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Passing through my head as what I believed to be "useful", I'm C&Ping stuff from Wikia.

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Passing as what I believed to be "useful", I'm C&Ping stuff from Wikia.

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RECENT UPDATE(S) September 11, 2011

At this moment, I'm working on a small chapter for "Follower of Mibuno"(Seishin/Pure Heart) to raise my writing and creativity enthusiasm.

For a good month or so, my writing self-esteem wasn't very high. Even though I feel a bit better now, I still think my writing is terrible and it looks like I am nearly incapable of learning from mistakes. One of my biggest faults must be simple sentence structure (or grammar) and exposition.

Then again, I could be too hard on myself. That real Eastern feel that I want to aim for in Seishin seems very difficult, so because of time and difficulty, I've decided to make the stories of Seishin short (with short chapters). I wanted to make this my policy for general writing, but it hasn't been turning out that way ;) I'll keep trying; again, look forward to next Mibuno chapter and tell me what you think.

Also, I'm getting that patriotic, "appreciation of heroes"; feeling again so I might work on United We Soar soon too.


August 29: Surprise everybody. Before I work on UWS and SolAka, I just uploaded the VERY SHORT prologues of three new works from my above-mentioned Seishin ninja Series: The Follower of Mibuno, Jumping Monkey, and Autumn Grove. I hope I do Japan, especially Feudal Japan justice.

I enjoyed typing them up, so I hope you enjoy them too (while I lag in UWS and SolAka). Now these are short stories, which means they may have another chapter or two before completion. I won't get very far in these at all and I need to think up more storylines for the different characters that I have planned down already.


August 28, 2011

Okay, I finished a new chapter for one of my so now I'm going back to my original works. I have a lot to do "United We Soar" (UWS) and "SolAka: (HBSA) are still difficult stories for me to do, but are very fun to work on. For the past few weeks I haven't been in a writing mood, so I took time off to regain my focus and motivation. I still think I'm not that positive, but I'll keep trying.

Also, a few days ago, the last chapter of "United We Soar" was edited.

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Since Seishin is getting significantly redone, I am deleting some useless MS word files from my desktop containing character and mixed-up history information. Since the info is old, it does carry ideas. Who knows, I may even go ahead with the ideas. Therefore, something might be seen as spoilers.

Nothing will be covered; nothing needs to be highlighted.

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I think Anonymous comments are allowed.

So, this is the little area for questions you want to ask me related to my works on and (will be linked from profiles). I'm not into answers personal questions since I don't think I have anything impressive to reveal.

Game-related questions, such as for Monster Rancher (Farm) are possible.

Comments are okay too.

At first, I thought "Try a FAQ?"? When is a FAQ demanded? Do I have to be popular? Is this egotistical?

Maybe this will provide a good connection.

IMO, I'm glad that there is a person or two reading what I uploaded. I am thankful, even though the old Howl of Gray Wolf was badly written and I think I'm far from being a good writer, since I'm confused a lot. I keep asking myself, "What constitutes good writing?"

I look back at some chapters and think, "that doesn't look right".

Also, if you get a ton of positive reactions, you'll have trouble handling the opposite. If I'm told to have awesome stories commonly, then that means I'll stay on that rhythm for a long time, thinking that it's correct. Recently, I'm schooled on grammar, particularly word choice and expositional redundancy.


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