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From my cancelled POKEMON FIGHTERS story. Nothing is screened/covered; data drop from my MS Word documents:

Valspera Family )
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After the past few entries about dropping PokeFighters and being uninspired to write, I thought I could lay down a little good news.

I'll start with United We Soar. I am making a Prologue first, and I took some of what I wrote (or typed) from it to put into Chapter 1. It's past 1000 words and I thought some of what I had in there before the split was a bit too abundant.

Once I finish that, which shouldn't be too long, I'll work on Howl of the Gray Wolf today to see how far I get.

The new Seishin story is giving me difficulty, as I am not sure on where to take it. Since it starts in 1565, Kai and Shou (and a chuunin?) may be hired to take on the force of Suruga Lord Imagawa Ujizane to support the Matsudaira vassals held hostage. Ujizane even killed his own followers, who betrayed him for the MAtsudaira. The Imagawa (Surugua Province, east of Sagami) is related to the Hojo, and Ujizane used the Sagami-Ashina family for assistance, so I wonder if I should let a Fuuma character or two to appear.

I have nothing to report on SolAka, I'm sorry.

I want to update my FictionPress profile but there is difficult. It's like the Edit box is too thin.
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I was not happy with the previous chapter of POKEFiGHTERS, and I should go with my gut, which tells me that working further on this story and its details is going to leave me too mixed up.

And if something feels to be confusing, I shouldn't go with it. So, Pokefighters is going to be another of my "unfinished works".

If I ever return to it, it would have to be very different.
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So it's Thursday, and I have nothing to contribute. Maybe it is the weather. I just haven't taken the time to sit down and do some typing. Lack of motivation I guess, and I had my thoughts on other things.

I still have my goal set on finishing the first chapter of UNITED WE SOAR. After that, I need to do Howl of Gray Wolf. After Gray should be SolAka.

But SolAka, because of missing documents from my computer, makes continuing extra difficult. So now extra time is needed to figure out details on future chapters, including the NEXT one.

I don't think I'm going to work on PokeFighters. I will think on it a little more before officially deciding whether to make it a "discontinued story" or not.
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While I recover, here is what's next. Try not to mind typos and grammar errors since I am hasting.

For spoilers, highlight to read:

Howl of Gray Wolf
Next for Gray Wolf )

Pokemon Action )

Heroic Blaze SolAka
Japan, GO! )

United We Soar
Military Action )
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The next PF chapter, which is a battle, is getting close to 2,000 words so I am going to cut it in half. In other words, I'm going to put the battle in two chapters like the last chapter of SolAka. I am sorry for taking so long, and this is the main reason why I've decided to do short chapters, or at least attempt to. Sometimes they can go over 2,000 if I really have fun and/or I don't see an appropriate ending to it.

SO once I end it today, I'm going to proofread it and hopefully upload it tomorrow. I also like to work a little on my short seishin story today.
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A little good News:

1.) I am past 1,000 words on the next Pokefighters chapter. I am probably halfway done; the bad news is that, once I am finished, I need to proofread and that takes a while too.

2.) I have a short children story idea based on Seishin series. It will contain the characters Shoutarou, Hayate and Yoshi. They are pre-teens. I just don't know how to end it; didn't start typing yet.
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So it's Feb 2nd today, and I haven't had much motivation. I apologize, and now halfway through the week, I haven't attempted to work on the new Pokefighters chapter. I'll see what I can do tomorrow after some good rest. Since the blizzard hit Michigan, I may be confined for a day or two. I had the feeling to do it today but never got to it. Also, I need to remember to play a Pokemon Soundtrack.

So here's the plan:
- Pokefighters
- Howl of Gray Wolf (another person favorited it, hooray!)
- Return to SolAka.

I really want to reboot Seishin". Still, it is difficult work. One idea crossed my mind was a kid-friendly story. Like on Winjutsu, there is a section for short cutesy stories. SS were my goal after the long hiatus in order to get readers lured into the series, but making the stories themselves while ignorant of ancient Japan is tough. And in general, I have trouble making stories without a lot of time on thinking.
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Well...I think while developing the new content of "PKMN fighters", I confused myself a little. That's compared to the old version, which was only senseless and fun. We had pokemon driving cars and such.

