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Deleting old files as they have little use, and ineviably, ideas keep changing.

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About MGW

Jun. 5th, 2013 01:01 am
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Just making a sticky post and C&Ping from Wikia:

Master Gray Wolf, or MGW for short, is the pseudonym of an amateur writer born and raised in Michigan, United States. Her first online fanfiction was based on Pokémon; later on, MGW would get introduced to the anime/game Monster Rancher and would develop a fan-series that is still in progress. MGW uploads works on both and, and also ArchiveofOurOwn.

MGW is named after a character from the anime/game "Monster Rancher". In Japanese, his name is Gingiraiga (ギンギライガー, 銀ライガー, Silver Raiga); "Raiga" is what Tiger is called Japanese. In the anime, he is the younger brother of Tiger / Raiga and is one of the Big BAD FOUR (English version) or 『ワルモン四天王』 (warumon shitennō, Evil Monster Four Devas/Heavenly Kings).

MGW has a tendency to write action/adventure or comedic stories for mostly young adults and young children. However, an exception to this rule is the fiction series Seishin Ninjutsu Chronicle, where some of the stories contain detailed violence and non-explicit sexual themes. The themes of teamwork, friendship, morals, and justice are frequent. Furthermore, because history, geography, sociology, and politics are a part of the author's interests, MGW likes to incorporate such elements into her stories and mirror real-life as close as possible.
MGW also prefers creating short chapters of around 1500-2000 words or less, but may make exceptions. This is for the convenience of herself and proofreading.

MGW is a long time fan of Monster Rancher. She enjoys both the game series and the cartoon, and the name "Master Gray Wolf" is derived from an animal character from the series. She sees her two stories Howl of Gray Wolf and Tiger of Freedom as her signatures works, and they are mostly based on the Monster Rancher games.

MGW likes the military and so far has created stories set in battle. United We Soar reflects her love of the Air Force and airplanes; Heroic Blaze SolAka is her first Science Fiction (super robot based) series. She also likes history and mythology, integrating both into Stalwart Silver and Seishin.

MGW has ambivalent views on fanfiction. Majority of her own fanfiction works are based on video games such as Monster Rancher (Farm) and Pokémon, and widely uses the monsters from the games with little to no connection from the TV and comic series. However, she has expressed disdain for fanfiction, especially those of NC-17 (Lemon)/MA rating, saying that it can ruin her image of the fandom. She primarily focuses on Howl of Gray Wolf and its succeeding stories, and has decided against creating fanfiction in 2009. However in late 2013, MGW has decided to create short Saint Seiya FFs, deeply inspired by the fans of Europe and Latin America.

MGW has developed two stories about Digimon, but they were removed from One was possibly removed due to "original content" not derived from the animated or comic series. The remake of Pokefighters was canceled in 2011.
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Posted here mainly for info but you can look if you want.

From MS Word. This is the Timeline for the Monster Rancher fanfic series. Not much here but reveal a few things about character history and behind-the-plot stuff in Howl of Gray Wolf, which includes things from the old versions of the stories.

- Timeline starts at 801
- HoGW starts at 804 (Spring)
- TOF starts at 805

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So I dropped Pokemon Fighters a while back. It was something that I was excited about bringing back into a remake, but I dropped it since I found it difficult to deal with. I wasn't sure how to go forward, my notes were a complete mess, and I gave up.

The same with Seishin, but I am trying to make progress with that series.

If its is too tough, I think it's best to put it away. Learned my lesson for trying to make sense of something I've been having trouble following in the first place.

Anyways, I thought about posting my current level of interest on my recent stories. Just my thoughts.

Mainly SolAka and "United We Soar". "Howl of the Gray Wolf" is my signature story, writing about Monster Rancher (Farm) in particular is what distinguishes me. In my opinion, without Howl, I wouldn't be MGW nor so determined about this kind of online hobby.

Howl is a simple story, sharing little aspects of both the game and TV series. Plus, I can't wait to get to the remake of Tiger of Freedom. I hope to live that long to get to that and perhaps do another story. Also, completing the remakes of Howl and Tiger is a fierce goal of mine as I really want to see them redevelop from terribly written stories.

Despite being difficult, I think SolAka oozes with positive energy and follows the image of the mecha genre enough. I think it's exciting to work on because of the characters and the machine design. It's my first time trying something with mecha so it gives me a challenge.

United We Soar is also exciting and I like the characters. It's also life-like, or at least I'm trying to give that impression. Did I do good with that? Plus, I've been wanting to form an Air Force story for a long time. If you're not into sci-fi or military drama, I think reading/designing a compelling story in those genres can be tough. I am not in the military nor have I been in there.

Regardless, I still wanted to do it. UWS may be a short series though.


Dec. 29th, 2010 10:26 pm
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I had a nice Christmas and I'm feeling better than before. However, I have this lingering cough that I can't seem to get rid of. I cough less now, but my throat still stings.

