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November 30th

The Zelda story kind of bothers me so I'll work on some edits.

Novemebr 24th-25th

Oboro muramasa story updated, and sooner or later, the "special story" (tribute/digest proposal) will be uploaded.

Night update: Proposal story is here. It is Legend of Zelda!

November 12, - November 19 2016

Camus vs Titan (CalmSword II) sequel updated. More on the way. I have to keep the motor going.

OH-TEN (formerly "UZUMAKI") updated.

More sooner or later. Also SolAka updated on Fictionpress.

October 23, 2016

New Fire Emblem story (Sequel). Wasn't expecting to do it, and its not the "Special story". Sometimes, the best way to resume writing is to do it, and keep the train going.

Twitter name changed. Week swamped with work.

October 19, 2016

Old updates moved to LJ blog.

From PSYCHO PASS to Monster Rancher, I have a lot to update. What else is there? I just need my notebook and motivation. I will return to school in January and I continue to babysit. Again, one of the upcoming "special stories" is "tribute/digest proposal", and I want it to come before December. I'm still surprised that it's been a year since HoGW was updated. It's slow and I am very sorry.

Monthly Status is updated for September.

Monthly Status of August 2016 :

  • Top VIEWS: Dawn of End (1st), Father of Galaxy (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Dawn of End (1st), Father of the Galaxy (2nd)

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A ton of spoilers on little pieces of paper. Wrote them down before buying a comp. book. I may go with them or not:


Kabuhoshi and Gem power
Read more... )


Integra, Athena, and Hermes
Read more... )

Cosmic Ability
Read more... )

Hades's Finest Servant:
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Eden and Fudo
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Monthly Status of August 2016 (8/2016)

  • Top VIEWS: Father of Galaxy (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Father of Galaxy (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

Monthly Status of September 2016 (9/2016)

  • Top VIEWS: Dawn of End (1st), Father of Galaxy (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Dawn of End (1st), Father of the Galaxy (2nd)

Monthly Status of October 2016 (10/2016)

  • Top VIEWS: Father of Galaxy (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Father of Galaxy (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)

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Wednesday, May 26, 2016

Fan Trilogy STATUS:

Canon 1 (M-Rated): Mostly completed. Complicated, awesome, needs perfect proofreading. Over 2000 words.

Canon 2 (T-Rated): Still in process stage. Only has a few quotes

Canon 3 (K-Rated): Good , funny introduction. Might be 1/3 done; needs more.

Either P.Feathers and Uzumaki will be next, hopefully before month ends. I think it'll be P.feathers because the chapter is mostly done. In fact, not much is happeningI still have trouble with the ending. Next Uzumaki chapter has a lot of dialogue, and I want it to be precise.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

While I inspire myself to do the below mentioned titles, enjoy my quick Terraformars drabble. I just did it this evening (EST).

Also, for UZUMAKI, you might see Hayate Gekkou early.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Next is Penitent Feathers, UZUMAKI, and Fan Trilogy. Hopefully this month. Fan Trilogy will be three short stories stories at once; the usual plan is to make them a single chapter only, but one will have two chapters.

Monthly STATUS (April 2016/Month 4)

  • Top VIEWS: Dawn of End (1st), UZUMAKI (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Dawn of End (1st), Calm before Sword I (2nd)

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Just some trivia. I'm going to post info on the titles of Gold Saint affiliated with Mars, officially or not. You can also check YAHOO Q&A (Japan). Seiya is not listed.

Slight spoilers if you have never seen Omega. You'll know if you read DAWN OF END.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

DAWN is updated again. And with that, we're returning to Athena's Temple the next time. Next is P.Feathers (hopefully soon) and probably UZUMAKI.

Lots of work to do on FictionPress too.

Sat, April 16, 2016

I always have a tendency to upload something late. "DAWN OF END" is updated with both a new chapter and cover page. P.Feathers should be next?

Wed, April 13, 2016

STATUS: School, work, babysitting

Last week or before that, I worked on "P.Feathers" next chapter. I was trying to make it the last chapter since this has been dragging for too long but I don't think I can end it at the village, plus its been an experimental story. Keep an eye out for that. I have a short work day and I'm off the next couple days. I'll see what I can do.

New Dawn of End soon too? We have a couple chapters of Integra and Ryuho, which may be very short. I'm hoping one chapter each, so look out for those too. As for Yuna, I'm still thinking over her part. Thinking up some crazy stuff for UZUMAKI so I really need to make some progress.

Again, The three canons for "Fan Trilogy 2016" has been decided. As for last month's monthly status: Dawn of End blew it out of the water, but I still could do better. I'm not hitting 200 views. We'll see what happens with FT, since one might be M rated?

Monthly STATUS (March 2016/Month 3)

  • Top VIEWS: Dawn of End (1st), P.Feathers (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Dawn of End (1st), HoGW (2nd)

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MON, March 21, 2016

The three canons for "Fan Trilogy 2016" has been decided. Two are humorous, while one analyzes right and wrong. One might be "M" rated. The key about FT is that I write from a fandom that I haven't written from before. So that means I can't do stories about NARUTO, Seiya, or Monster Rancher for example. All stories are one chapter only, and when all three are completed, they'll be uploaded at the same time.

I must finish P.Feathers, but my hands are full. It is slightly tough to finish as it was my first seiya fic and was a experiment.

More Dawn of End of course. After a couple (?) of "Beat Up Saints" chapters, cept one for Ryuho, we return to Athena's Temple.

Wed, March 16, 2016

STATUS: School, work, babysitting

Hyouga's part is finished; Dawn of End (and monthly status below) updated.

Removing poll. I guess I need over 200 views a week to even consider having polls that people pay attention to.

Fan Trilogy 2016 will happen. 2 of the 3 canons are thought of. But like before, nothing will be uploaded until all three short stories are done.

Monthly STATUS (Feb 2016/Month 2)

  • Top VIEWS: Dawn of End (1st), HoGW (2nd)

  • Top VISITORS: Dawn of End (1st), P.Feathers and "Betting's off" (Build fighters) tied (2nd)

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November 18, 2015
A week later, a new Dawn of End chapter. Originally, Souma's part was going to be one chapter, but I can't make it that short can I?

The next chapter is either about Hyoga or Integra. Maybe you guys can pick?

but...the next update is something important. I will get a new blog, but there's something you guys might need to know. Profile Poll closes on Monday.

November 11 (2015)
Dawn of End is updated. Revive, Soma!

November 5th (2015)
HoGW updated finally in late October, and now there's a new Calm-Sword II chapter. Check twitter for a sketch of a Dawn of End character.

I better complete P.Feathers even if it must be top priority.

Monthly STATUS (October 2015/Month 10)
Top VIEWS: Howl of Gray Wolf (1st), P.Feathers (2nd)
Top VISITORS: Howl of Gray Wolf (1st), Dawn of End (2nd)


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