I managed to write down ideas but can't make out how many chapters. It's just an outline of ideas; I also don't think that they are that great. Since this is a children's story, I'm not being too serious in the story.

But here is the basis: The 1st Part of the story has to do with Red defeating the "bosses" and winning the prizes (it: Badges + HM). He needs to train and catch pokemon as well, and also learn clues about the Catastrophe. Along the way, he encounters opponents/challenges that may be too strong to introduce earlt in the story.

We'll see. Also, going use this blog as a "info storage" (from MS documents). They will be private entries, most of the time, to avoid spoilers. I think my MS word files are a bit disorganized.
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This has been a very slow week, but to resume writing, I need to get inspired again. So, that means I need to pick up my red notebook and start jotting down thoughts (while I'm eating). I need to do the next PokeFighters chapter, but I can't figure out how I want the story to progress further down.


I had more dreams on ninja and last night, I had a dream on Pokemon. Must mean something!

I really want to restart Seishin but I don't have much confidence (yet?). To those who are fans of the "Ninpochou Scroll Series", my plan is to write something of that atmosphere as close as possible. What to do...

Anyways, I'll come back later with details.


Dec. 29th, 2010 10:26 pm
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I had a nice Christmas and I'm feeling better than before. However, I have this lingering cough that I can't seem to get rid of. I cough less now, but my throat still stings.

The year of 2011 will be here this coming Saturday. I hope to resume writing before long and try not to go on these long hiatuses so often, rekindle a passion in storytelling. I have two major problems as an online writer: I often find myself having trouble figuring out where I want to take my stories, and I also find myself taking up difficult projects (AKA: thinking of difficult stories), despite the ideas being highly interesting to me. The example of the latter being Seishin, SolAka, and United We Soar.

My ninja series The Seishin Chronicle has been idle for a year now because how tough it is to do. Or maybe I should say that the serious challenge of my goal behind is what's tough about it. Learning enough about Feudal Japan, Japan in general, takes up a lot of time.

SolAka is my first science fiction/super robot story. After a dream I had, I wanted to try it out.

And for the longest time, I wanted to do a story on the U.S Air Force because of my long interest in this branch of military AND aircraft.


BTW! A funny idea crossed my mind: What if my stories were reviewed like they were shows released on DVD? Yesterday, I was just imagining it in my head, that's all. What would the strengths and flaws of "Howl of Gray Wolf" be if someone gave out a detailed review? What would be, 1 out of 5, the rating of the story? The characters?

That's all that I thinking. Just something random.

I can't review for my life though.
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New Chapter of PokeFighters is uploaded. Almost 3,000 words, I really overdid it. A bit tired.

Check here for chapter summaries (once it's up)


Oct. 23rd, 2010 10:10 am
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I noticed I get frustrated and don't want to do anything when my mind's confused, or when my words don't come out to type, I feel stuck. I know where to go in the story but constant grammar trouble and sentence structures gives me trouble.

BUT the next chapter of Pokefighters is done! ! I just need to proofread (uh-oh).

Once again, because I lingered in one scene for too long, I went over my 1500-2000 word limit again just to get to the important ending. But it was fun and will help as a first chapter I hope.

After that, more HoGW and - maybe - SolAka because I need to do some makeup typing.


Oct. 20th, 2010 10:21 pm
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I need a sad or sick icon.

MGW's been sick since last week Thursday. I am just starting to feel better, but before that I was procrastinating. Can't remember what I was doing; anyways, I did try to prepare getting back into writing this week after fully recovering from being sick, so I jotted down ideas for Pokefighters on my notepad.

That should inspire me to get back into it.


Interest in reviving Seishin is growing more. Check my Wikia for more.
Since Seishin is inspired by Futaro Yamada's Ninpochou, the ninja characters will have unique paranormal techniques and can wield unique weapons.