The year of 2011 will be here this coming Saturday. I hope to resume writing before long and try not to go on these long hiatuses so often, rekindle a passion in storytelling. I have two major problems as an online writer: I often find myself having trouble figuring out where I want to take my stories, and I also find myself taking up difficult projects (AKA: thinking of difficult stories), despite the ideas being highly interesting to me. The example of the latter being Seishin, SolAka, and United We Soar.

My ninja series The Seishin Chronicle has been idle for a year now because how tough it is to do. Or maybe I should say that the serious challenge of my goal behind is what's tough about it. Learning enough about Feudal Japan, Japan in general, takes up a lot of time.

SolAka is my first science fiction/super robot story. After a dream I had, I wanted to try it out.

And for the longest time, I wanted to do a story on the U.S Air Force because of my long interest in this branch of military AND aircraft.


BTW! A funny idea crossed my mind: What if my stories were reviewed like they were shows released on DVD? Yesterday, I was just imagining it in my head, that's all. What would the strengths and flaws of "Howl of Gray Wolf" be if someone gave out a detailed review? What would be, 1 out of 5, the rating of the story? The characters?

That's all that I thinking. Just something random.

I can't review for my life though.


Oct. 21st, 2009 01:50 am
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I do appreciate the favorites (and alert) that I get for "Tiger of Freedom". I kept it up for a temporary read. But, that is a sequel to "Howl of the Gray Wolf", the old version, so that would make it a SPOILER story. It's on hiatus and I am not going to work on TOF until I finish the new HoGW.

ALSO, I've been thinking about keeping the majority of ToF's plot, even it gets a re-write or edited a little. TOF is also pretty old and there's often a long interval between chapters, making the story span for even a year or two at most. So I have been improving.


Sep. 23rd, 2009 02:31 pm
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Now for the updates. Moving them from my profile to my blog, so that means extra blog extries.

SEPT 17, 2009
I am done with the new chapter. Just need to do some proofreading and it'll be up soon.

Sept 14, 2009
My Goal for this week: Finish the new HoGW chapter before Wednesday or Thursday. Also, plan ideas for future chapters because the details I have on them are currently very small.

Aug 1, 2009
August? AUGUST?! Time flies! Not again, I don't have anything to contribute just yet. I did an update or two on my blog. I've been trying to work on HoGW and SolAka at the same time, like one chapter for one day and the other on the next day, but I kept getting occupied by other things. Keep rooting.

As for pokefighters, I'll talk more on that ony my blog. Just mainly me reminiscing. Yes, it was mostly like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series where the pokemon had human-like characters and interacted with one another.

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Mar. 14th, 2009 11:51 pm
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So here is what I plan to work on, or here's what's coming next I hope.

Howl of Gray Wolf (HogW): Part II
- 1 chapter: Prologue. Story of Moo and monsters
- 1 chapter: Gray wolf appears early?

Seishin Chronicle
- 1 chapter. Main: Shoutarou
- 1 chapter: Explaining more on Ninja

MIlitary fic
- 1 chapter: Introduction. Very short. The only one I will so to start it off and I have to gather more information. I don't evne have a title yet.
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I finally started writing the Prologue. Still stumped on a name.

First version, first paragrapgh )

Oh, by the way, two new commonly misspelled/misspelt words:
1.) Deity = / = Diety (Die-ty)
2.) Missile = / = Missle

Here's another sub-text, and it's from Tiger of Freedom Chapter 14!

TOF 14 Intro sub-text )
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It's been two Dog-Damn years! I am finishing Chapter 13 of "Tiger of Freedom", right now and I guarantee that I'll be uploaded tonight. However, it'll be shorter than what I originally had planned before, as will the rest of the chapters. Not only is it ridiculous for me to take a very very long time to finish a single chapter, I have to make new material for the upcoming chapters because of what happened to my jumpdrive. Now is a good time to innovate.

You'll notice reading through TOF that is a change in writing style because between some chapters there is a wide interval, of literally a year or slightly more. Making the chapters smaller will result in making the entire series longer; I first thought of having TOF end around 30 - 40 chapter range..

However, between each chapter, I will have time to think on what will happen next without going so ahead, while hopefully maintaining a lasting hook of each chapter. I think it is in my best interest to do so.

Furthermore, while working on Chapter 13, I came up with some small ideas for the "Howl of Gray Wolf" Revision! The only problem is that there isn't much to show because I've been too focused on chapter 13.

What are they? (also TOF) )
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Chapter process. Not sure when I'll finish it, but definately working on it.

The rebel group meets Gawain.

Spoilers. Highlight )
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Information of the characters in my 1st MR fanfic series.

This is the second installment of my series, taken place about a year after "Howl of the Gray Wolf". A new emerging Darkness is the new challenger. Our heroes, except Gray Wolf, return to face Galonis, a devil incarnate with the appearance of a monster. They set off on a journey to face him, after he used his powers to reshape the planet.

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

Since I'm typing up the Desert Arc now, I'd thought I'd do this character.



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