Legend of Dragoon poem.
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Story Type:
Regular or Crossover

Main Category (for both story types):
Anime/Manga (ie: Pokemon, NARUTO, Beyblade, One PIECE, etc)
Books (ie: Hunger Games, HP, Artemis Fowl, Bible, etc)
Cartoons (ie: My Little Pony, Gargoyles, South Park, Transformers, Disney)
Comics (Ie: Marvel, DC heroes, Homestuck)
Games (Sonic, Pokemon, zelda, etc)
TV Shows
Note: I think Games/anime/manga stories like pokemon and monster rancher are connected when stories are uploaded)

Genre (Fiction)
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Bear with me. It's another ramble, I didn't clearly check grammar of everything looks consistent...ironically. Italics are quotes.

Rules and Guidelines of
Tumblr: CU
EncycloDrama: CU
Huffingtonpost: The Book Burning That Wasn't: Thousands of Works of Fiction Destroyed and No One Pays Attention

- "Bullying and harassment under the guise of constructive criticism?"

- They are a group of supposed "Critics" that will delete stories in which they deem "inappropriate".

- They apparently ruin the definition of the word "Critic" since, according to authors, critics are supposed to point out some flaws in a story and suggest ways for improvement.

The actions of CU are seen as so terrible that they're compared to Westboro Baptist Church (which, quite frankly, is MEGA AWFUL! So bad that even the KKK don't like them) and described as the kind of people who "throws nuns into traffic". That terrible? Westboro?!

Too many people care about recognition.

There are some things I'm surprised to see, like how authors respond to negative reviews or being told that they're against the rules. Negative reviews don't have to come from CU or similar communities you know.

Then there's satisfaction if you point out a critic's hypocrisy? Like in misspelling and grammar errors for example? Seems pointless if the critic's a writer as well.

If this continues, there will be no room in mental improvement or empathy for neither both author or critic. If you get a negative response, how about not responding the same way?

So what's the problem with writers who gets their work flagged or receives comment about rule breaking. Self-entitlement? In the freedom of writing? Are rules too restrictive, too much, or unnecessary to wrap one's head around? People's offensive barriers are too thin.

"I can do this because I see others do it and their story remains"?

Is it "harassment" when you're told something you don't want to do, can't do this or that, many times (because you keep doing it), like a bunch of children?

ESPECIALLY because you've progressed so far in the story and received so much reviews (especially good reviews), that it's 'too late" to edit? When you get many "your fic is awesome" reviews virtually all the time, you can't really handle the opposite too well.

Does a person consider how to reply back? If the assailant offends you, calls you names like "idiot" or being passive-aggressive BEFORE YOU DO, then it's an attack. This is bully like behavior.

When actually provoked me to ramble on this is seeing someone complain about "their lives sucks and he/she writes to get out of depression" and "removing them/flaming makes them want to commit suiside" (and it was spelled "S-U-I-S-I-D-E"), or along those lines. That doesn't mean that you're above rules or blind to it. It means you're still a writer in spirit.

Why do successful people commit suicide?

Here's an example or impoliteness. I can't take this too seriously, but it's the same attitude: Reviews for The Perfect Jewel.

The problem with CU is that the more fanfics/stories that get deleted, the more successful they'll feel. Frankly, I think they nitpick at many things, are incredibly strict, and can flag a story for infringing just one minor rule such as typos or wrongful titles when it seems harmless (least to me). Some have different interpretations than others on how the rules are followed, such as good grammar and what is a "script" or "interactive" story. The above mentioned review has horrible grammar and spelling. You don't want to write like that, despite writing from your heart and being proud of it, or despite trying to write.

The painful part is that if you're still learning or just starting out in writing, or if English is not your first language (ESL), then will it get flagged or deleted for looking "non-fundamental"?


And the negative reactions just makes CU laugh and stereotype authors, hunt through the categories (Ie: Homestuck, misc, pokemon, naruto, etc) that are most inclined to receiving stories and reviews.

Authors, personally, I think it's your job to set an example for yourself and your story. There is always room for improvement.

I don't believe that CU's goal is to delete "bad stories"; many do fall into the category of rule breaking, or "writing freedom radicalism", but there are more communities out there who band together to flame in reviews and to harshly criticize (or flame) authors.

LU (Literate Union)

I got one fanfic or two deleted long ago without warning. No review, no message, no hints or tips.

When you're told some advice or maybe something to edit, please take it or wonder over why someone would tell you what they tell you.


I can understand that these rules are to provide comfort for the reader. Here are the current guidelines of FF and FP, which you are required to see BEFORE uploading a new story:

Note: My comments are in bold. There is some repeating.

Community Etiquette )

FF Content Guide BASICS )

Entries not allowed )

Actions not allowed )

General rules )

Then maybe the hatred should be directed towards these rules and itself?

So, for those who don't like following these rules, and especially make stories that are like script-based or songfics, do you think it's alright to place yourself at a low level and get extremely angry to reinforce writing freedom?
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Sagittarius Aiolos from Saint Seiya: Episode G.

Armor = protection. The original derivation of the word is from "armo", Latin, meaning to "equip with weapons". Aren't strong women quite sexy?

RAMBLE TIME to unravel thoughts.

Spoilers abroad. Check the links, please?

For the Saint Seiya fanfiction that I plan to do, I want to make a female Gold Saint. This wasn't done in either SS series until Saint Seiya Omega with Gemini Paradox and Scorpio.

What I'm looking for in this FF is to represent the spirit of Saint Seiya, and I'm making it for those who enjoy Saint Seiya. Rather, they inspired me to make it, especially the fans in Europe (Spain) and Latin America.