The paranormal techs will somewhat be against my idea of avoiding magic-like elements, like blowing fire or being able to disappear, but it won't be too exaggerated. Read Basilisk or Yagryu Ninja Scrolls for examples.

Stories for Seishin will be short and split into eras.
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Sorry, I was supposed to work on SolAka yesterday (Friday) but didn't get to it).
I spent most of today cleaning, and tomorrow Sunday is just not a good time either.

[ Monday, Oct 4 ]
- Heroic Blaze SolAka (Morning-Afternoon)

[ Tues, Oct 5 ]
- Pokefighters (Morning-Afternoon)

[ Thurs, Oct 7 ]
- Howl of Gray Wolf

Hopefully, I'll finish PF and Howl next week!
I'm at a difficult point in Aka because it introduces two new mechs. Their data is incomplete in my notes. ;(

Also, the Return of Seishin?
It was a very difficult series to write and research about, and is it still difficult to kick back into motion. I wanted to be something like the Ninpouchou series of Yamada Futaro, or at least a good read with artful ninja in a realistic setting. Still very difficult as there still seems to be many holes in my Japanese knowledge. "What is this?" "Is there a title for this person?" "Where/how did everyone live?" "Are the names correct?" "Whose side is on who?" etc.

I already thought of the idea of Sasuke vs Saizou.

Speaking of name, I am still puzzled about Fujibayashi nagano-no-kami and Mochizuki Izumo-no-kami. It would mean these guys are provincial lords. no-kami is a title.

Let's just say I'm under the impression that they don't have such power being in Iga and Omi (Koga). I'm also assuming that Kami is no longer existent in Sengoku. It would be an honorable title but would it perhaps be passed down?

Well, Fujibayashi and Mochizuki were non-fictional, so...
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So here are results:

Name: Pokemon Fighters

Words: Over 1500 words (over 3 hrs)

Comments: I started around 11 or 12. There were some troubles but WOW, great! Basically, Fire Red meets with a monk and we learn a think or two about his past. I'm glad I've agreed on doing this "One stay per selected day" routine because:

1.) I enjoyed writing this chapter of PokeFighters
2.) Helps me focus
3,) I can finish a part of a chapter COMPARED to the past, where I don't work on anything for at least two or three weeks. Hell, four weeks.

So I remember that with allotted time from the day, I can get something done.

Still, 1500 in around 3-4 hours? While that's good, I still think that's a little slow. What if I don't make that much time in the future?


Sep. 29th, 2010 08:45 pm
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Name: Pokefighters
Words: 60 words(Cause: Outside Disturbances/noise)

Comments: Angry. It's only been at least 40 mins. There's too much noise so I'll resume tomorrow. It's starting to look like I won't have much concentration time unless it's possibly around the morning-afternoon area. Cause in the evening, I start getting drowsy.

Too much free time...

See you.
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So I'll start writing/typing for Howl, Pokefighters and SolAka next week.
But, I did some updating on WIKIPEDIA (Character additions for example). It's fun for some reason.

Today, I'm going to tell you a bit about the Valspera family. Some stuff you may learn early on in the story, some you might not.
Highlight for spoilers )
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Okay, I hope to be not so busy throughout this entire week so I'm going to spend three days each week on working on my stories, for at least two or three hours. Sound good?

[ Tues, Sept 21 ]
- Howl of Gray WOLF (Starting @ 8:30P EST)

[ Wednesday, Sept 22 ]
- Pokefighters (Afternoon - evening)

[ Friday, Sept 24 ]
- SolAka (Afternoon - evening)

After, I will give results in the same week:
- Comments
- Chapter's current words
- Time put in it:
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I am back. Here are outlines and/or summaries to what you will see next. Highlight for spoilers.

Remember, everything is liable to change so what you see here might NOT be completely accurate. They are my current ideas. Also, forgive spelling and grammar errors if any.

Howl of Gray Wolf
Monster Rancher Action )

Pokemon Action )

Mecha Action )


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