In the story, the female will wear the standard Sagittarius cloth. No renovations, no changes, no "femininity". My reasons are from SS canon and historical facts; the only thing I'm going against is the "wearing of the mask" rule, which was done in Saint Seiya Omega.

What finalized my decision was really the cloths themselves. Before worn, they look like statues representing the constellation, mostly animals. In the above image is the Sagittarius cloth, composed of different pieces that I can fit on a Saint's body. The cloths remain conventional. Here is the pieces to the Sagii cloth. It may look male due to possibly representing Chiron the centuar.

Is the Taurus Cloth QUITE masculine looking?

This is a conventional breastplate, and are worn to protect even the navel. The Gold Cloths are full armors, protecting virtually every area. Apparently "female exclusive" armor, or a protruding/bulging (literally) breast plate, compromises a vital bone weakness in the chest. In addition to damage from the "attacking" material, there is also the kinetic force. Breasts can bind behind the armor.

Full armor of 16th century armor with bulged (or globe-like) breastplate

While Saints' cloths are known to heal and evolve, Gemini Paradox and Scorpio from OMEGA donned gold cloths that transformed to become "compatible" with their bodies (breast-wise). In LOST CANVAS, Yuzuriha wears the crane cloth (link has specifics). The crane cloth apparently has its own mask.

It doesn't seem to hinted that the fate of the stars follow a gender-specific selection. I haven't found any information. Like, is Pegasus always chosen inside a boy? Is Dragon? How about Ophiuchus (Shaina) and Eagle/Aquila (marin and Yuna)? Andromeda Saint is male.

Many characters from Shun to Aphrodite, are quite androgynous in looks. The Saint Seiya series is no stranger to feminine looking males. In LOST CANVAS, Pisces Albafica stands out with his beauty. There is also Nasu Veronica, who I quite confused for a woman in the comic. He was quite gorgeous. There is also the specter Behemoth VIOLATE. Leo Regulas confused her for a man because of her torso armor. Voiced by Honda Takako, I thought Violate was a boy; there's also her name. Here is her surplice.

As for Shun, his cloth (armor) is based on the Constellation Andromeda; in Greek myth, Andromeda was a beautiful woman who was chained to rocks as a sacrifice to a sea monster. Aside from being pink, the Andromeda cloth has a feminine aspect when worn on Shun

Female in military and police forces where the same body armor around their torso. In paintings and statues from Japan, women such as Hojo Masako and Tomoe Gozen (statue figure amd painting), wore the same overlapping cuirass. In records, there have been various accounts of female samurai. A somewhat modern example of a female samurai is Nakano Takeko.

Here's Tomoe Gozen from video game YOSHITSUNE YUUDEN

In Western folklore there is Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) AND the supposed first female Pope. Painting of Joan.

Also inspiration for my choice is SACRED SAGA SS FANART! Please enjoy! The cape behind Aiolos is a nice touch up.

Interesting Links
Misogyny and Sexism in Video Gaming

Anatomy of Armor


Would you like another example of woman wearing armor from video games?

Charlotte Colde from Samurai showdown (Spirits), another of my favorite series:

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Updating my profiles so I'm putting this here


Jumping Monkey (Seishin series) has been updated and completed.

Mibuno II has be removed, and added to The Follower of Mibuno as its final chapter. It is completed.

RECENT UPDATE(S): November 23, 2012 (Tuesday)

Hello Everyone. I am going to add Mibuno II to "The Follower of Mibuno" story as a new chapter. It doesn't make sense for me to upload something that is closely connected to a previous work to make up for my laziness. I wouldn't call it a suitable sequel.

Also, the Seishin stories is now in a series of "character introductions" and "character studies".

Previous announcement:

I have to humbly apologize for being slow. Situations are more difficult than I thought.

It turns out that the next chapter drafts for United We Soar (to my surprise), Heroic Blaze SolAka, and Stalwart Silver are unfinished. Due to tons of difficulty, and while contemplating on the future direction of the series, Heroic Blaze SolAka's next chapter remains incomplete. Because it's taking so long, perhaps everyone deserves a good chapter? I may or may not split the fight into two chapters again. If I do split it, I don't want to look lazy and leave a chapter's end unsatisfying.

UWS is mostly done, but I left the end broken. I have to fill that in; there's nothing but quotes and a couple of sentences.

Again, I am very sorry for my lack of inactivity. I have little to no excuse; while IRL did occasionally drag me down, it was my lack of confidence and my laziness that was preventing me to write and edit. Personally, I don't like to proofread. I often look over a single chapter more than once (or twice?) and end up being disappointed in my work, but I learn that it's important within the passion of writing. I also learn that it's good for me to be careful.

Thank you!



- Heroic Blaze SolAka 11: (Title TBD)

- United We Soar 4: Aiden vs Ace

- Autumn Grove (single chapter)

- Kirigakure Humor story (Seishin: single chapter)


I humbly apologize. I didn't get to work on the new HoGW chapter draft this week; however, outline/summary of details are in my notebook. I will see if I can do something today or this coming Monday. The new upcoming chapter is called "The Son of Leap Forest". We're getting into the journey.

The recent chapter of Howl of the Gray Wolf (2009) was uploaded on September 25, 2012.

I am very sorry for my lack of inactivity. I have little to no excuse; while IRL did occasionally drag me down, it was my lack of confidence and my laziness that was preventing me to write and edit. Personally, I don't like to proofread. I often look over a single chapter more than once (or twice?) and end up being disappointed in my work, but I learn that it's important within the passion of writing. I want to make HoGW a fun read in the Monster Rancher fandom.



- Howl of the Gray Wolf 11: The Son of Leap Forest

- Howl of the Gray Wolf 12: (Title TBD)


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